Իմ Անունը Հայաստան Է – My Name Is Armenia

Click on the image or here Իմ Անունը Հայաստան Է

Click on the image or here Իմ Անունը Հայաստան Է

  1.  Publicity Stunt

    This is a publicity stunt and a bluff to occupy the public’s mind. With rampant corruption in our government, the Church and the armed forces, double-digit unemployment, extreme poverty and emigration, the government is spending millions of dollars for its publicity.

    We don’t need military parades like the Soviets used to hold. With all their parades the Soviet Union collapsed in one day! Are we imitating Azerbaijan’s parade? That country has billions of petrodollars pouring in every year. Armenia is in very deep trouble. If we don’t wake up, next year’s parade might be by the Turkish forces.

    Shame on us.

    1. Think Again…

      Military parades have deep political meaning. Armenia needs military parades more than Azerbaijan and it did it well with the participation of Russian troops. As said earlier, it’s a subliminal message to Azeris and the world.

      Note that the Soviet Union didn’t really collapse; the regime collapsed for political and economic reasons–to strengthen the same army and nation and today they are leaner and better than before yet nobody realizes it. It’s a good game they played on the Western powers.

      To think that petro dollars are helping Azerbaijan is lame. They have more corruption than Armenia. Foreign powers are the ones taking advantage of the oil and they won’t let Azerbaijan go to war to protect their main asset–the pipeline.

      Arak, do you expect us to fold-in and surrender?

  2. The name of our republic

    The time has come to rename RNK, Republic of Artsakh AND the RA, Republic of Eastern Armenia.

    We just returned from a pilgrimage to Western Armenia, and unless one goes, visits, and sees what we have lost and have no possession of, one would not relate to what I am suggesting…

    Eastern, there must be Western, capice?

    1. Armenia’s Names

      I always thought that if we are to rename Armenia we should rename it Hayastan or even Hayassa to establish a continuity from 1400 B.C. to now. After all, the Armenians were a Phryrgian tribe that conquered the Hayassa in 1200BC and have long been absorbed in our genetic makeup. Where are they now? 

  3. How Independent are we really?

    This whole thing is a paradox. How could we call it an independence day parade when the very people who we sought independence from are part of the parade — the Russian soldiers (former Soviet regime)?

    You wouldn’t see Russian troops take part in, say, Georgia’s independece day parade.

    And what’s with the marching priests? You people have gone completely insane.


    1. Russians and Armenian Priests Parading

      To Urart, Fidanian, et al,

      Re the Russian troops and young priests parading: The first are there supposedly to defend Armenia–5,000 to 8,000 against some 500,000 Turkish soldiers. It  is understandably symbolic. There’s no need to have them come out and march. The next war–heaven forbid–will not be on the ground, an ex-Soviet functionary has said. It will be mainly ballistic. The Der Hayrs ought to be sent to Armenia’s far-flung villages and Diaspora communities that need them.

      As to renaming RoA Eastern Armenia, don’t you think it is a bit premature? I am aware that a compatriot made the suggestion in a US Armenian magazine a couple of weeks ago. But right now, before we rouse the Turkish wrath (‘khers’) we ought to wait and to see whether in Los Angeles President Serge Sargsyan will call back the signatures for the infamous Protocols. Today Turkish media reported that the Protocols have been brought back to the Republic of Turkey Parliament not to "put them aside" but to suddeley implement the articles therein.

      I always suspected and warned that they may do so unexpectedly…they are   cunning and more diplomatic than even the British.

      We must understand who we are dealing with, especially the new reborn Republic of Armenia and government. Once they approve the Protocols. goodbye to Genocide recognition, reparations, the land that Mr. Fidanian and we all crave for. They will be all out of our reach.

    2. Parade in Armenia

      It’s hard to fathom the motives of people who make frivolous statements about the presence of Russian troops in Armenia’s 20th anniversay military parade.

      There is an Armenia today because:

      1. The Russian army re-took it from Persians and Turks

      2. Because it was Russian support which discouraged Kemal from invading Armenia

      3. Since the early ’20s the Russian presence/alliance which has kept Turks from moving east to Armenia

      4. Russians have supported us militarily since the Artsakh War. Otherwise, the Azeris and the Turks would have attacked Armenia.

      5. Russians have helped us economically with direct and indirect investments. They are also our biggest market.

      Are the critics of the Russian participation deaf and dumb or are they enemies of Armenians, using phoney Armenian names as agent provocateurs.

      1. About Russian “Allies”- Response to Hayorti’s “Facts”

        1. Not for the sake of our beautiful dark eyes, but in the wireframe of efforts of Russian Imperialism to descend to the warm waters. Read Baruyr Sevag’s "Anlrreli Zangakatoun": "…Haverzh anmorrats ayt Golitsin@ -ayt moli tsin@… Pagum en hayots dprotsner amen, ovsanna – ame~n…" "Our Hayeren@ vaghuts er nnjum, hima shnchum er, nouynisk mrrnchum… hakarrakutyan vokin er khosum…"

        2. Lenin and Bolsheviks considered Ataturk as  their "revolutionary" ally and supported his Movement lavishly and by all means against imperialist Entente.

        3. It wasn’t "alliance" at all, but occupation, what you say is a worn-up attribute of ex-soviet bolshevik propaganda machine, incompatible with the raison d’etre of Proud, Free and Independent Armenia. The reasons of Armenian weakness was (and still is) elsewhere, our disunity and multitude of foreign implanted organisms within us,

        4. Remind you of the "Koltso" operation. Before that Russinas instigated the Sumgait massacres, "were late" for several days and stayed as witnesses in the Baku pogroms. Moreover, during the Artsakh Liberation War Russians sold weapons to both sides and provided mercenaries to the Azeris. ‘…Otherwise, the Azeris and the Turks would have attacked Armenia…" Kindly refer to my comment to Berge.

        5. By using thier very special agent Robert Kocharyan (& co.’s) seizure of absolute power in Armenia, Russians put their hands on almost all of Armenia’s economy, resources, mines, power plants and distribution networks, you know better than me.

        Best regards,

        Mleh Ishkhanian – Beirut

        1. The Parade


          While there’s some truth in what you state, I am surprised you say the Russians helped us for their own benefit. Surely, this doesn’t deserve mention, specially as an acute observation. The most reliable alliance between states is one where both parties see genuine benefit in the relationship. Depending on "brown eyes" won’t do.

          We have had official relationships with the Russian government (Tsarist, Soviet or the Federation) for nearly 300 years. Naturally, there have been ups and downs over the long period. What matters are not individual episodes but the totality of the relationship. And anyway you cut it, the relationship has been beneficial to Armenians. Try to recall that it was the Armenians who sent numerous delagations, begging the Tsars and Tsarina Catherine the Great to march south and save us from our hostile neighbours and occupiers.

          The only reason there’s still an Armenia is because there’s the Russian clout behind us. For Armenians, Russia is the only game in town. The Americans will not fill that important role because (no surprise) they see Turkey as a far important country for their interests than Armenia. Consider that over the years America has always sided with Turkey in its prolonged conflict with Greece, although Greece is also a NATO country and is the "cradle of Western civilization." If Greece can’t get justice from the US, what chance does Armenia have?

          It’s easy to be armchair general from Lebanon or elsewhere in the Diaspora, but if Azerbaijan and Turkey attack us, you know Diaspora’s military and financial contribution to the Armenia war can only be minimal. Russian help will be invaluable in such a war, as it was during the Artsakh war of liberation.

  4. Parade in Armenia

    The Russians are putting their lives on the line for Armenia. How can we think of treating them like wild animals, caged in their barracks, just to be let out for a fight? Come now. I am not a Russophile; the Lord knows I hated the Soviet Communists. But parading those very soldiers who will fight alongside us when the time comes is not a big sin.

    As far as the priests, they are Armenian and they should fight too. The American army has clergy in uniform and they take part in combat. It’s all about pride. Perhaps the leaders in Armenia should remind people that Russians are commiting their money and lives along with lip service. That does not have to mean that we should not be vigilant.

    1. Subliminal Message?

      Probably there is a subliminal message in parading the Russian soldiers. Could it be that Armenia is sending out a warning that whoever dares to strike Armenia will have to deal with the Russians too?

  5. Մեր Անկախութեան Ձօները

    Հայաստանի առաջին անկախութեան նուիրուած՝ վերջերս՝ Հայաստանի Պատմութեան հատորի մը հրատարակութեան առթիւ՝ իմ ներածութեանս սկիզբը եղաւ՝

    Անշէջ ու յաւերժ երազով, յուսով,
    Տասնեակ դարերու անդունդներ անցած,
    Նահատակութեան իր վերջակէտին,
    Չբուժուած վէրքով Հայրենիք կերտող
    Դու Հայ Ժողովուրդ,
    Փառք քեզմէ ծնած քո Հերոսներուն:

    Գեղամ Սարեան՝ Հայաստանի երկրորդ անկախութեան՝ իր ձօնը եղաւ՝ 

    Հազար շեփոր հնչեն թող այս առաւոտ,
    Հազար թմփուկ խփեն թող այս առաւոտ.
    Լոյսի հեղեղ, լոյսի ծով է, խնդութիւն.
    Հազար շեփոր հնչեն թող այս առաւոտ,
    Որ լինի մեծ այգաբաց. կառուցում ու յաղթանակ,
    Որ սերունդների դիմաց մենք ամօթով չմնանք:

    Եւ այսօր՝

    Ո՞ր բանաստեղծը պիտի ձօնէ իր բանաստեղծութիւնը այսօրուան Հայաստանի Անկախութեան:

    Կը սպասենք:



  6. Պապ Թագաւոր Եւ Վարագոյրին Ետին

    Այս բոլոր գեղեցիկ գոյներուն եւ պարերուն առջեւ՝ Պապ Թագաւոր պիտի ըսէր՝

    – Գեղեցիկ է, գեղեցիկ, թէ պարը եւ թէ նուագը…(գիտենք վերջաւորութիւնը)

    Իսկ այս գեղեցիկ վարագոյրին ետին, արտագաղթ եւ պարպուած գիւղեր. Հայաստանը գաղութի վերածուած է, իսկ գաղութները Հայաստանի: Այս վիճակին առջեւ արեւմտահայը աւելի մտահոգ է քան Հայաստանցի արեւելահայը:

    Որ՞ն է լուծումը: Իմ կարծիքովս, Հայաստանի ապագան պէտք է ձեռքը անցնի  աւելի արեմտահայուն՝ որ դարերով հայրենիք երազած է, եւ կազմակերպէ՝ Զուիցերահայ Հանգուցեալ Վերապատուելի Գառնուզեանի «Դէպի Արարատ»-ի կոչով՝ ներգաղթ, նման Հրեական «Դէպի Սիօն»-ի:

    Այս շարժման հրաւէրը պէտք է գայ Հայաստանի գիտակից ղեկավարութենէն՝ երբ ուշ չէ տակաւին:

    Այլապէս,  Հայաստանի մէջ՝ հայութիւնը խաբկանքի մէջ պահող գեղեցիկ գոյներու մէջ պարող երիտասարդներէ զատ ժողովուրդ պիտի չի մնայ, նոյնիսկ հանդիսական:

    Մտահոգութիւնը մեծ է, մէծ է վտանգը:

    1. Obstinate

      Mr. Dedeyan is saying what my colleague Rev. James Karnusian had said. But what I have repeatedly "suggested"  is that the obstinate–to say it softly–Armenian mindset will not comprehend or accept.

      1. About Repatriation

        Mr. Dedeyan and a score of others on this site or others in the Armenian media are apt to rely on calls ("goch unel") for repatriation of Armenians who have emigrated form our homeland in recent years. They expect the government in Yerevan and its Ministry of Diaspora to pick up the call and advocate it. The latter repeatedly does, even on this last visit to L.A.

        What  of it? Suppose the Armenians, who are leaving Armenia in droves, stopped and listened  to these calls?

        Is it logical to expect  that  these good people, rendered jobless, homeless (after selling  their  properties) to return? 

        Is the government there suddenly to give each family a $5,000 incentive or even $10.000? Not much will be left in the government coffers.

        Those who know of ¨shengel¨ or other types of foreign visas, know that  these cost the equivalent or even more than the amounts mentioned.

        We should know better from those  who have obtained visas and are among us. Advocate …RETURN  to Homeland? Let’s not kid ourselves.

        RoA did not go through a mild transitional period such as the European dictatorial states of Portugal, Spain and Greece. They opted for the Scandinavian-style of mild socilaist  regimes. RoA and the other 14 former Soviet republics overnight transformed from soviet socialist dictatorial states to the present "wild  free market". This has immensely affected  Armenia’s lifestyle, contributed to the unruly governance,  the undisciplined system. Everyone for himself/herself. No one cares about the community and those in far-flung  and impoverished rural areas.

        Is there a way to turn the tide toward a more equitable just and bearable form of social government? No.  What  I sugggest  in societization ("ungerayniutyun, my made-up word") by which I wish to convey that we, in parallel with those just mentioned gather around each other according to their work-profession.

        It is quite obvious that a medical professional will naturally sociallize with his/her colleagues than with an architec or a contractor. We did that in France some 20 ago and formed the Groupment professionel armenien, now  ¨Groupmenet Interprofessionel Armenien." The present five associations include medical professionals, engineers, scientists, lawyers, jewellers and sportive. Ten more are to be formed.

        These groups have  progressed. Now is the time to form the next ten. The objective?  To form a National  Investment Trust  Fund nucleus by our  five or six magnates.

        Human resources and economic power resides in these more than a 100,000 generally non-political collectivities. Then only can we have talk and direct calls to commence mobilization toward repatriation and to cooperate with the government in the homeland.

        Only then will the homeland gpvermemt admit us as "Liyirav" and full-fledged partners. To begin with, we need to have five delegates within Diaspora– from our five main communities (North and South.Americas, EU, RF and the Middle East..)





  7. «Դէպի Արարատ»

    Երջանկայիշատակ Վերապատուելի Գառնուզեանի «Դէպի Արարատ» քանի մը էջերով գրգոյկը, գրուած երբ Սովետական Հայաստան կանգուն էր տակաւին,  Հայ ժողովուրդին ներկայ պատմական պայմաններուն մէջ որեւէ ատենէ աւելի իր իմաստը ունի.

    Համոզուած եւ վճռական ճիգերով, մեր կուսակցութիւններուն համադաշնակցութեամբ եւ ազգային նիւթական բարձր մակարդակի կազմակերպութիւններով կարելի պիտի ըլլայ նման շարժում մը իրականացնել.

    Այս շարժումը պիտի ըլլայ երկու մակարդակի վրայ.

    Ա.- Հայաստանի պետական մակարդակը պատրաստել, Արեւմտահայուն տալ Հայրենական ամբողջական Հպատակութիւն, Ամբողջական Լիազորութիւն՝ բոլոր պետական եւ ոչ պետական խաւերու մէջ:

    Բ.- Ժողովուրդը պատրաստել ազգային բարձր իտիալին, նպատակին համար. Այս կարելի պիտի ըլլայ նիւթական օգնութիւն ապահովելով հայրենիք հաստատուած երիտասարդներուն, ընտանիքներոն:

    Այս Լակոնական կերպով ներկայացուած կէտերը սկիզբն են առաջարկուած մեծ ծրագրի գաղափարին.

    Կ’ենթադրեմ թէ Պր. Կայծակ Բալանճեան զարգացուցած է Վերապատուելի Գառնուզեանին «Դէպի Արարատ» ծրագիրը, գաղափարաբանութիւնը: Պր. Կայծակ Բալանճեանի ակնարկութիւնը կարճ էր, անբաւարար, ինծի համար անհասկնալի.

    «Քիչ ըսեմ, շատ հասկցիր» բաւարար չէ:

    Եթէ համոզուած ենք, նման շարժումի մը համար աւելի բացատրութիւն անհրաժեշտ է.

    Այսօրուայ Հայաստանի Apocalypse-ը Ազգային Գոյութեան հարցն է: Ինչ Որ Կը Պատահի Կատակ Չէ: 


  8. History Repeats Itself

    I say the following with sadness. Some nations need to be governed by other nations and maybe some do not deserve independence because they do not have the maturity.  Either we do it ourselves or other nations will do it for us. This is a dilemma. The more I think about the situation the more I lean towards our nation’s history. Our leaders did not learn from the past and maybe we have a better chance of survival without "HAYRENIK."

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