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25 August 2021

More than a decade ago, in the wake of promoting the infamous protocols, Turkey insisted on inclusion of a “sub-commission” to study the “events” surrounding the massacres of  1915-1923 which are recognized as Genocide of the Armenians by the international community.

It was no surprise to note that some citizens of Turkish origin in Canada repeated the same call. One such individual was Tuna Baskoy of Ryerson University, Toronto, who now is the chair of  the Department of Politics & Public Administration. Another professor from Turkey Sedef Arat-Koç is a faculty member. Tariq Amin-Khan who “contributes Op Ed articles in Canadian and Pakistani newspapers” is also a professor at the same department. His name is mentioned here, because Pakistan right from its inception has denied the veracity of the Genocide. It is a staunch ally of Turkey and continues its denial.

University of Toronto is a centre for Genocide studies including the Genocide of the Armenians . It’s in the public’s interest to know whether Prof. Baskoy and other doubters who hold important scholastic positions do continue to insist on the necessity of a “sub-committee” to establish whether the Genocide of Armenians is a fact. For their benefit, Keghart.org has compiled a list of more than 100 volumes (see below) dealing with the matter. The list contains fewer than five books by Armenians.



  • Akcam, Taner. A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility. New York: Metropolitan Books, 2006, 496 pp.
  • Akcam, Taner. From Empire to Republic. New York: Zed Books, 2004, 272 pp.
  • Akcam, Taner. The Young Turks’ Crime against Humanity: The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire. United Kingdom, New Jersey; Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2013.
  • Aktar, Ayhan. Debating the Armenian Massacres in the Last Ottoman Parliament, November-December 1918. History Workshop Journal 64 (2007): 240-270.
  • Alexander, Edward. A Crime of Vengeance: an Armenian Struggle for Justice. New York: The Free Press, 1991, 218 pp.
  • Alexanian, Yervant. Forced into Genocide: Memoirs of an Armenian Soldier in the Ottoman Turkish Army. Edt. Alexanian, Adrienne. La Porta, Sergio (Intro.). Charny, Israel W. (Forward). Londond and New York: Transaction Publishers, 2017, pp. 178.
  • Anderson, Margaret Lavinia. “Who Still Talked about the Extermination of the Armenians? German Talk and German Silences,” in A Question of Genocide: Armenians and Turks at the End of the Ottoman Empire. Edt. by Norman Naimark, Ronald Grigor Suny, and Fatma Müge Göçek. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2011, 199- 220; footnotes 372-379.
  • Atkinson, Jacy. “The German, the Turk and the Devil Make a Triple Alliance.” Harpoot Diaries, 1908-1917. New Jersey: Gomidas Institute, 2000.
  • Auron, Yair. The Banality of Indifference. New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 2000, 405 pp.
  • Auron, Yair. The Banality of Denial. New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 2003, 338 pp.
  • Barton, James Levy. “Story of Near East Relief.” New York: MacMillan Company, 1930, 479 pp.
  • Bass, Gary. Stay the Hand of Vengeance. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2000.
  • Bassiouni, M.C. “Crimes Against Humanity in International Law.” Boston, 1992.
  • Bauer, Yehuda. Comparison of Genocides. Levon Chorbajian and George Shirinian. eds., Studies in Comparative Genocide. London: Macmillian and New York: St. Martin’s Press, (1999): 31 – 43.
  • Bevan, Robert. “Cultural Cleansing: Who Remembers the Armenians?” The Destruction of Memory: Architecture at War, pp. 25–60. Reaktion Books: 2006.
  • Bjornlund, Matthias. “A Fate Worse than Dying: Sexual Violence during the Armenian Genocide.” In Brutality and Desire: War and Sexuality in Europe’s Twentieth Century. ed, Dagmar Herzog, 16-58. London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2009.
  • Bliss, Rev. Edwin Munsell. Turkey and the Armenian Atrocities. Edgewood Publishing Company, 1896. Reprinted by Meshag Publishing (Fresno, CA), 1982. 574 pp.
  • Bloxham, Donald. “The Armenian Genocide of 1915-1916: Cumulative Radicalisation and the Development of the Destruction Policy.” Past and Present 181, no. 1 (2003): 141-191.
  • Blunt, Wilfred Scawen. “Turkish Misgovernment”, Nineteenth century, no. 40 (November 1896)
  • Bosland, Michael. Annihilation: A Story of the Armenian Genocide. Read All Over Publishing,
  • Bryce, Viscount, preface, Arnold Toynbee, editor. The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-1916: Documents presented to Viscount Grey of Falladon, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. London: Sir Joseph Causton and Sons, Limited, 1916.
  • Caraman, Elizabeth and Payne, William Lytton. Daughter of the Euphrates. New York: Harper & Bros, 1939. 277 pp. (Reprinted, Paramus, NJ: The Armenian Missionary Association, NJ, 1979.)
  • Cetin, Fethiye. My Grandmother. London: Verso, 2008.
  • Charlwood, David. Armenian Genocide: The Great Crime of World War I. Great Britain: Pen and Sword Military, 2019.
  • Charny, Israel. Turks, Armenians, and Jews. Tel Aviv: Inst. of the International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide, 1983, pp 269-315.
  • Charny, Israel. Encyclopedia of Genocide (2 Volumes). Oxford: ABC-Clio Inc, 1999, 720 pp.
  • Charny, Israel W. The Psychological Satisfaction of Denials of the Holocaust or Other Genocides by Non-Extremists or Bigots, and Even by Known Scholars. “IDEA” journal, 17 July 2001, Vol. 6, no. 1.
  • Charny, Israel W. Israel’s Failed Response to the Armenian Genocide: Denial, State Deception, Truth versus Politicization of History (The Holocaust: History and Literature, Ethics and Philosophy). Academic Studies Press, 2021, pp. 346.
  • Chalk, Frank. and Jonassohn, Kurt. The History and Sociology of Genocide: Analysis and Case Studies. Montreal and New Haven: Yale University Press, 1990.
  • Churchill, Winston. The World Crisis: The Aftermath. London, 1929.
  • Clark, Alice Keep. Letters from Cilicia. Chicago: AC Weinthrop & Co, 1924.
  • Cohen, Rosemary H. The Survivor. Los Angeles, 2002.
  • Courtois, Sebastien. The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, the Last Arameans. Vincent Aurora. London: Georgias Press, 2004.
  • Davis, Leslie. The Slaughterhouse Province: An American Diplomat’s Report on the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1917. Susan K. Blair, editor. New Rochelle, NY: Aristide Caratzas, Publisher, 1989.
  • Douglas, John Albert. Death’s Ride in Anatolia and Armenia. London: Faith Press.
  • Filian, Rev. George H. Armenia and Her People. Hartford, CN: American Publishing Company, 1896. 376 pp.
  • Fein, Helen. A Formula for Genocide: Comparison of the Turkish Genocide (1915) and the German Holocaust (1939-1945). Comparative Studies in Sociology 1, 1978: pp 271-294.
  • Fisk, Robert. “The First Holocaust.” In The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East, pp 388-436. London, New York, Toronto and Sydney: Harper Perennial, 2006.
  • Ghosayn, Fa’iz al-. La domination ottomane; l’Armenie martyre. Geneva: Edition Atar, 1917.
  • Ghosayn, Fa’iz al. Martyred Armenia. London: C. Arthur Pearson, 1917. 52 pp. (Reprinted by George H. Doran, 1918, New York and Tankian Publishing Corp., 1975).
  • Ghosayn, Fa’iz al-.Temoignage d’un Arabe musulman sur l’innocence et le massacre des Armeniens. Cairo: np, 1917
  • Gibbons, Herbert Adams. The Blackest Page of Modern History; Events in Armenia in 1915; The Facts and the Responsibilities. New York and London: G. P. Putnam & Sons, 1916. 71 pp. Reissued, New York: Tankian Publishing Corp., 1975.
  • Gibbons, Helen Davenport. The Red Rugs of Tarsus. New York: Century Co, 1917.
  • Gingeras, Ryan. Sorrowful Shores Violence, Ethnicity, and the End of the Ottoman Empire 1912-1923. Oxford University Press: Oxford 1st edition, 2009 pp.272.
  • Göçek, Fatma Müge. Denial of Violence: Ottoman Past, Turkish Present and Collective Violence against the Armenians, 1789-2009. Oxford University Press, 2015.
  • Graber, G.S. Caravans to Oblivion: The Armenian Genocide. New York: John Wiley and Sons Inc., 1996.
  • Great Britain, Foreign Office. The treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, Miscellaneous, no. 3 (1916).
  • Grey, Viscount of Fallodon. Twenty-Five Years: 1892-1916. Vol. 1. New York, 1925.
  • Gust, Wolfgang, comp. and ed. The Armenian Genocide: Evidence from the German foreign office archives, 1915-1916. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2014, German Foreign Office.
  • Hewson, Robert. Armenia: A Historical Atlas. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001.
  • Horowitz, I.L. “Government Responsibilities to Jews and Armenians: Nazi Holocaust and Turkish Genocide Reconsidered.”  Armenian Review, 39 no. 1-Spr., 1986, pp 1-9.
  • Horton, George. The Blight of Asia. Indianapolis, IN: Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1926. 292 pp. (Reprinted by Michael Kane in NY)
  • Huttenbach, Henry H. “The Psychology and Politics of Genocide Denial: A Comparison of Four Case Studies.” Levon Chorbajian and George Shirinian eds., Studies in Comparative Genocide. London: Macmillian and New York: St. Martin’s Press, (1999): 216-229.
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  • Jakobsen, Maria. Diaries of a Danish Missionary, Harpoot 1907-1919. Princeton, New Jersey, 2004.
  • Karsh, Efraim and Inari. Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East 1789-1923. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1999.
  • Kaiser, Hilmar. At the Crossroads of Der Zor: Death, Survival, and Humanitarian Resistance in Aleppo, 1915-1917. Gomidas Institute, 2001.
  • Kaiser, Hilmar. Zeitoun, Mousa Dagh, Ourfa: Letters on the Armenian Genocide. ed., Eberhard Count Wolffskeel von Reichenberg. Princeton, NJ: Gomidas Institute Books, 2001.
  • Kerr, Stanley Elphinstone. The Lions of Marash: Personal Experiences with American Near East Relief, 1919-1922. Albany, New York: State University of New York Press, 1973, 318 pp.
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  • Kieser, Hans-Lukas. “Beatrice Rohner (1873-1919) and the Armenian Genocide.” In Kieser, A Q for Belonging, 219-234.
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