4th Congress of Western Armenians – Paris

4th Congress of Western Armenians

Saturday, March 28, 2015
Registration: 8:30am – 10:00am.

Session 1:  10am- 1:30pm (coffee break of 20 minutes)
Presiding the Session: Souren Seraydarian
Speeches by representatives of
Republic of Armenia
Kurdistan Regional Government
Assyrian Community
Zaza Community
Hamshen Community

Buffet lunch served between 1.30 and 2.30 pm.

Session 2:  Presentation of the report on the rights of the Western Armenians
2.30pm – 6.30pm
Presiding the Session: Sevak Artsruni
Panelists: Vahan Melikyan and Levon Gevorgyan
(Coffee break at 4.30 pm)
Questions, discussion and proposals

7.00 pm. Reception.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Holy Mass at the Armenian St. Jean Baptiste Cathedral
Paying Respects at Genocide Victims-Komitas Monument

Session 3:  2:00pm – 6.30pm (coffee break around 4.15pm)
Presiding the Session: Souren Seraydarian
Approval of the text of the Memorandum
Discussion on strategic elements
Expansion of the international working group on continuous dialogue with Turkish
Civil society and state representatives as well as follow up judicial action.

Approval of the 4th Congress Press releases and letters

Adjournment: 7:00pm

  1. We cannot wait another 100 years

    It is time the Armenian Government talked with the Turkish Government to talk about the Hamshen Armenians who were converted to Islam two-to three-hundred years ago, and allow them to return to their Christian faith. These lost Armenians need our help and the Government of Armenia should bring these issues with not only the Turkish Government but also the United Nations.

    Time is of the essence: we cannot wait another 100 years for what Turks have done to our civilization (massacres, no reparations, no land returns). Also nothing has been brought forward re what the Soviets did (taking away our historic lands and giving Javakhk to the Georgians, Nakhichevan and Karabagh to the Azeris, Kars and Ardahan to the Turks. Why aren't these issues brought before world powers and the United Nations? Our people have suffered enough down the centuries. It seems the world has forgotten our people.

    My father was from Shabin Karahissar. He lost his wife, three children, father and mother plus many relatives. He was in the Turkish Army. He escaped, but a brother who was also in the Turkish military was killed just as 200,000 Armenians who were in the military were murdered by the order of the Turkish Government. My mother, who was from the village of Goteh in Erzerum, was the only survivor from her village. Everyone else was forced to leave on the death marches. The Turks killed her two children, husband, father and mother. She survived because Protestant missionaries took her in.

    The time is now to educate and help the Armenian nation back to a normal life.

    Stephan Dulgarian

  2. Hamshens and Other Lost Armenians

    I am pleased we are bringing out our lost Armenians inside Turkey or, as we call it, "Historic Armenia". The Armenian Government must start working with the Turkish Government on what the Turks did to our people over the centuries of Islamizing Armenians. I am positive that the numerous villages of Hamshens would return to their Christian religion if pressure is put on the Government of Turkey. This issue should be brought forward before those of lost Armenians who, I believe, are lost forever. 

    1. Focusing on Hamshens, other lost Armenians waste of time

      Y'all long for people who are no longer Armenian, as y'all ignore those who "identified" themselves as Armenian, and have started to identify themselves as American/Canadian.

      Y'all long for Van and Adana, when Karabagh and Meghri are losing people.

      Y'all will lose what little you have if you continue to take for granted those amongst you.

      Being Armenian is no longer a necessity. We live in North America. Identity is much more fluid than the middle east. I associate with who makes me happy. Supposed shared cultural history is not part of that equation.

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