A Song by Little Vana

  1. Little Vana on You Tube (Some comments)
    – Bravo Little Angel! You have a big future ahead of you.

    – Anoushig Vana, As mege our bahadz eyir. Hokit sirem, asvadz bahe kezi.

    – Sekhmem kezi hamovig Vana. Shad aghvar gerkes! Yerpeg chem tsantsranar…

    – HOYAGAB !! will be nice to have her sing with Silva as a duet? Abris Vana jaaan.

    – Asdvadz bahe!!!!  She is sooo cute and has an amazing voice 🙂

      1. Medznas Hars Ellas

        Jesus Christ guys, in year 2010 is that still all you have to wish to this talented Armenian kid? Is that all you think Armenian women are good for? Or is that our worth? and marriage is our only achievement? Marrying you rough and macho and selfish (goshd yev andash) Armenian guys to cook/clean and pop kids for you?

        Well then I’ve got news for you guys…GET OUT OF YOUR CAVES and smell the 21st century. WE HAVE ADVANCED AND ARE CAPABLE OF WAY LOT MORE THINGS THAN JUST MARRIAGE.

        Proud of her other achievements Armenian woman

        1. Dear Tsoghig, Cool it

          Dear Tsoghig,
          Cool it, please. For how long have you been waiting to write such a letter?

          Next thing you know, you will accuse Armenian men of honour killing.

          Please don’t politcize everything.

          I hope you don’t suggest in your next letter that Manhattan, Manilla, Manitoba…. be changed to Womanhattan, Womanilla, Womanitoba…

          Enjoy the little girl’s singing without getting hot under the collar–where you are is already pretty hot.

        2. Give the Armenian Guy a Chance
          Sireli Tsoghig,

          Believe me when I say that of all the commentaries I read at this site, I enjoyed yours the most. I had a hearty laugh!. The shortened version of it these days goes as LOL. I cannot dispute you, we are not the best cooks and cleaners after ourselves. Could it be that our mothers spoiled us, their sons?! Six decades of living and 3 decades of marriage have not been enough to render me much of a cook it seems, other than microwaving the left overs. Rough and macho, we may be, but selfish, I do no think so. Goshd yev andash were hilarious adjectives you chose. There again, I cannot dismiss them outright.

          However, when push comes to shove and should you decide for a life long companion to you, give the hairy or balding Armenian guy a chance. More than likely, you will find him, andash he may be, a loyal and trustworthy companion to you and more likely than not, you will not regret your choice.

  2. Great voice Vana

    Great voice Vana jan! and beautiful song, but aren’t you a little too young to sing with such lyrics?

    Hope to hear more from you with songs suitable for your age.

  3. Very good, but prefer to see

    Very good, but prefer to see her singing songs suitable to her age with words she would feel as a young girl and not just a song written for feelings for much older singers.
  4. felicitaciones axchigs

    Shnorhavorum em tzakug jan, anushig tzain unis. Menak inchpes vor shatere arten graz en kezi hamat yerker tox sorvetznen. Jisht e ays yerke norouyt e shaterun, baic jan, der jamank ka vor siraharvis, u sirazit chmoranans. metz metz pachikner Argentinayen.
  5. -Kisher e
    Una bella niñita armenia cantando una dulce cancion de adultos. Si bien su cancion llego a los corazones de toda la familia , creo que  esta cancion de amor no es apropiada para una criatura que tiene toda la frescura  e inocencia de la infancia.
    Un saludo desde Argentina
    Dra Der Parsehian Susana
    HMIRamon Sarda Buenos Aires

  6. Inch lav e

    Inch lav e vor pokrign Vanai ‘kataroume’ tradz es KEGHARTi mech. Keghetsig tsayn, anoushik pokrik, yerajhshdagan aganch ou zkaynoutyoun. PAYTS…Himi el Lrenk Yeghpayrk?

    Dkhroutiamb hishetsouts zis ayn Mangoutyoun Chounetsogh Martige (A. Dzarougian), YEGHERNen verabrogh arachin serounte. Yev aha nerkayis arten ounenk houyl me serount, manougnere Mangoutyoun Chabretsnogh Dznoghkner. Arachini patjare tseghabashdoutian vojirn er, himagvane inchi bedk e veragrel artyok? Tramabashdoutyoun, anvanabashdoutyoun, hrchagabashdooutyoun yev masamp norin?

    Da Asdvadz vor hachorte chella manga-amousnoutyoun gam nouynisg, Asdvadz mi arastse, arvesdi timagov manga-bornigoutyoun, yev masamp norin.. Hazar Apsos… Vay mez, Vay mez, Yegherne verabrogh serounti zavagner ou torner. Yete ge skhalim, ouremn Hazar ankan Hazar MEGHA ASDEDZO.

    Asdvadz hokin lousavore mer Komitas Vartabedin vor inch kheghjmdankov, achalrchoutiamp ou knkshoren modetsads er mer manougnerou yerketsoghouian vor gareli ella bahel mangoutyan hrashali aneghdz baydzaroutyounn ou baydzaramdoutyoune. Aha badjar me yevs vor chmornank Komitasian yerkn ou vokin.


  7. Medznas Hars Ellas II

    Tsoghig djan, surprise, surprise…Do you know that "Medznas hars ellas, yev Hay zavagnerou mayr ellas” was the saying/’maghtank’ of your great-grandma Elmast Baji’s to her grand-daughters when they served her with a cup of tea or a glass of water?

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