Beware of Machinations!

Dikran Abrahamian, 30 April 2018

In a few short hours, the National Assembly of Armenia (the parliament) will convene for a historic decision. Ostensibly it is to elect a new prime minister. We are not privy to the machinations that will certainly be cooked by the RPA (Republican Party of Armenia) and its allies outside the confines of parliament. The RPA’s spokesperson Sharmazanov’s pronouncements are not encouraging and ex-President Kocharian’s remarks do not inspire hope. It seems the oligarchy will try to employ chicanery to prolong its illegal dominance or muddy the waters.

Individuals, organizations, particularly in the Diaspora, are jumping on the Pashinyan bandwagon. This phenomenon has only symbolic significance at present and of minimal practical effect on the evolution of events in Armenia.

We profoundly respect the patriotic aspirations of all rank-and-file “Dashnak”s and their support for “People’s Choice”. We cannot say the same about their Armenia leadership, even at the expense of forsaking “national unity” because their track record shows that the concept of unity is “respected” only when ARF is in control.

Historically within the short span of thirty years, the leadership of ARF in Armenia faithfully demonstrated how it followed the disreputable tradition of its predecessors. First off, they were “imported” to mitigate, and ultimately destroy the “Karabagh Movement”. Remember Marukhyan! Unashamedly, shortly afterward they declared themselves the liberators of Artsakh. They exported “special” people from Lebanon to Armenia to intimidate popular leaders and eliminate some through violence. They also plotted a coup (Dro Committee). Later they preached democracy, yet they propped up the avaricious corrupt and crooked oligarchy. And now, to save their necks they’ve abandoned the dinosaurs and profess to be in support of “People’s Choice”. A chameleon would envy ARF Armenia leaderships’ ever-changing political colorations.

At hand are just three primary issues to tackle:

– Elect the “people’s choice” whom the masses recognize as de facto prime minister, namely Nikol Pashinyan;

– Immediately release all political prisoners. They have toiled and suffered for this day. The popular movement’s sincerity to establish democracy will be affirmed and the “Velvet Revolution” will swell with additional quality supporters;

– Urgently execute parliamentary elections with strict observance of the law to eliminate fraud; it is the only guarantee for solidifying the gains of the revolution and cement the partnership between the people and the new evolving administration.

  1. I am confident

    I am confident that Nikol Pashinyan and his team know well what to do after he is elected prime-minister. I am sure the issues delineated in the article above is also one of his many concerns. We should make sure that this achievement by the people is not hijacked by some opportunists who want to jump the bandwagon of this popular movement and further their vile agenda of Armenia's destruction. 

  2. Your Comments

    If anyone thinks that Tashnags in Armenia and Diaspora are different, I suggest that they think it over and very hard and very soon…. After all, don’t they take the same oath?

  3. Elections, support Pashinyan

    I fully support Nikol Pashinyan.  I want him to become our next Prime Minister!

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