Do Not Ratify!

By Dikran Abrahamian BA, MD, Ontario, 1 September 2009

Here we are, almost a year following the start of the “football diplomacy” and we are reaping the “gifts”. Finally, the wrapping of the package is opened and we have a glimpse of what are in it.

As highlighted elsewhere by others, a “Commission of historians” and de jure recognition of the present borders between Turkey and Armenia are in the works. They are no more secrets. The spinners and the critics will have a field day. Alas!

Are we supposed to be shocked or surprised? Not at all!

Granted, Keghart had no means of being cognizant of the details of the negotiations.

However, following the trend established since the infamous February 2008 elections, the subsequent March tragedy, the unrelenting stubbornness of the present authorities, it was clear that the government did not represent the will of the majority of its people.

To save its neck, eventually it had to succumb to foreign pressures to establish some form of legitimacy. Unfortunately, that is what we witness today.

It is hard to imagine how the authorities will be able to manage to convince the people in Armenia and the Diaspora of the wisdom of this action. The only way will be to ram it down the throat of the parliament. Will they take the risk with all its future ramifications of further alienation?

So far, at every step of the way, they have demonstrated an extraordinary but pathological audacity. They are incorrigible. Hence, with regret and sadness, along with frustration and indignation, we state that they, in all likelihood, will not change course. They cannot, anyway. They are signatories. There is no room to backtrack and make an about face.

Now the ball is in the parliament.

We ask, like a demand, from all the parliamentarians in Armenia not to ratify this unjust agreement.

Forget about your personal gains. Leave aside what you have amassed by way of bribes and promises. Dismiss your pockets.

Think for a moment what a calamitous event for Armenians worldwide you will be facing by ratifying the agreement.

Consult with all those martyrs who throughout our tortured history sacrificed their lives to keep a piece of land and our dignity.

Ask their advice!

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  1. Pus-khelling and enduring

    Pus-khelling and enduring sleepless nights — that’s what Armenian-Americans like me are doing right now. We don’t have dual citizenship. If we did, we’d train for homeland defense. Bring back the kakhdni panag.
  2. We invoke our own problems

    It’s not just the American-Armenians, it’s the entire spiurq, inclusive of the migrants from Armenia for the past 15 years. The country is braindrained and is now run by leaders who carry their mob nicknames through the security shields at the Parliament, government and other administrative buildings every day as they go to work.

    The question of dual nationality is only resolved on paper; it’s no secret that there is no coordinated state policy to start a process whereby all the HAYS are truly welcome home and can start life and businesses, unhampered by corruption by the absence of rule of law.

    We invoke our own problems. Problems are not caused by outsiders and opening a border does not necessarily mean jobs for all and democracy for all. The politicians today are thickly immersed into business clans and God only knows what they owe to whom with what percentages. They owe to the Russians, to the Turks and Arabs.

    Turkish citizens on the other hand are still objecting joining the EU but their public voice is unheard of outside their country. This protocol is being enforced on both countries like a promissory note claiming that it will solve our socio-political and cultural problems, that our identity will only flourish due to this Protocol.

    The Diaspora has been left out from any discussions on the subject and has NO voice whatsoever on what content should such a Protocol bear… Western Armenia is being recognized as part of Turkey at the same time as this very government keeps screaming day in, day out "not a single sqm from Karabakh!".

    Gogh@ goghits goghatsav, Astvats veren zarmatsav.

  3. Torpedoing This Disastrous Plan
    Fellow Armenians:

    The best and most efficient means to torpedo this disastrous plan in the coming weeks is for the ARF, HAK and Heritage to put aside their differences and interests and start holding nonstop protests in Armenia. They should march to Baghramyan Street, end Sargsyan’s illegal rule and hold fresh presidential and parliamentary elections in the freest and fairest manner so that we can finally have a legitimate president and parliament that truly defends and promotes Armenian national interests. Otherwise, we are doomed!

    Almost all prominent Armenian organizations in the Diaspora are also to blame for what is unfolding before our eyes. They supported this unelected president and parliament from day one, putting their personal and partisan interests ahead of Armenian statehood, democracy, security and rights (e.g. recall the infamous March 2008 Joint Statement by the AAA, AGBU, ANCA, the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America and the Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America). This support has been so unflinching and total that these organizations have threatened and imposed a gag rule on many Diaspora-based Armenians wishing to speak and write about certain unfavorable domestic affairs and developments in Armenia and Artsakh since 1991. Shame on all of you, but know that it is never too late to join your people and to continue inspiring them!

    Turkey and the international community have once again fantastically outmaneuvered the Armenian Nation! They, especially Western nations and even Russia, neither give a damn about genocide recognition and justice nor about Armenian statehood and democracy. Notice the thousands of articles that have been published in international newspapers since Monday on this "normalization" plan and compare that figure to the number of articles posted in the past year articulating the legitimate demands of the Armenian Nation regarding Turkey (ending, recognizing and providing full redress for the Armenian Genocide and improving minority rights), Azerbaijan (Artsakh and its right to self-determination and independence), Armenia (holding free and fair elections, improving civil liberties, fighting corruption), and so on; there is absolutely no comparison! They know that the only way they can fast track the opening and recognition of the current borders for trade and energy exploitation is through an unelected, despised Armenian regime that is willing to barter and sell state interests again and again just for personal/partisan gain and to stay in power.

    Ratifying these disastrous protocols would mean Armenia legally and irreversibly approving Turkey’s well-known preconditions:

    1. Turkey will forever keep 90% of indigenous Armenian lands (Western Armenia and Cilicia) and be allowed to commit many more rounds of blockade, hostility, oppression, rape, murder, massacre and genocide with impunity;
    2. The veracity of the Armenian Genocide is in question, and centuries of more research is required to determine "what really happened in 1915?" (the raison d’etre of Taner Akcam and the like);
    3. All of Artsakh will be given to and forever be part of Azerbaijan.

    For the second time this century, Switzerland is mediating/hosting negotiations that are most detrimental to the Armenian Cause. In 1923, the Treaty of Lausanne handed all of Western Armenia and Cilicia to Turkey. A 2009 accord based on these anti-Armenian protocols will verify and stamp the disastrous Lausanne legacy once and for all!

    Fellow Armenians, please unite and save our fledgling nation (and the legitimate rights of future generations) from these shameless impostors and betrayers NOW!

  4. I must agree with Aram. 

    I must agree with Aram. 

    The Protocols are a made-in-Ankara disaster for the Armenian nation.  Only the strongest possible reaction by the citizenry of Armenia, along with whichever political parties wish to join in, can save Armenia and Artsakh.

    It would be nice to see the parties put aside their differences, though I am a bit skeptical.  LTP and his "Hack" party are basically pro-Turkish accommodationists, except that fortunately they did object to the ridiculous joint historical commission. 

    Raffi Hovanissian and his ACNIS sidekick Richard Giragosian have been largely silent.  That is a bad sign.  It looks as if Hovanissian is playing up to the West as usual.  If Hovanissian is sincere about Armenia’s historical rights, which are being signed away in these Protocols, one assumes that he would have spoken up by now. But I have seen nothing by him or the  Heritage Party.  Is he waiting to see which way the wind is blowing so that he does offend his Western friends?

    That leaves the ARF, which seems largely ineffective.  As the premier Armenian party historically, it should never have been in league with the thugs in the Armenian government to begin with. 

    As for Vartan Oskanian, I have seen nothing by him – this alleged elder statesman – lately.  Waiting to see which way the wind is blowing before you have something to say, Vartan?  Or perhaps you have to ask the American Jewish Committee member on your Civilitas board what he thinks before you decide to say something?  

    Hey, there’s always AIM magazine, Vartan. You can start that up again.

  5. That the protocols spell
    That the protocols spell disaster for Armenia and for the Armenian nation is without doubt. Proceeding from that consensus, we have to ask ourselves what are our options. If we do not ratify the protocols, what should be our counter proposal? Rejecting it out of hand will not do. Who do we turn to for support? It seems our traditional Big Brother Russia has been pushing us–for its own strategic designs–to come to terms with Turkey. Europe and the United States likewise. If we reject the protocols, would Turkey give the green light to Aliev to invade Artsakh? And if the Azeris attack, would Russia come to our rescue or would it let us twist in the wind "until we come to our senses"?
    Knowing of our rightful demands and the danger the protocols pose, why did Serge Sarksyan propose it? What does he know that we don’t? And finally, why haven’t our two former presidents–Kocharian and Der Bedrossian–kept mum?

  6. Sahmani batsman kherits antsank share

    Parun  Nakhaghah   "Achkneres  louys" Yerevi  nerko   haytararutyunere  kardatsadz  kam  lsadz  ke linek.  Aznvoren haytnem vor  menk  hayrenikov aproghners chenk  haskanum  inch e katarvum.  Ardiok  yete  duk   haskanum yek  inch e  katarvum, Khndrem  zhoghovurdin  batsatrek — Chek Kardzum dzez Khapum yen yev shutov "Karabaghi  hartsov"  el dzez  khapelu  yen??

  7. Disastrous Diplomacy

    This is a time to unite and increase the pressure on this Armenian government to resign, before they sign anything. Fingerpointing as to who sided with who doesn’t help.  The ball is in the Armenian Parliament and people’s court. The whole Armenian nation should unite and neutralize this threat to our national interests. People in Armenia should hear the Spiurk’s side too and not listen to press conferences by our foreign minister, who  has no problem lying. 
  8. Armenian/Turkish talks.

    More than 75% of all Armeians in Armenia would love to forget the past and find a way with the present Turkey! After all, it’s them who are stuck between four walls while we are enjoying life to the fullest, overseas…!

    Let us face it. At this stage, we do not have much of a choice. First, the US will never jeopardize its relationship with the Turks for the sake of a handful of Armenians who have nothing to offer the US or the rest of the world. Second, we are in no position to defeat the Turks on the battleground.

    These are the same words that I told Yasser Arafat before he signed the first treaty with the Jews. "Swallow your pride and shake hands with the devil for now".  I told this, "once you get your foot inside, It will be much easier to negotiate". He finally listened, and now they are talking about a Palestinian State.

    We need to have the borders open first and all the rest will come later…!

  9. Sell your wares in another souk!

    John Hovsepian,

    Name-dropping Arafat won’t win you VIP brownie points here. Are you sure your name isn’t Ed Djeredjian, David Ignatius, Bruce Fein, or Ilter Turkmen?

    Contrary to your assertion, Armenians in Armenia, save the plutocrats, don’t welcome these protocols. The Turks (and some Armenian oligarchs) will economically and politically gain from an open border, not the rank and file Armenians.

    We are not in a position to defeat the Turks on the battleground? Tell it to orphaned, diseased, traumatized genocide survivors who saved our homeland in the 11th hour at Sardarabad, Bash Abaran and Karakilisse.

    Your words, hailing these protocols, will not sway or demoralize us!


  10. An advice to President Sargsyan
    I would advise President Serj Sargsyan not to travel either to France or Switzerland, because by their law anyone denying the Armenian Genocide (in case by subjecting it to a ruling by Turkish "historians") is liable for punishment.

    Arpiar Petrossian

  11. Hyun Khelke Oush Gou ka

    Some thoughts that I’d like to share:

    In France, there are the ultra nationalists and the ultra marxist-communits; but they become one fist when their national interests are at stake. That should be a model to emulate, and has a bearing on what I’d like to say.

    – I was one of many who advocatesd the establishment of the Minsitry of Diaspora. While the name clearly identifies the ministry as such it ought to logically follow that the person in charge should have been a Diasporan, who is well acquainted with the concerns and aspirations of the Diaspora. RA ought to have admitted that individual as its liyirav  full-fledged partner. It  is not so.

    – The Armenian Reporter in its May 30, 2009 issue ran an article stating that the  Ministry of Diaspora seeks  to establish a "national council". This also needs to be addressed. It is incumbent on the diasporans to establish their National Supreme Council.

    Having a real partnership between the Ministry of Diaspora and a Supreme Council, as mentioned above, potentially could have circumvented the kind of fiasco that we face today.

    What sense does it make to go on repeating "we are with the Diasporans" when there is nothing beyond talk?

  12. I can’t believe

    I can’t believe that Armenians are so stupid to sign up under such an agreement.

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