#ArtsakhStrong Solidarity Toolkit

Amara Possian, Toronto, 9 October 2020

On Sept 27, Azerbaijan launched a sustained military attack on Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) — a small autonomous region of ethnic Armenians in the South Caucasus — to overtake the territory and bring it under Azerbaijani rule. 

Since then, my social media feeds have been filled with Armenians posting content to spread awareness about the attacks, but I haven’t seen many non-Armenian friends talk about what’s going on. I asked my Facebook network what they’re hearing about Artsakh and it turns out it’s almost nothing. But many of you answered that you DO want to know what is happening and how to help!

This is a toolkit to help you learn a little more about what’s going on in Artsakh, and about how you can put your voice, your time, and your money towards helping Armenians, in the diaspora, in Armenia and in Artsakh, stop yet another attempt to wipe us off the map.

This is written for the Canadian context but please feel free to adapt it for your own. 

Thank you so much to the many people who shaped and reviewed this toolkit. This is a living document so if you’d like to contribute, please email me at [email protected].

Click on #ArtsakhStrong Solidarity Toolkit to access the content

What’s happening & why it matters
How you can help
Media Coverage
Raising Awareness

  • Take Action:
    Send a letter to the editor
    Follow Armenian accounts & amplify their content
    Post good articles & other content on your social media, & ask your friends to share
    Change your Facebook photo frame & link in your Instagram bio
  • Political Action
    Contact politicians (email, phone & tweet)
    Sign petitions


Additional info & resources

  1. Thank you for this Kit. But please remove Tom de Waal as a source. He is not some kind of impartial expert. He takes every opportunity to do damage to the Armenians.

  2. While in the anti-Armenian mainstream media Tom de Waal has a positive image, for years he has been writing “analysis” hostile to the Armenian cause. He considers the conflict pointless and recommends we hand Artsakh to the Azeris. He is also uninterested in history, especially our millennia-old possession of Artsakh. His “recommendation” is no surprise. His master–the Carnegie Institute–has never had a good word for Armenians. I am surprised any Armenian would consider de Waal an objective source. He is the hired hand of pro-oil interests.

  3. Tom De Waal is pro-Azeri.
    In a recent article on Artsakh he did not tell his readers what Armenians had suffered under Azeri rule.
    He also rarely tells his readers that Nakhichevan’s Armenians were totally decimated under Azeri rule.
    De Waal is also a close friend of Brenda Shaffer, one of Azerbaijan’s greatest friend.
    Please remove him from your resource list.

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