An Armenian Political Prisoner in A … Swedish Jail

By Prof. Hovhanness I. Pilikian, London UK, 6 September 2011

Money, money, money – a piece of paper, which when called dollar or euro, makes people do strange, dangerous and illegal things. Politicians and statesmen are ready to deny even genocide if its recognition means loss of money to them. 

Mammon, initially coins of gold and silver and later copper, is perhaps man’s greatest intellectual invention. According to Herodotus, Lydians (neighbors of the Phrygian-Armenians) were the first to mint coins in the reign of King Alyattes (circa 610-550 BC). His son was the famous Croesus, whose treasury of pure gold was legendary.  The Lydians invented the first consumerist society. They created not only the means of supply-and-demand, but also the first mini-shopping malls.

By Prof. Hovhanness I. Pilikian, London UK, 6 September 2011

Money, money, money – a piece of paper, which when called dollar or euro, makes people do strange, dangerous and illegal things. Politicians and statesmen are ready to deny even genocide if its recognition means loss of money to them. 

Mammon, initially coins of gold and silver and later copper, is perhaps man’s greatest intellectual invention. According to Herodotus, Lydians (neighbors of the Phrygian-Armenians) were the first to mint coins in the reign of King Alyattes (circa 610-550 BC). His son was the famous Croesus, whose treasury of pure gold was legendary.  The Lydians invented the first consumerist society. They created not only the means of supply-and-demand, but also the first mini-shopping malls.

The philosophically transcendent concept of money–that a worthless piece of metal or paper on the say-so of an authority can be instantly transfigured and exchanged for an object produced by hard labor of any kind–is a peak of cultural imagination and human intellectual achievement. 

The Lydian coins were stamped with a vicious (wild, open-mouthed) lion head–the national totem of the Hittite-Armenians, with a sun-burst on the diadem, the symbol of the ancient Sun-king deity. It took mankind (the Chinese) another thousand years to make the intellectual jump to invent paper-money (about 960 AD). 

Authorities would severely punish forgers of money. A British king designated his greatest scientist, Isaac Newton, as the Master of the Royal Mint in 1699. The great scientist became one of the harshest combatants of counterfeiters.

Johanness Vermeer (1632-75), the great Dutch painter’s grandfather Balthazar Geretz of Delft, was an engineer and a clock-maker. Recently-found documents record that he was arrested in 1619 for running a coin-counterfeiting operation with his son (Vermeer’s uncle). Two of Balthazar’s co-conspirators were beheaded, but Balthazar was inexplicably freed, his case officially hushed up.  

On May 18 of this year, a shocking article about counterfeiting appeared on the website of a Swedish magazine .

Neither the writer nor the editorial board (I think) was aware of the sensational nature of the shocking material they had published.

The article revealed a secret fact of economic fraud that may devastate, in a second, American, Russian and Chinese economies and that these globalized (read capitalist) economies are awash with a flood of forged dollars, that they are sitting on mountains of worthless paper.

Perhaps a trillion dollars-worth of mafia-money circulates annually in the financial markets of the world–from drugs, prostitution, blackmail, extortion, racketeering and murder. But dirty-money is at least money. Forged money is not money at all. Money-laundering is a mild crime compared with counterfeiting it.

Simultaneously with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the international money markets were flooded with forged dollars in such massive quantities that the CIA suspected KGB of being behind the plot. The forged dollars were the work of the emergent Russian mafia. The money was technically so perfect that the American government had neither the skill nor the resources to detect the forgeries. 

The billions of Russian oligarch dollars, sitting in British tax havens, are in theory counterfeit, hence worthless, as are the trillions of the American government debt bought by the Chinese government dollars. The tragic irony is that while millions are starving in Russia, China and in the US, the nets of extreme poverty are engulfing millions more globally. The mafia oligarchs of those countries are building their paper mansions on counterfeit money.

And this grand secret hitherto brushed under the carpet is finally being proven by the imprisonment of an innocent Armenian–George Karimi (an)– by the Chinese government. A gentle father, George, who lived in Sweden, has been falsely charged and convicted by the Chinese government.

I found the parents of George Karimi living in London, near Ealing Broadway. It was here that Karimi’s mother received the phone call from her daughter-in-law in Sweden, telling her that George had been imprisoned for life in China.

I am appalled by the lack of intelligence of the corrupt Chinese bureaucrats. The mindlessness of the Chinese and the Swedish government’s awe of Beijing are mind-boggling. They should have freed Karimi and compensated him for his wrongful imprisonment. In imprisoning Karimi, the Chinese confirmed the world’s greatest economic fraud committed by the Russian mafia while pandering to American imperialist globalization. 

The American government-plan for world domination is long-standing and a mathematical constant. It pops up in every emergent socio-sexual military-economic formula of world governance. The American love-affair with Arab oil-producers and the promotion of genocide as military-industrial collateral are well-established.

One disguise less noticed is the American government’s manipulation of other national economies through the global use of the Dollar.  Every Latin American banana republic created by the CIA, post-Second World War, would immediately adopt the dollar for its long-term monetary-fiscal policy. The nasty custom is still going on with the economies of the countries in the Caucasus (for example) — Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan. Although the latter have issued post-Soviet national currency, the preferred mode of business transaction is dollar-based.

The release of the floodgates of counterfeit dollars is the greatest economic whack the Soviet Union could imprint on the American imperialists. The irony is that the Chinese are themselves innocent victims of this, and they simply are at a loss as how to secure their genuine dollars and ensure that their dollars are genuine – not counterfeit from the Russian mafia.

China’s unforgivable error was the genocidal victimization of an innocent Armenian.

Karimi is a child of a nation which had the misfortune of being an inconvenient obstacle, in historical Anatolian Armenia (today’s Turkey), to the imperialist plans of the German Kaiser who brought about the First World War and the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians, with the help of the Ottoman Young Turks.  

Karimi went to Beijing with rosy glasses, excited by the Chinese Communist Party’s plans to improve the life of the ordinary Chinese, following the leader Deng Xiaoping’s dictum that ‘wealth creation is good’‘. George believed in decent capitalism, the type the Chinese government is pursuing today. Little could Karimi know that he was to become the victim of the corrupted faction of the government which the Chinese Communist Party is trying to eliminate?

In October 2003, Karimi was arrested on a strange and ridiculous charge of ‘violent resistance’.  It seemed a stereotype used by the corrupt factions in the Chinese government to cover up the bigger rotten capitalist fish and sharks of the Communist Party.

It took the Chinese government justice system two years to convert their ridiculous charge of violent resistance to the very serious trumped up one of selling counterfeit dollars. 

Karimi had an Indian friend called Milap. During the SARS epidemic, concerned in Milap’s well-being, Karimi had gone to Milap’s flat to see if he was all right. He was arrested as he rang the bell of Milap’s flat. In January 2005, during a show trial, Karimi discovered that Milap was his sole accuser, and most conveniently had been flown out of the country to India.      

At his show trial, George heard the made-up story that he had supposedly instructed Milap to meet two Singaporeans at a hotel in Beijing to sell them for US$73,000 (hidden in ten large notebooks) 128,300 counterfeit US dollars. 

Were the Singaporeans ethnically Chinese? Agents of the rotten Chinese Communist Party? They were caught with a small amount of counterfeit dollars (why not the full agreed amount of $73,000?) at the airport on Oct. 7, 2003, two days before Karimi had gone to Milap’s flat to be arrested. Surely, if George was the mastermind of such a global operation, he would be intelligent enough not to get arrested while searching for his Indian friend. 

More Chinese bureaucratic hilarity followed. On Oct. 9, when Karimi was in prison, Chinese police miraculously found 41 large notebooks. It seemed the original ten had spawned into 41, containing additional $534,000 forged notes.

And what happened to those half-a-million counterfeit dollars? 

Did anyone witness the Chinese Communist Party police burn them? 

I bet they are already in the bank account of a corrupt Communist Party official while Karimi was described as the leader and the mastermind of the incredible operation. He obviously, with a magic wand, had fertilized the number of the notebooks and printed counterfeit dollars from his cell watched by Chinese Red Guards, showing him obscene video films.   

Obviously, there is a massive operation of fake dollars being produced by Singaporean and Indian men like Milap. That is the reason they are not brought to court, to safely continue their useful operation for the corrupt capitalist factions of the Chinese communist billionaires. 

Milap had an attack of guilty conscience and withdrew his charges, confirming from India that he had incriminated himself and Karimi, while being tortured. The timid defense had produced Milap’s written oath in court exonerating George of all guilt. 

Incredibly, Karimi was still rubber-stamped as ‘guilty’ on Dec.19, 2005. It took another two years for the corrupt Chinese judiciary to silence their communist conscience and condemn Karimi in 2007 to life imprisonment. Thus, the Chinese authorities tried to simultaneously cover-up the political nature of the case by converting it into a charge purely of economic crime.

The guilty conscience of the righteous faction of the Chinese Communist Party commuted his life sentence to 18 years, in appreciation of George’s good behavior. Moreover, in the summer of 2010, the same faction released him to the Swedish government. The Swedes transferred him to Storboda-anstalten a jail, north of Stockholm.

The Swedish government brags about the success of its "silent diplomacy" while allowing the corrupt Chinese government to stomp, for seven years, on the freedom of an innocent Swedish citizen. The measure of the Swedish government’s pathetic success is that they intend to keep the innocent Armenian in prison for another five years. 

Doesn’t Sweden possess any clout with the Chinese government to free George on the hard-core evidence of Milap’s statement of George’s innocence?

What does Karimi’s political show trial cover-up? That the counterfeiting of dollars by the Chinese criminals is still going on, in imitation and competition with the Russian mafia. 

Centered probably in Singapore, agents like Milap are free to operate, enriching the corrupt Chinese Communist oligarchs.

Aware of the Chinese mind-set through some knowledge of its language, I am certain the Confucian good Communists of China would be delighted if the Swedish government had the wisdom and subtlety to free Karimi immediately. Otherwise, why would they release him? If the state criminal charge was genuine, they would have shot him.    

The new-found hypocrisies of recent Swedish governments (post-assassination of the PM Olaf Palme in 1986) are keen on pleasing America by denying Sweden’s best humanist socialist traditions–once the envy of the world. Sweden is now trying to "modernize" and globalize within the US free market paradigm, and is in terror of the future power of Chinese capitalism. Karimi is being victimized for this reason.

Karimi is innocent and the Swedish government must not play Pontius Pilate, washing its hands off.  The Swedish government must not betray the humanitarian tradition of men like Edvard Vilhelm Siőblom, the Swedish missionary who led an international protest movement, in 1897, from London against the murderous King Leopold II of Belgium who had killed over 10 million Africans, half the population of Congo.

The Swedish government, instead of shaming itself by keeping a political prisoner of conscience, should encourage the good among the factions of the Chinese government by reminding them that their great modernizer and wealth creator, Deng Xiaoping, was purged twice during the Cultural Revolution and his innocent son, Deng Pufang, was tortured by the mad Red Guards and forced out of a window in a four-storey building.

The real communists of China must refrain from such murderous acts.  

The Swedish government must immediately free Karimi whose health is deteriorating. He cannot survive another five years of incarceration

The Swedish government, faithful to its own humanitarian, socialist principles, must encourage the true communists of the Chinese government to see justice is done and not side with the evil market forces which destroy human decencies.

Free George Karimian Immediately — the sole political prisoner of conscience in Sweden, and compensate him for the time he has spent in prison.
  1. Sorry, but I wonder, why is

    Sorry, but I wonder, why is George called a prisoner of conscience.  The best I could make of the article is that he was falsely accused of counterfeiting…  Maybe I missed something. 



  2. Berge has a point

    I tend to agree with Berge. Could the author explain in a short paragraph why George Karimian’s case should be considered political? There is so much talk about politics in the essay but the connection is not clear.

    Thank you,


  3. In response to Berge Minassian & Noubar

    Berge Minassian indeed has a point, and so do you too, dear Noubar.

    The version read by you (published by Keghart) is an edited version almost by half (of the original) agreed with me in toto.

    I am not sure whether my original would have been any more enlightening for you, hence my attempt here at some clarification — I hope I can satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

    I have labelled George Karimian as ‘a prisoner of conscience’ in replication of (and as a historical reference to) the Amnesty International model — I would not know how old you are, dear Berge, and whether you are young enough to remember it … Over two decades ago, under the same label, Amnesty ran an international campaign in defense of selected political prisoners from all over the world and from different political regimes. They were all innocent victims precisely like George Karimian, imprisoned on different trumped up charges.

    I cannot recall if it is found in the Keghart version that the initial charge was a wholly vacuous one … for ‘violent resistance’, then mysteriously converted to Dollar-counterfeiting … which proves (among other evidence) the falsity, not to say … counterfeiting of the original charge!! Remember the withdrawal of the court-Testimony by the single Prosecution witness (Milap from India), confessing that he had accused George falsely, under torture. This also must explain as to why the legal case is covertly political while being overtly … economical, especially with the absolute truth I would add (intending a pun …)

    To sum up: The absolute truth is that George Karimian is an innocent man, arrested, charged falsely, convicted, imprisoned, victimized to cover-up the massive crimes of others in-power in America, Russia, and China constructing capitalist economies on … hot air.

    Yours Truly,

    Professor H. I. Pilikian

    PS. I am perfectly happy to answer any further questions — but please remember, I am no wiki-leak man, I have no "secret" information –

    I have only my own analytical mind, scholarly knowledge of hisory, and power of analysis, placing published facts in-the-public-domain under the electron microscope of a forensic mind.

    You can find the full un-abridged version of my article on 3 other websites

    A plug for those sisterly Armenian sites; you may even like to subscribe to them FREE

    1. George Karimian

      Dear Prof. Pilikian,

      Thank you for the clarification. Now it makes sense. Following the logic you have presented so succinctly in a brief explanation George Karimian should be considered a political prisoner.

      The question is who is to follow this matter. Armenians? Swedes? Human Rights organizations in Europe and worldwide? Who will make the case so that there is a definitive action in this respect, ultimately setting free George Karimian and compensating him for the years that he has lost in prison.

      1. George Karimian

        Որպես Ժորժին եւ նրա ընտանիքին մոտից ծանոթ անձ, ինչպես նաեւ մեկը որ հետաքրքրված է նրա ազատ արձակման հարցով տեղեկացնեմ, որ այս կապակցությամբ բավական աշխատանք է կատարվել եւ կատարվում է հենց շվեդ հասարակական, քաղաքական գործիչների կողմից, ինչպես նաեւ Ամնեստի ինտեռնաշնալի եւ Եվրոպայի Հայերի Համագումարի կողմից: Շվեդ բոլոր պառլամենտականները տեղեկացված են այս մասին եւ ՀԱՏԿԱՊԵՍ այն պատգամավորները ովքեր շատ լավ տեղյակ են Ցեղասպանությունից գիտեն հարցի էության մասին:

        Ես չեմ կասկածում Ժորժի քաղաքական բանտարկյալ լինելու մասին, քանի որ նա իր ամբողջ գիտակցական կյանքի ընթացքում պայքարել է անարդարության դեմ ի խնդիր մեր ազգային իրավունքների եւ ցեղասպանության ճանաչման եւ փոխհատուցման:

        Ռոզա Հարությունյան

  4. Heartfelt Thanks for Your Heartwarming Concern Sireli Noubar

    Dear Noubar,

    I just found your fresh Comment, at 3 o’cklock after midnight London time, and am dropping everything to welcome your kind words.  Obviously, you are a person of great compassion.  You have put your finger on our national wound — mad-t verkin vra trads ess — the absence of a respectable Government that can champion the Diaspora Armenian. 

    Your words bring tears to my eyes … Who indeed is going to save an innocent Armenian victimized by inhuman governments of Beasts, including ours in Armenia!  For an innocent man, every second in prison is a century …

    We miss no opportunity to condemn the Jews for ruling the world, why don’t we learn from them for a change?

    If George were a Jew, the Swedish and Chinese governments would have fitted his feet with gold and silver slippers by now … 

    Alas, alack for Armenians, the best of people, and the worst of people …

    Truthfully yours,

    Professor HI Pilikian


  5. George Karimian

    Իմ նախկին գրության մեջ տեղեկացրել էի, Ժորժի քաղաքական բանտարկյալ լինելու հանգամանքը եւ նշել, որ ամեն ինչ կատարվում է նրան ազատ արձակելու համար: Ոմանք գուցե թյուրիմացաբար մտածեն, որ ամեն ինչ կարգին է եւ միջամտելու եւ կամ օգնելու կարիք չկա: Ընդհակառակը բոլորի աջակցությունը հարկավոր է եւ անհրաժեշտ: Հատկապես Շվեդիայից դուրս մեր հայրենակիցների աջակցությունը շատ ազդեցիկ կլինի Շվեդական պատասխանատուների մոտ: Այժմ Անգլիայից այս հարցով ներգործությունը հսկայական է եւ շարունակվում է՝ հանձինս Պրոֆեսոր Հ. Փիլիկյանի՝ ով ժամանակ եւ ջանք չի խնայում այս անարդարությունը բացահայտելու եւ վերացնելու գործում:


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