New Program to Replenish Existing Rural Libraries in Armenia

19 August 2021

The ANI Center is launching a program to replenish existing rural libraries in Armenia

The ANI Center for Armenian Studies is launching a program to supplement the existing rural libraries in Armenia with new, valuable books from September 1 of this year.
According to library specialists, today there are about 200 active libraries in Armenia, more than 100 of which are in rural areas.
If the regional and sometimes city libraries of Armenia are replenished with new books from time to time, then the rural libraries live on the books and literature of the Soviet period.
“We have up to 100 villages in Armenia, the population of each of which ranges from 3,000 to 8,000. While presenting statistics on villages in Armenia, we also visit rural libraries, some of which are active and are used mainly by schoolchildren. “The rural population of Armenia and its population has been deprived of new books since 1991, when Armenia became independent,” said Tatul Hakobyan, coordinator of the ANI Center.
He noted that on the eve of September 1, the ANI Center launched an active campaign aimed at collecting books published after 1991 and supplementing them with the most active libraries in rural areas of Armenia.
“Over the years, the ANI Center, thanks to donations from benefactors and businessmen, has enriched the regional and city libraries of Armenia with up to 500 newly published books. The impression that people do not read books in the age of computers, the Internet, social media, and information technology has nothing to do with reality. “Today, Armenian libraries have tens of thousands of active readers,” said Hakobyan.
The coordinator of the ANI Center noted that in June-July-August he visited almost all the regional-urban libraries of Armenia, as well as several dozen rural libraries, and got acquainted with the situation on the spot.
“Libraries do not have a budget to buy books, they receive new books from time to time from authors, publishers, individual benefactors and organizations,” he said.
Hakobyan said that the ANI Center will apply to various organizations – individuals, publishers and printing houses – to participate in the book campaign for the benefit of libraries in rural areas of Armenia.
Organizations, individuals, publishers and printing houses can submit a list of books, after which the employee of the center of the Ministry of Justice will drive to the mentioned place, will receive the books and will deliver them to the libraries of the rural areas in a few days and weeks.
Individuals and organizations donating books can indicate the name of the library they want. Individuals and organizations who wish to donate money to buy books must transfer it to the bank account of the ANI Center, from where the center will buy books from Yerevan bookstores.
The accounts of the ANI Foundation are available at the end of the article.
The work of delivering the books to the rural libraries was undertaken by the ANI center. In any case, the process of handing over the books will be filmed and posted on the ANI Center Facebook page.
The names of all the donors will be included in the FRIENDS section of the ANI Center. The name of the donor organization or individual should be mentioned on the first page of the donated books.
We present the range of books to be collected.
  • children’s literature + illustrated albums,
  • volumes of Armenological + military work,
  • religious + historical-geographical books,
  • encyclopedias + dictionaries,
  • modern Armenian literature
  • Diaspora Armenian literature in Armenian + with classical orthography,
  • foreign, including Russian translated literature,
  • books + manuals in foreign languages,
  • Professional literature, including business.
For more details, you can write to the ANI Center e-mail address: book or, as well as to the center’s Facebook page:, as well as, if necessary, call 091 42 64 35 or 098 65 53 21.
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  1. Why raise the money with donations to buy the books yourselves (if that’s really what will happen) when Armenians are more than willing to donate books to be shipped by container (roughly $600-1500 USD)? The Diaspora knows how things work in Armenia…Armenia’s government, NGOs and various Diaspora organizations cannot keep using the same flawed methodologies that in the end do not reach or help the general population.

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