Armenians Honored for Helping and Saving Jews

By Gabriel Antriasian, Ontario, 10 June 2022

Armenians who protected or saved the lives of Jews during the Second World War are honored at Israel’s Yad Vashem memorial. Dozens of Armenians across Europe helped or saved the lives of 55 Jews and 43 Jewish families. Below is the Yad Vashem’s list of Armenians:


Odessa: Peruza Bagdasarian and her son Sarkis protected Shura-Rivka Khasin and her children Rose and Avraham from a hostile janitor.

Odessa: Ashken Agopyan sheltered Olga Rabinowitch and her daughters Dina and Maria and provided them with food.

Kharkov: Arut and Natalya Kisheshyan and their daughter Almaza Kisheshyan hid Reiza Krasova and her two sons Vadim and Yakov.

Kharkov: Vartan Mkrtchyan and his mother Arakel hid Josef Taraszinsky, a refugee from Warsaw, in their home.


Colombes: Yervant and Elbis Beurkdjian hid Joseph and Helene Godlhamer in their small apartment for six years.

Bronoy and Montacher: George Dilsizian and his son Andre-Gustave hid the Leon and Savi families.

Lyon: Albert and Makrouhi Hougassian and their daughter Berthe provided the Tancman family with forged papers and hid their daughter Paulette.


Budapest: Dr. Ara Jeretzian established a clinic where he hid some 40 Jewish doctors and their families and supplied them with false documents.


Vienna: Aram and Felicia Taschdjian hid Valentin Skidelsky in their home for three years.


Simferopol: Grigori and Pran Tashchiyan and their children Asmik and Tigran Tashchiyan hid Anatoly and Rita for more than two years.

BELARUS (prisoner of war camp)

Harutyun Khachatryan protected fellow prisoner Iosip Kogan and forged his name and nationality on his ID.

Six years ago Israel issued a commemorative stamp honoring Charles Aznavour, his parents, and his sister Aida who had sheltered Jews at their home during the Second World War.

  1. This article misses two main ingredients:
    The first one is that you did not mention anything about the family of the one and only, The king of music, Charles Aznavour. They saved the lives of thirteen, yes 13 Jews in France. I am not sure if you did not discover this event or if Yad Vashem does not have it listed. In either case, THAT IS A SHAME.
    The second point is more important for the world to know, especially for Armenians: (And I hope you take a note)
    Almost 2 years ago, when Azerbaijan and Turkey attacked Armenia, Israel who “Honored the Armenians who saved the Jews and there names are listed in Yad Vashem”, Yes, Israel, this country, joined the barbarians and attacked Armenia and Artsakh with the Kamikaze Harop Switchbals Drone, manufactured by the Israeli Aircraft Industries,

    Therefore, honoring the Armenians in Yad Vashem means nothing and has no value in my opinion.
    How do the readers feel now that I brought to light the very important points?

    Thank you.

  2. We as Armenians are a very humanitarian, giving people. Israel creates a stamp of our Great Charles Aznavour, who was nominated the Singer of the Century. We as Armenians protected Jews from prosecution during the second world war. My father who had seen his parents massacred in front of him in Turkey protected his Jewish friends from the Gestapo in France. My question is, why then is Israel not acknowledging our Genocide. Is it not time to bring up this question. One reason comes to mind, the Holocaust must remain high on the agenda and not be obscured by any other events, even though the event was the First Genocide of the Twentieth Century.

  3. While many Jewish Americans (including academicians) acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, the top Jewish American lobbying groups did not.
    Some of them have done so since, but only under immense pressure. Moreover, they’re obviously insincerely, especially the AJC and ADL.
    These same Jewish American groups are all unquestionably pro-Azerbaijani, especially the American Jewish Committee.
    Please also be aware that, despite the war of words between Turkey and Israel, they are still friendly.
    They are also on the same side POLITICALLY in terms of:
    — Opposition to Artsakh
    — Opposition to Armenia
    — Political support of Azerbaijan
    — Military support of Azerbaijan
    — Desire to overthrow President Assad of Syria
    — Deep suspicion of Iran
    — Denying (or not acknowledging) the Armenian Genocide
    — Support for Turkey’s sending ISIS and other terrorists to fight Armenians in 2020.

  4. Mesrob, you are right. I missed it. I hope I did not miss other items in the article. However, I am glad I commented on this topic because other commentators took the initiative to follow up. Either way, thank you for reminding me.

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