Armen Ayvazian’s Interview Related to the “Roadmap” & Ararat Center’s On-Line Petition

Armen Ayvazyan’s Interview 

Armen Ayvazyan’s Interview 

Ararat Center’s On-Line Petition:  

We, the undersigned, as representatives of the Armenian society, are extremely concerned with and indignant about the current Armenian-Turkish intra-governmental process, which has become known as “Football diplomacy.” We are especially concerned with the so-called “road map” announced on April 23, which, although unknown in substance, is clearly anti-Armenian in its intent.

We condemn the defeatist policies of some of the high-ranking officials of the Republic of Armenia and their blatant disregard of the stipulations of

The Armenian Question,

Armenia’s Declaration of the Independence, and

The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.

Therefore, we demand from the President:
1. To immediately nullify the so-called Armenian-Turkish “road map”;

2. To stop forthwith all negotiations presently being conducted with the archenemy of the Armenian people, the state of Turkey, as long as the latter has not ceased its hostile policies against Armenia, has not recognized the fact of the Armenian Genocide, and has not declared its readiness to redress its consequences.

3. To immediately remove from office Mr. E. Nalbandian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, a man who has disparaged the vital interests of our people, as well as all those officials who have contributed to the acceptance of this agreement.

4. To order the Secretariat of the National Security Council of Armenia to formulate and develop, before May 7, 2009 (the planned date of meeting of the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Prague), a special program to counter the security challenges which the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic face arising from the coordinated anti-Armenian efforts of the Turkish-Azerbaijani alliance, as well as to present it for approval by the Parliaments of RA and NKR as retroactive law, in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.

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