Armenia: Some Themes on An Existential Journey

Prof. Whitehorn speaks on some overarching themes, frameworks and questions that  touch on some of the items listed below.

Prof. Whitehorn speaks on some overarching themes, frameworks and questions that  touch on some of the items listed below.


Viken L. Attarian PE MBA was the moderator at the Public Roundtable Discussion dedicated to Policy Directions in Post-Election Armenia. It was sponsored by the Armenian Women’s Association of Canada and was held in Montreal on the 20th of June 2008. Mr. Attarian skillfully facilitated the evening introducing the panelists and the subjects. Following the presentations by the participants he tactfully moderated a lively discussion between them, and afterwards between the panelists and the public.


An audiovisual online version of the full evening will be available to the public in about two weeks. Meanwhile an outline of Prof. Onnig Beylerian’s talk and excerpts from Prof. Sima Aprahamian’s notes posted in may furnish an idea about the subjects that they covered. Khatoune Temisjian Bedrossian PhD, Hagop Angaladian and Dikran Abrahamian submitted powerpoint slides. Copies that do not contain graphics are posted under the relevant headings. At this moment there is no inscribed or display material regarding Prof. Alan Whitehorn’s speech. Consequently the introductory remarks of Mr. Attarian are provided below.


Alan Whitehorn is professor of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He is also a political commentator and poet.


He has published the following books:


The Armenian Genocide: Resisting the Inertia of Indifference;

Ancestral Voices: Identity, Ethnic Roots and a Genocide Remembered;

Canadian Socialism: Essays on the CCF-NDP;

Political Activists: The NDP in Convention;

Party Politics in Canada; and

Poems: Political and Philosophical.


He has published over a 100 academic and journalistic articles, including a number of entries in The Canadian Encyclopedia.


Professor Whitehorn’s grandmother was an orphan of the 1915 genocide.


Armenia: Some Themes on An Existential Journey


*Genocide, Post-genocide, confronting genocide denial and closed borders

*The Modernization Revolution in Armenia

*Social Cleavages and Divides in Armenia

*From A One Party to a Multi-party State: The Bumpy Road

*Armenian Priorities: Society and Diaspora

*The Future Direction of Armenia


To listen to his presentation click here


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