Armenian National Liberation Movements

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  1. Diaspora ARF

    Though members are not speaking publicly, rank and file Diaspora ARFers true to the ideals of the Tashnagtsutyun must be steaming over how the ARF in Armenia is walking in lockstep with the ruling regime.
    Will they silently comply with the ARF-Armenia's agenda or is a split on the horizon?

    I hope the latter for the benefit of our Yergir.

  2. Nation Crumbling

    Our nation is crumbling under the weight of immoral leaders. The ARF in Armenia must come up with ways to change the system and stop the theft and corruption which are ruining the nation.

    What are its ideas? What are the ideas of ARF members in the Diaspora? Much is expected of you. You have a legendary history. Our nation is crumbling under the weight of immoral leaders.

    Where's the plan? 


  3. 120 Years Ago Today

    One-hundred-and-twenty years ago today, on Friday August 14, 1896, around 1 p.m, 26 armed members of the ARF attacked the Ottoman Bank in Constantinople, the Istanbul of today, and after killing few of the bank's guards occupied the bank. The purpose of their attack was to draw attention to the plight of the Armenians in the interior, especially after the government's violent suppression in response to the grievances expressed by the Armenian inhabitants of Sassoun.

    Over six decades later my father enrolled me in the ARF elementary school age (badanegan) association in West Beirut named after Papken Seunni, the young leader of the occupants of the bank. Seunni  was killed during the attack and had become a legendary hero. At least once a year we would hold a panel discussion as to whether Seunni was justified in attacking the bank.

    As writer-cartoonist Lucine Kasparian notes, 120 years later Sasna Dzrer resorted to occupying the police station in Yerevan for a similar purpose. But what is strikingly different is the absence of any debate in the ARF press. The ARF-D leadership condemned the act–an ominous sign of things to come as its silence has come about after the ARF-D's well publicized political pact with the Republican Party and forming a coalition in the governing of the Republic of Armenia.

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