“Armenian Renaissance” Invites You to its Maiden Presentation

Armenian Renaissance is a Diaspora grass-roots movement aimed at maximizing the engagement of the Diaspora in the development of Armenia's statehood as the prime asset of our nation. The movement believes it can achieve this goal by organizing the Diaspora to assist and empower civic movements and reform groups in Armenia, and generally to optimize the diaspora's human potential in support of the homeland.

Armenian Renaissance is a Diaspora grass-roots movement aimed at maximizing the engagement of the Diaspora in the development of Armenia's statehood as the prime asset of our nation. The movement believes it can achieve this goal by organizing the Diaspora to assist and empower civic movements and reform groups in Armenia, and generally to optimize the diaspora's human potential in support of the homeland.

  1. Armenian Renaissance

    This seems to be a great movement that may be considered as the Diaspora wing of recently established Nakhakhorhertaran  (Նախախորհրդարան) in Armenia.

  2. Monitors during the elections in Armenia
    Methinks that "Armenian Renaissance" should have a group of monitors in place from the Diaspora during the upcoming presidential elections.

    Who will volunteer?

    1. Monitors???

      Shavarsh asks " who will volunteer ?". Certainly it is great to have ideas for the benefit of the nation. However, I ask you; which idea, which steps have benefited our nation? None. wishful thinkings  remain  just whishes.  Our history proves that we can not accomplish anything from Diaspora  for Armenia. Oh…yes….we can help financially, as a matter of fact, that is the only thing we  are doing.

      All these slogans, the  establishments of umpteen organizations all remain on paper .

      Suppose  Shavarsh's monitors do their job. Monitor the voting procedure…So what? So they find irregularities…so what? Do you think one moment that the results will change?

      It happened…now that elections are over, now that foreign observers have seen and reported ballot stuffing and other irregularities the Mafia is still in power. By hook or by crook they stayed in power .

      The last chance Armenia has is to have a president who is enlightened, is  law abiding, is western educated  who will get rid of all these crooks, oligarchs  etc…namely Raffi Hovanissian

  3. The Armenian Renaissance Movement

    This movement would be a great help to the people of the homeland. It is enough to criticize from outside or give helpless advice; if we want to help our people, we have to be involved in their everyday life and see and feel how they live. Only then we will understand what is going on and what to do for a real help. I want to  participate in the Armenian Renaissance movement and get involved in organizing the  Նախախորհրդարան in Armenia. This coming summer I will be in Armenia, stay for a long period, and hopefully be helpful.

    Varvara Gasparyan
    RI, USA

    1. Active involvement should be the strategy


      We will take your feedback to the Renaissance  meeting on Feb 8, 2013.

      1. Regarding Renaissance movement

        Hello, Mr. Thomas Siraki,

        Thanks for the reply. I am seriously considering myself to help the Armenian communities in Armenia. However, I am not so powerful to believe that “mi zaxikov garun kga. Petk en shat zaxikner vor garune ga u ereva.” I am happy that there are people who really are concerned and want to help. I was often in Armenia, and know what is going on there, but there must be an organization outside of Armenia, the members of which must be careful at the beginning when they try to  get involved in the local problems.

        Could you give information on recently established Nakhakhorhertaran (Նախախորհրդարան) in Armenia? Who organized it and where is it located? Good luck in every attempt to help Armenia.

        Varvara Gasparyan

        1. Armenian Renaissance supports non-violence

          Dear Ms. Gasparyan,

          Mr. Siraki and Hayorti are absolutely correct in their assessments and many thanks to them for initiating the dialogue with you.

          I would like to add, that Armenian Renaissance stands unequivocally on the side of non-violence.  Also, the movement is not about remote criticism or trying to bring down any government.  Armenian Renaissance strongly believes that it is the CITIZENRY of ARMENIA and Armenia alone that should determine its future.  That is why Armenian Renaissance stands shoulder to shoulder with any and all civil society movements in Armenia who work towards enhancing democracy and the spread of the true rule of law.  All Armenians want an Armenia to be proud of and a model country for the rest of the world.  The journey to achieve this will be long and arduous but it must start and there are many in Armenia who have embarked on it already.

          Mr. Siraki is also right that this is a unique opportunity for the Diaspora(s) to mobilize around an idea of a better country for all Armenians.  It would be an excellent unifying vehicle to work towards that common goal.

          Everyone has a role to play.  And everyone can play a role.  Thank you for stepping up to the challenge.  Please spread the word.



          1. Armenianism

            "…this is a unique opportunity for the Diaspora…", we have heard this so many times in so many places – a typical Armenian hobby of creating these events, making discussions and stopping there.  This has been going on for so many years in so many countries.  I have been to 5 of them with enthusiasm, but not anymore, I have lost hope since those events and organizations end-up nowhere and 'die' quickly, as-if it's just someone's agenda.  I've seen this happen in Beirut, Montreal, Toronto, Boston and LA, surely more in other places.  They do one or two meetings then disappear with no results.

            I wish one of these events will stick and come-up with a tangible result for all Armenians.  Make it happen!!


          2. Revitalize the Happening


            The founders  and members of the three known Armenian political parties had their start very much like you. They coalesced around an idea and means and  made it happen and perpetuated it decades after decades.

            Alas, most in the Diaspora nowadays refer to them as traditional parties and treat them as relics and would not want to reach them even with a ten feet pole.

            The only appealing thing I see in this Armenian Renaissance movement is their attractively designed logo. It will either fade away sooner than later or turn into another partisan relic, should it, in the unlikely event, survive for any appreciable length of time.

            My suggestion to you is to join one of these three time tested parties. They offer a wide ideological spectrum for you to chose one, and let the happening continue with vitality. 

          3. Thank you for the

            Thank you for the offer Garabed.  But I'm not a follower, I have my own ideology and won't allow others to impose their's on me.


            There are no followers, not at least in this day and age that has empowered the single person way, way more than anytime in history.

            There are however those of us who mold ourselves into a team and abide by collective good conduct, not necessarily at work only to make a living but elsewhere where we chose to volunteer.

            It would be wrong of you to assume that the fine men and women who make up the ranks of ARF, or Ramgavars, or Hnchags or Renaissance as a matter of fact are mindless followers. The difference I see is the following, the former have endured and have made history that need to be built upon and  their moral capital put for good use while the likelihood of the latter, Renaissance, to long endure is questionable nor is indeed outside what i consider to be Diaspora establishment.

            I would like to hear the status of Renaissance a decade from now, should Keghart and I be around.

          5. PolParties

            I totally agree with you Garabed.  What you are saying is historically true about the political parties.
            Nowadays they are more interested in organizing telethons and dance parties to raise money to build churches, schools, community centers and I don't know what else…
            There are more important and immediate emergencies that they are mostly ignoring; such as the Syrian crisis in particular and its Middle Eastern impact in general that will affect Lebanon soon, just to give examples.
            I've been a very active member of one of these organizations in the '70s and '80s and we accomplished a lot of things.  But I don't see that happening nowadays.
            If you have noticed, at least in Canada, these parties are full of businessmen who might be more concerned in their own interests than the community's.
            As for the members, I have noticed that most of them are immigrants, unemployed or elderly. Just recently I met someone who said he is not going to 'agoump' anymore because he found a full-time job.  What a shame!

          6. Armenian Renaissance

            Dear Mr. Varant,

            Unfortunately, such observation and suggestion seem to belong to the cold war era, therefore there is little new in it. One can only quote our Martyr Siamanto "Կանգ մի առներ  երիվար, նպատակս տկարութիւն չի ճանչնար"…

          7. Varant, No problem

            No problem.there will pop up yet another soon  enough.Such is the Armenian  mindset unfortunately.Never to  converge-cooperate and come together-BTW, with all due respect to your  above  title,may I suggest  that we  in general do not use word describing  ourselves  with an  ism at the end…
            The Spanish Speaking Armenians  have translated  that word  as ARMENIDAD,like Comunidad(community).Armenian(ism) bodes  bad and is not correctly translated   it should be  Armenity,like in community etc.,so much for  that.As to this new movement shall we say or whatever,i.e., the Renaissance…. yet another  NAKHAKHORHRDARAN, Haybachdban in France and the one  in Moscow  a  few  yrs ago  The world Armenian Congress and the one  in the making  perhaps to be hatched  soon in the U.S.  perhaps  and more  in  Homeland-Oh I near forgot  yrs ago when in Yerevan(I am there every year since  14 times or 15 don´t recall. I inquired  at the beginning  they had  66  political parties,last  year  come down to some 20  or less.What a mess… in my ¨¨Projections on a New Statute  for the Armenian Diaspora,published  January Yearbook of USArmenian Life ,I advocate like always since  30 or more  yrs for a Supreme Council of the Armenian Diaspora  with  5 Depts.  1.Legal-political In Strasbourg next to RA Delegation(not sitting alongside,but in same town)  in France,. 2the Economic  in Geneva CH. 3.Executive,in  NY  next to RA UN delegation as  above,4. Social Services& Repat.  in Moscow, (future  Repatriation organizing,near abroad) and Spiritual in  St. Etchmiadzin in conjunction with Great House  of Cilicia. All in constant contact  with best  communications means ,plus with all community country Central Councils.With all delegates  elected  for their MERITS.
            Meanwhile  each community country with a Central Council .And in each Armenian dense Townships  of the Diaspora with a Central Body, submitting  to  the Central Council.
            Why should we  opt  for  such Grandiose  names  as  Congress, Parliament   etc.,Nakhakhorhrdaran(what against the one  in Yerevan)The Diaspora´s stance  requires a more suitable  name to it  which after  many yrs of contemplation and writing preparing  the Charter  of same came to conclusion  that  Supreme Council is the most adequate  ,as rgds its  being a non local entity,but with ties to its  Homeland!!
            Please excuse  me if   I have made errors  in spelling, due to typing  fast.BTW, recently another  weekly,namely  Nor Gyank(Armenian Life) has begun to publish  some  of my viewpoints etc.,the others,the partisan press ,as yet  have  not.

    2. Reniassance and Nakhakhortaran

      Dear Ms. Gasparyan,
      From the Renaissance announcement I deduce that the movement will support civil society groups in Armenia, such as the people who are responsible for the nakhakhorhtaran, but is not part of nakhakhortaran or any other Armenia or Diaspora organization.

      1. Նախախորհրդարան եւ Սարդարաբատ

        Հարգելի Հայորդի,

        "Հայոց Վերակենդանացման" գաղափարը եւ շարժումը հոյակապ նպատակի առիթ է սփյուռքի միաբանության համար, եւ իդեալականը այն կլինի որ  կապ ստեղծվի Հայրենիքի ներքին շարժումների, օրինակ Նախախորհրդարանի կամ Սարդարաբատի hետ.

        Հարգելի Varvara Gasparyan,

        Ուղարկում եմ քո ցանկացած տեղեկություները:

        եւ e-mail
        [email protected]

        Սարդարապատ շարժումը համագորձակցում է նախախորհրդարանի հետ եւ իրենց կայքը
        հետեւյալն է  http://www.sardarapat.net/



    3. Voices from Outside

      Dear Mrs. Gasparyan,
      I don't think Renaissance's focus is to criticize from outside regarding political, economic, and social conditions in Armenia.  After reading the Renaissance "pitch",  I believe the movement wants to help civic groups in Armenia which want to improve life in Armenia.. In other words, the civic movements would be encouraged, promoted and even helped financially by Renaissance. This mostly-Diaspora movement will not set the agenda of Armenia civic movements nor would it become member in progressive Armenia movements. The agenda to establish a state, where the rule of law is paramount, has been set by Armenia groups and not by people "who live in comfort in faraway countries and give free advice" to Armenians living in our homeland. I would imagine Renaissance's would not provide blind support to Armenia civic movements. For example, if these groups opt for violence, I doubt Renaissance would support them.

    4. Renaissance maiden presentation

      As promised I printed your suggestions and presented it to the organizers. It was a historic night due to the fact that in the middle of an unprecedented major  snowstorm in Toronto, more than 30 individuals of all ages attended the presentation, including my wife Alvart Siraki.

      Թոմաս Ղարախանյան Սիրաքի

    5. AR Toronto Meeting

      I will attend the Armenian Renaissance meeting tonight at 8 p.m. in Toronto (possible pre-recorded Skype contact with Nakhakhorhrdaran in Armenia) and will follow up with those responsible as to what happened to your earlier suggestion re your summer schedule in Armenia. It seems Toronto is a little slow in chasing these matters. I am sure you know by now that a lot is happening.

      For further info you may request my email by sending a message on the Contact page.

  4. Նայինք, թէ որքանով կ՝օգնենք

    Նայինք, թէ որքանով կ՝օգնենք Հայաստանին քան թէ որքան կը քննադատենք:

    1. Երկուքն ալ պէտք են

      Օգնելը, Հայաստանի զարգացման մասնակցիլ կը նշանակէ, եւ որպէս գործունեայ տարր, շատ կարեւոր է մեծ պատկերը տեսնել, որոշելու համար ձեր յաջորդ քայլը։ Եւ այդ պատկերը յաճախ քննադատութիւններ կարդալով կը կազմուի եւ կը յստականայ։ Յաճախ քննադատութիւնները կրնան ըլլալ արհամարհական, բայց ես վստահ եմ որ դուք կրնաք զատել առողջը եւ օգտուիլ․

  5. AR After Decades

    The traditional Armenian political parties were poised to become moderators in the nascent Armenia, but alas they are not because of lack of participation in the Diaspora, if not bias. Let me explain.

    Armenians in Armenia may have political motivations if not ambitions to become  members of a traditional political party, such as ARF-D, while an Armenian in Diaspora, in general, is driven more by ideological commitments to serve. Thus the Party would be poised having fewer corrupt, self-serving politicians because of internal accountability and elect ability to leadership posts.

    However, Armenians in Armenia in ARF-D, nowadays overshadow Diaspora Armenians in influence and probably in number as well. The Diaspora Armenians are not adequately represented in its highest body. After all, it’s the members that shape the party and not the other way round. The other two political parties are in a pitiful state in Diaspora and yet the Diaspora Armenians are in frantic search for an “independent” organization instead of reviving these organizations.

    Sooner or later the self proclaimed independents and their organization will realize that by the nature of their 'independent-ness”, they are no less partisans in the view of others. The search then continues for another “independent” organization.

    This weekend, I believe, the ARF-D is poised to celebrate and reflect upon the 123 years old party, having established in 1890.  I wonder where will the Armenian Renaissance be in 10 years and what would its accomplishments be. 

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