“Be Prepared” Theme of Gathering

ETCHMIADZIN, 10 September 2021:- Three dozen RoA and Diaspora journalists, writers, artists, professors, activists, and politicians from various persuasions met here and exchanged views about the multiple challenges Armenians face. The event was organized by Keghart.org.

Following a moment of silence honoring the memory of the victims of the infamous September 2020 Azerbaijan-Turkey attack on Artsakh, attendees took turns expressing their views on existential problems facing Armenians in the Diaspora and in RoA.

The dominant theme was the urgency of strengthening relations between the Diaspora and the people of RoA. The attendees stressed the importance of  such gatherings and dialogues to establish a common ground and consensus on priorities between people of differing opinions.  Lt. Colonel John Keusseyan (USA, retired) summed the sentiments of attendees when he said, “We lost a battle, not the war, and we should ready ourselves.”

The Nairyan Vocal Ensemble enriched the evening with patriotic songs.

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