Beware of the Flying … Englishman

And the Gay City Bankers of London

By Professor H.I Pilikian, London UK, 23 February 2011

Something has changed towards the better in our world. Imagine if instead of President Obama, the lunatic George Bush (who spoke regularly with … God!) was still in power – he would have drowned Egypt in a bloodbath. Twice Bush defrauded the American voters, and thank god was finally stopped in his bloody tracks by Obama. What has changed in the world is the emergence of true People-power – President Obama, despite running the risk of going down in History as the greatest President of Broken-Promises (beginning in the first place with the one given to the Armenians) … but ironically precisely like President Chavez in Venezuela, Obama is happy to build from the bottom up to count upon people-power.  

And the Gay City Bankers of London

By Professor H.I Pilikian, London UK, 23 February 2011

Something has changed towards the better in our world. Imagine if instead of President Obama, the lunatic George Bush (who spoke regularly with … God!) was still in power – he would have drowned Egypt in a bloodbath. Twice Bush defrauded the American voters, and thank god was finally stopped in his bloody tracks by Obama. What has changed in the world is the emergence of true People-power – President Obama, despite running the risk of going down in History as the greatest President of Broken-Promises (beginning in the first place with the one given to the Armenians) … but ironically precisely like President Chavez in Venezuela, Obama is happy to build from the bottom up to count upon people-power.  

The multi-religious-ethnic Egyptian people proved finally once and for all, for the first time in history, the following absolute fact perverted by criminal governments hitherto – Peoples-in-revolution are democratic, kind and compassionate, peaceful, articulate, of high socio-political consciousness, secular (NOT religious fanatics) – it is the State ran by political elites that are always the source of violence, crimes, inhumanity, and genocide!

Something is also definitely specifically a-foot in the Middle East – a huge mess created by the giant feet of the post-modern Anglo-American hyper-imperialists, defecating in oil-rich places like Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, the miniscule equivalent of Cuba, where the US would not allow four decades ago (and rightly so!) a Soviet military Base, but today shamelessly displays its huge Fifth Fleet ass in Bahrain. 

Divide-and-Rule is an imperialist stratagem mentioned at the dawn of history, in the Histories of Herodotus (c. 490-25 BC, used by King Croesus of the Lydians). It became the lynch-pin of British and all imperialism since. Where the Brits became invincible was (and still is) to engineer such clever little trivial hot-air problems, about non-existent things, like problems of religion and ultra-nationalism, touching peoples’ deepest emotions, to let them cut each others’ throats endlessly, while they, the imperialists plunder their natural resources and wealth. 

Every political strife in the world today goes back to the British Empire – the Arab-Israeli conflict, Indian-Pakistani Kashmir problem – Pakistan and Bangladesh, the Arab countries and Israel, need not have existed without Brit imperialist midwifery, the Turkish-Armenian Question, the Kurdish-Turkish genocidal discord, the Tibet-Chinese feud, the problems in Africa, the Afghanistan problem – abused today as a training ground for the Anglo-US military to develop skills for fighting wars in the Mountains – Hitherto, European Napoleonic and other wars – the American Civil War – were fought on flat grounds. Euro-American armies have no knowledge of what to do in the mountains (where the Kurds are invincible) and the sand-dune rich deserts – they are just about understanding that the sand gets everywhere, in the crannies of their helicopters and soldiers’ pants and genitals … right this moment, I bet the best scientific minds of Anglo-America are scratching their heads to invent sand-proof panties and …copters.

It all started – the post-modern imperialist itchy-feet problem in the Middle East – with the genocide of the Armenians in 1915. The British imperialists were suddenly over-excited by the prospect of swallowing up the doddering old sickly Ottoman Empire on its last legs. The Empire was multi-ethnic, as the Mid East had always been throughout history. The British imperialists introduced a new stinky element in the alchemical boiling pot – pseudo-Darwinian EUGENICS, pure mono-ethnic racism; the notion of a pure race, which then would become the divide-and-rule cancer infecting the whole world, still operated by the ultra-Zionists to genocide the Palestinian Arabs under our noses, the modern Turks genociding the Kurds, the Tootsies the Hutus etc.   

The Brits love to discuss whether Hitler’s balls were one or two – there’s even a war-time song about it. But they themselves lacked enough balls to kick the Ottoman ass – so they engaged the French in a coalition marriage to join them. Two Bowler-hatted civil servants, one from each side, Mark Sykes and George Picot were given the super-blow job of dividing up with red and blue crayons the Ottoman Empire on a map between their masters on honeymoon. They grabbed hold of Enver in London, to be entertained by the arch imp Winston Churchill, who initiated Enver into Freemasonry, poured Eugenic poison and racist Turkish nationalism into his ears to “holocaust” (Churchill’s word) the Armenians. The well-connected British agent T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) later confided in a shocked American journalist Lincoln Steffens (in 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference) that the Brits could not do a good job of eliminating the Armenians – he insidiously massaged the influential American to kindly persuade his American masters to do the better job, by declaring Armenia a Protectorate, to then replicate their perfect massacre of the Amerindians for example. Steffens was so traumatized by the sheer bloody cheek of Lawrence that he sat on his piece, and took twelve long years to recover from the shock to publish the piece (in Outlook & Independent, Oct 14, 1931) as he had written it up originally the previous decade – “the queerest I ever had in all my interviewing life”. I think Steffens’ pun on “queer” was deliberate, as Lawrence by then had been outed as gay.   

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin of Russia discovered the secret copy-maps of the Sykes-Picot Agreement in the tsarist archives, wiki-leaked it to the world – the first such act of openness in history from the pitch-dark world of secret diplomacy – swearing that his revolutionary new regime will never ever endorse imperialist wars of conquest and Genghis-khan plunder and massacre of millions. The arch masturbators of Secret Diplomacy, the Brit and French imps put brave faces on and planned the revenge of the Soviet Union through a … Second World War, which in spite of all their damned efforts produced a … Nazi-occupied France and a more powerful Russia than their cannon-balls could blow apart. In fact, having won the war by eliminating Nazism, the Soviet Union went on to annihilate global Colonialism from China to Africa via the Middle East. 

The Brit-trained Nationalist hero of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, who could command millions of Egyptians to listen to his hot-air rhetoric, built the Aswan Dam with Russian help mixed with the blood of the Egyptian Communists he massacred … then too the Middle East was in a stinking British mess. As the post-modern times were dawning in the fifties America (Flower power, Feminism, The Pill and free-sex, Rock n’Roll, Hippies against the Vietnam War) and Britain (Gay and Lesbian Liberation, and all the US new-age imports), the CIA and its gay promiscuous partners from all over the world (Israel to Indonesia via Iran’s Shah) were building sand castles with the blood of the genocided local communist parties – over 2 million alone killed by the CIA monkey General Suharto on the Indonesian islands;

My family had a locally famous pharmacy (Pharmacie Pilikian) in Bourj-Hammoud, a suburb of Beirut – My eldest sister Marie was the pharmacist, I think the first and only female graduate in the field from the American University of Beirut. My sister was famous for her compassion and saintliness – she would never be abrupt or brash or brush aside her patients. In divine patience, she would explain everything to the ignorant and illiterate poor in great detail, without patronizing them. One day, an Arab turns up with serious complaints about weeks-long constipation – the best brand of a laxative then was called “English Salts”, which of course my sister recommended. The poor patient says, “no way would I ever drink that! I rather die than put that English thing in me!” My sister was puzzled and needed to know why, to help further. The man answers with worrisome confidence – “wherever the English enter, they never come out!”

Nothing explains better the effect caused by British imperialism globally. In 1956, the Brit imps, in bed with no less than the French kissers and the Israeli butch Cassidys, tried re-entry through the Suez Canal … half-way through they had to withdraw impotently, in shame and disgrace. The myth is that President Eisenhower buggered them all to do so. 



The historical truth (never ever mentioned in any book of my knowledge) is that it was a telegram from Bulganin and Khrushchev (and I remember the words to this day) warning that if the British won’t withdraw in twenty-four hours, “the Soviet missiles will wipe Britain off the map!” 


The world was stunned and stopped breathing – it was the first to know that the Soviets had developed Intercontinental Ballistic missiles. Britain, with its honeymoon partners in tow, immediately, and wisely withdrew, saving the imperialist thick skin and the world a nuclear holocaust.

But let the Americans have their Hollywood Big Foot fantasy. They insidiously – the British way – worked their way into Egypt by dilating and overstuffing with dollars President Mubarak’s secret passages and bank accounts – Now that the fattened up old tyrant is gone – the Egyptian masses chanted regularly for days calling him Himar= Donkey (in Armenian, “a foolish person”) which was never subtitled on international TV stations, suddenly, for the very first time you read in the Brit news media about the horrors of the Donkey Mubarak’s police state, disappearance, torture, murder, you name it, every conceivable evil taught at the CIA School of Americas (in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA) graduating South American murderers.

And where has the Donkey gone for safety? His palace at Sharm Al Sheikh, which is really an Israeli resort – I admire the Israelis for resisting the temptation to annex it as part of their dream of Greater Israel. Perhaps they can use the protection of the Donkey as an argument to do the job – meanwhile letting the Arabs everywhere know that the great royal arch Donkey is safe in their hands – But what of his half-Welsh wife (with English passport!) and family? The rumor is that they are safe in Britain. 

The American intervention in Egyptian affairs since the eviction of the British Suez canal disaster was subtle in the British-style, through bribery and filling pocket and bank accounts with real dollars. Suddenly, when they could not hide it anymore in the skirts of the Internet, it went brash, blatant and bolshy (this word I think initially meant ‘Bolshe-vik’). But the British – O for the wonderful clever dickies of Western imperialism – William Hague, the Foreign Secretary flew over Egypt … for a few days – whatever for, you may ask? For “fact-finding” of course (he could read the newspapers …), to inform himself of the obvious seriousness of the situation, to advise appropriately the ‘stupid’ Egyptians not to do anything we the Brits wouldn’t do, as if anyone would care for his lib-con views.

I wonder where did Mr. Hague stay in Tahrir (=Liberation) Square, who did he talk to for ‘kosher’ information? On his return, he cautiously and very cleverly went quiet. But today he very foolishly lied about Tony Blair’s mate, the famously … farting Colonel Gaddafi – he does it frequently it seems in his tent before and during dinner with his guests – being “en route to Venezuela, a theory suggested by Foreign Secretary William Hague” (Evening Standard, 27 February 2011, page 9) – I remember Willie the thatcherite young boy egged on by the old decrepit Boys of the Conservative Party led into Conference hot air suspirations, desperately trying a month ago to disprove press rumors that he was gay and having an affair with his male parliamentary secretary, now shooting an infantile dart at President Chavez, point-scoring bulls-eye for the CIA, foot-licking the fat American haters of the Venezuelan President – Mr. Hague it seems is already feathering his bed with the American Senators spoon-feeding Tony Blair. Obviously, Mr. Hague wants the same dummies to suck on.  

He knows very well that his Brit Gov already provides the aircraft and the bullets and the tear gas, worse, the training for their use by Gaddafi and Bahraini and Egyptian police cut-throats … On the opposite page of the same issue of the Standard (p. 8) Mr. Hague’s Lib-Con Prime Minister is headlined; “We were wrong to support dictators, admits Cameron … regimes that trampled on human rights”, but Business is … Business for a millionaire capitalist, Mr. Cameron has taken unflinchingly and warm-heartedly, into his very own bosom, for King and Country “eight weapons exporters among 36 business leaders with him to pursue contracts during [his] trip … this week of all weeks … bolstering arms sales to the Middle East”. Even the editorial of the Evening Standard cannot anymore digest the filth of being fed this fare and babbles; “Mr. Cameron is likely to face further difficult questions about Britain’s friendships and arms deals in the region.” [p. 14] Mr. Cameron is a past master of the double talk, the bifurcation of the heart-warming rhetoric from the murderous practice, speak humane like an angel – but act like a Nazi, of which Mr. Cameron’s paradigms Thatcher/Blair/Brown were mere beginners …      



And could it be that his Foreign Minister Mr. William Hague personally air-lifted the Mubarak family chattel, wife and children, into his very own British government airplane to bring them safely home to London?


In case you think this unlikely – think again. The British have a long tradition of secret hanky-panky air-diplomacy – Hitler’s Deputy Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland (in 1941) with a secret plan from Hitler to the Brit imps to share world-domination. The Duke of Kent then (the present Her Majesty the Queen’s uncle) flew on a secret mission from Scotland with a secret gang, until now unaccounted for – worse, the plane crashed killing all on board. Churchill, after the war dispatched a secret air-mission (headed by the … art-historian Blunt, later disgraced as a Soviet spy) to wipe clean Nazi documents of evidence of Britain’s Nazi King-elect Edward the 8th etc.

As inventors of Capitalism evolving from the Industrial Revolution built inhumanly on the exploitation of little children (the chimney sweeps, the factory machine cleaners, the underground donkey-miners) the British hyper-super imperialists would do anything for Money, as long as “the price is right”, and especially when it is “loads and loads of money”. They would sell their Queen for it – she is frequently forced to shake hands and eat dinners with murderous cut-throat tyrants from all over the world (as confessed by Prime Minister Cameron), mostly, when they can provide the British Banks with trillions of the blood-money they suck from their peoples, bringing over their countries’ national treasure-chests to the City of London –While the Russian masses starve, their Brit imperialist-connected oligarchs scuttle their stolen trillions robbed from the Russian people into the British tax-havens and the City of London, the global capital of the financial world, simultaneously, incidentally, skinning alive the British Football fans paying through the nose for their tea-shirts and the unhealthy greasy sausages they’re stuffed with during the half times … not to mention the overpriced watered-down beer!

The British Foreign Minister would personally humanely air-lift the Donkey’s family into the vaults of the Britain’s City Banks, as the price is more than right – the whole world now knows that they are loaded with the billions of the blood-money of the Egyptians murdered – the disappeared and the tortured … according to the press guesstimates – 40 billion pounds – eight times more clawed back than the five billion cuts (Standard, p. 6) the Lib-Con Gov announced on grabbing office six months ago!

In the present economic crisis in Britain, every penny counts. A British government would not expect any kickbacks of course – Honit soi qui mal y pense = cursed be those who think otherwise.  One of them, Mr. Tim Geithner, the present treasury secretary of the US could hardly contain his fury when he confirmed yesterday tongue-in-cheek the New Labor’s devious fiscal policies “designed consciously to pull financial activity from New York and Frankfurt and Paris to London”, “contributing to the financial crisis”! (The Standard, p.6) If there ever was a prime conspiracy-theorist, Mr. Geithner would be the living proof of it. 

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  1. Pilikian is right on the money

    I know of no historian that has been able to condense important world history in one average-length article.  Prof. Pilikian has achieved the impossible task of dotting a map with years of accumulated knowledge.  Even though the dots seem to be dispursed because of the points pushing each other to descend down his pen, the broad brushes, the grand themes and minute details which he has used to handle his subject contain some of the most momentous facts that have governed the fate of the world since the advent of the British Empire.  Because of so many interesting truths it covers, the article deserves rereads.  I for one am in total support of all the opinions expressed by Mr. Pilikian.  

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