20 Reasons why Biden’s Genocide Recognition would be Beneficial

Keghart.org has compiled a list of reasons submitted by its readers as to why it is important for President Joe Biden to recognize the Genocide of Armenians. The U.S. Congress recognized the Genocide in 2019, but it’s the recognition by the White House that sets foreign policy.

1. Will send strong message to Turkey to stop mass killings within Turkey and beyond.

2. Might embolden Jewish progressives and human rights advocates to demand from the Israeli government to recognize the Genocide.

3. Will boost Armenian efforts to demand from the Turkish government adherence to the Lausanne Treaty obligations with respect to the rights of minorities including Armenians to preserve their identity and cultural heritage (language, churches, schools, cemeteries, monuments, etc.)

4. Will boost our morale and help us continue after suffering a national depression as a result of last fall’s invasion by Azerbaijan and Turkey.

5. Might encourage fence-sitting nations or the ones close to recognition to take the plunge.

6. Will make Turkey more hostile and thus discourage Armenia’s misguided technocrats, Soros-ites, “modern thinkers” and the reconciliation crowd from pursuing their treacherous designs to make peace with a nation that is as bloody and Armenia-hating as it was in 1915. Opening the door to Turkey would turn us into another Ajaria.

7. Will be a slap in the face of Turkey from its NATO partner and might result in long-term damage to U.S/Turkey relations.

8. Will mean that a century of campaigning has not been in vain.

9. Will send a message to the young generation not to give up and that perseverance can pay off.

10. Will receive a tremendous amount of international publicity thus informing millions of people about Turkey’s horrendous crime which Ankara continues to deny.

11. Will tell Turkey that we don’t give up and our hostile intentions against Turkey have not diminished one iota in the past century.

12. Will strengthen sectors of Turkish society that recognize the Genocide and make them more active when Erdogan is gone.

13. Will raise the blood pressure of irascible Erdogan.

14. May serve as an example for current perpetrators of genocide that sooner or later there will be consequences to their actions.

15. Will make Erdogan think twice about the atrocities he has launched since coming to power.

16. May stop the continuation of genocide of the Armenians in the region

17. Will serve as a signal to Azerbaijan to stop threats and continued violence against the Armenians of Syunik and Artsakh.

18. Will force Azerbaijan to return the Armenian POW illegally held captive by Azerbaijan.

19. Will bring greater balance to the pro- and anti-Russian sentiments in Armenia.

20. Will ensure Turkey to be held accountable for its aggression against Armenia, the Kurds and Cyprus.

  1. Minister Garneau to announce the cancellation of export permits to Turkey

    1. Azerbaijan still has the deadly drones
    2. Turkey may try to copy the Canadian “optics” gizmo
    3. Turkey might look for another source
    4. The Canadian company (in Burlington) is a subsidiary of a Florida-based defense contractor that had sales of $18 billion last year. What’s to stop the head office from selling his subsidiary’s technology to Turkey/Azerbaijan but from the U.S?

    Although Turkey lied to Canada when it ignored the terms of the sale, the Turkish Embassy had the temerity to scold Canada. The ambassador wrote: “We expect our NATO allies to avoid unconstructive steps that will negatively affect our bilateral relations and undermine alliance solidarity.”

    Buying Russian missiles, of course, does not undermine NATO alliance solidarity.
    Signing to abide by sell conditions and then ignoring the rules strengthens the alliance.

  2. In 1951, a U.S. State Department filing with the International Court of Justice affirmed the “massacres of Armenians” as a “crime of genocide.” In 1981, President Ronald Reagan recognized “the genocide of the Armenians” in Proclamation 4838.

    A similar statement by President Biden, though welcome, would merely reconfirm what the U.S. and many other countries have already asserted.

    Moreover, such declarations have never resulted in substantive policy changes towards Turkey. Indeed, the U.S., NATO, Europe, and most other countries have long histories of kowtowing to Turkey in nearly every way.

    For instance, such countries, including Russia, haven’t acted against Turkey’s explicit and ongoing support of ISIS terrorism. They have also tolerated (and sometimes implicitly accepted) the naked aggression by Turkey, Azerbaijan, and terrorists against Armenians in 2020’s 44-day war.

    The most important issues remain Armenia’s and Artsakh’s breaking out of their vulnerable positions, reparations and restitution by Turkey and Germany for the Genocide, and the eventual recovery of Western Armenia.

  3. I wish you had also published “20 Reasons why Biden’s Genocide Recognition would be Beneficial to the United States.”
    After all, in politics, self-interest is all. Let me start the “20 Reasons” with:
    1. It would teach Erdogan a lesson for cavorting with Putin.
    2. ….

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