Armenian Organizations Must Continue to Reject the Anti-Defamation League

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan receives the ADL’s ‘Courage to Care’ award from ADL National Director Abraham Foxman in New York. June 10, 2005. (Photo:

By David Boyajian, Belmont, MA, 2 September 2023

Letter to the Editor

Vic Gerami’s LA-based Truth and Accountability League (TAAL) has done fine work on Armenian American issues.

I’m dismayed, however, by TAAL’s “Synergistic Relationship with the Anti-Defamation League” (TAAL email, June 12).

The ADL long worked alongside Turkey and Israel to deny/diminish the Armenian Genocide and defeat Congress’ Armenian Genocide resolutions.

That’s why Armenian Americans, elected officials, human rights advocates, and principled Jews threw the ADL’s so-called No Place for Hate program out of a dozen Massachusetts cities from 2007-2008.  The Massachusetts Municipal Association, representing the state’s cities and towns, did the same.

Similarly, Glendale cancelled an ADL “non-violence seminar” at Hoover High (LA Times, Dec. 5, 2007).

After LA Times journalist Mark Arax unmasked (April 2007) the ADL’s anti-Armenianism, he was forced out.

These campaigns spawned thousands of regional, national, and international headlines, reports, commentaries, and editorials that slammed the ADL.

Significantly, the ADL has never apologized to Armenians, opened its Armenian-related files, or made amends.

Only in 2016 — after I again exposed the ADL in Massachusetts — did it acknowledge the Genocide, but merely in a blog post.  The ADL also said it “would” (not will) support an Armenian Genocide resolution.  It did so in 2019 but only one day before a resolution was about to pass anyway.

Web searches will reveal hundreds of reports and government/civil lawsuits regarding the ADL’s illegal spying on minorities and other innocent parties.

I explained the above to Mr. Gerami and sent him my 2019 article, “Hypocritical Jewish Organizations and the Armenian Genocide.”  I’ve received no reply.

In his deceptive 2022 book, “It Could Happen Here,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt made this shocking admission about the ADL’s previous reasons for denying/diminishing the Genocide: “[These] may have been valid at a certain point.”

“Valid”?  The ADL has not learned its lesson.  Moreover, Greenblatt’s book conveniently omits the ADL’s lobbying to defeat Genocide resolutions.

Incidentally, some top Jewish American organizations, such as the American Jewish Committee, support Azerbaijan.  One wonders if the ADL’s doing the same.

The hypocritical ADL has exposed itself as a political organization rather than a principled civil/human rights one.

Responsible Americans, particularly Armenian Americans and their organizations, must continue to oppose the ADL.


David Boyajian

Note: This letter was originally published in USA Armenian Life Magazine on September 2, 2023.

  1. Respectfully.
    “Eye for an eye”
    Armenians are no longer living in a civilized world.
    ADL and other Jewish organizations that are under the umbrella of world Zionist leadership will continue their hatred for, and campaign against Armenians.

    Better to find out how they have become as powerful as they are and follow suit. Writing, complaining may alert them but not much more.

    With totally different agendas and races, they are close to Turkey. No need to figure out why. Apart from the common denominator, ie hatred for Armenians.

  2. Pestilential Israel has repeatedly made it clear that it’s an enemy of Armenia and all Armenians around the globe. The ADL and the rest work hand in hand internationally against us. Our enemies are automatically hugged by Israel. Even their so-called religious leaders–the rabbis of Europe–who convened recently in Aliyev’s dictatorship are soldiers in the war against the Armenians. Chosen People. Self-chosen to harm us?

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