Azerbaijan = Corrupt + Terrorist + Evil

Unarmed Armenian soldiers being executed by Azeri troops in 2020

By David Boyajian, Massachusetts, 13 June 2023

There may be no regime more loathsome and deserving of U.S./European condemnation and punitive sanctions than that of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and his crew of criminals and monsters.

Corrupt to the Core

  • OCCRP, the international crime/corruption watchdog, named Aliyev its 2012 Organized Crime and Corruption Person of the Year.

His family has secretly amassed major “stakes in the country’s … banks, construction companies, [and] gold mines” and snapped up over $140 million in luxury residences abroad.

By 2021, Aliyev’s crime syndicate had covertly accumulated British property worth $700 million.

State Sponsor of Terrorism

The jihadis included one-time ISIS commander/war criminal Sayf Balud and miscellaneous murderers, rapists, and kidnappers.  Reportedly, Pakistan also sent terrorists.

During the war, Azeri zealots chanted, “Jihad, jihad, jihad.”  In Baku?  No, in Washington, DC.

  • The EU Parliament denounced (January 20, 2021) Baku and Ankara for using “foreign terrorists” against Armenians.
  • The UN’s Working Group on Mercenaries condemned(November 6, 2020) Baku’s and Ankara’s hiring of jihadis.  Predictably, the UN probe has stalled, doubtless due to obstruction by the U.S. and others.
  • The Senate Foreign Relations Committee grilled (July 21, 2021) neo-con Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, potty-mouthed Victoria Nuland, about Turkey’s delivering terrorists to She refused to answer in open session.

That’s consistent with America’s scandalous and long-running downplaying of Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s state sponsorship of terrorism.


Azerbaijani soldiers destroy an ancient Christian Armenian cemetery with sledgehammers

Sheer Evil

  • Azerbaijan is unashamedly homicidal/genocidal.

Defense Minister Safar Abiyev (RFE/RL, August 4, 2004): “[In] 25 years there will be no state of Armenia … [Armenians] have no right to live in this region.”

Baku Mayor Hajibala Abutalybov to a Bavarian delegation (2006): ‘‘Our goal is the complete elimination of Armenians.  You, Nazis, already eliminated the Jews in the 1930s and 40s, right?’’

Nurlan Ibrahimov, a Baku soccer team’s public relations director (Facebook, October 2020): We must kill all Armenians — children, women and the elderly.”

Using sledgehammers and dump trucks, Azerbaijani troops destroyed (YouTube: New Tears of Araxes) a huge ninth century Armenian Christian cemetery in Nakhichevan.  Stalin had cruelly assigned the latter Armenian territory (and Artsakh/N-K) to Azerbaijan in the 1920s.

Over time, Azerbaijanis murdered or expelled every Armenian in Nakhichevan.  Baku plans the same for Artsakh/N-K.

U.S. lawmakers, the EU Parliament, and others have decried the cemetery’s  destruction and the ongoing eradication and vandalism of many Armenian churches/monuments, to no avail.  The State Department’s reaction has been negligible.

Yet consider the uproar by American officials, media, and conservative Evangelicals whenever Jewish cemeteries or synagogues are vandalized/attacked/destroyed.

  • Baku’s claims to nearly all of 3000-year-old Armenia are preposterous. No country/nation named Azerbaijan (a Persian/Iranian name) existed before 1918.  The region was ethnically/religiously mixed.  Some of its Muslims identified as Tartar/Turkish.  Only in the 1930s did these start calling themselves Azerbaijanis.
  • During/after the 2020 war, Azerbaijani perpetrated voluminous and varied evils and crimes (besides those in/after 1988).

Warning: Often graphic and disturbing.

Azerbaijan Overrated

For about 30 years, Artsakh/N-K, with Yerevan’s help, outfought a better-armed, wealthier, and far more populous Azerbaijan.  Artsakh became self-governing, democratic, and largely safe from Baku’s savagery.

Only Turkey’s and Israel’s military participation, and Moscow’s deliberate passivity, turned the tide against Armenians in 2020.  It’s apparently Tel Aviv’s first martial campaign against a nearly all-Christian country.

Azerbaijan now aims to ethnically cleanse Artsakh and has seized chunks of Armenia.

Meanwhile, Washington and Europe needlessly kowtow to Baku, wildly embellishing its energy exporting value.

  • Azerbaijan supplies a mere fraction (perhaps 3%) of the EU’s natural gas.
  • Baku imports Russian gas and reportedly sells it to the West, thereby undermining Western sanctions against Russia.
  • Russia owns part of Azerbaijan’s gas fields/pipelines. Aliyev is stuffing Putin’s pockets with Western cash.
  • Azerbaijan has no choice but to send its gas westward due to binding contracts, existing pipelines, and lack of alternative markets.

The Right Path

I’ve shown elsewhere that the Caucasus’ swing country is Armenia.  Whichever direction it goes, so goes the Caucasus.

Russia’s stranglehold over Armenia and Artsakh remains.  But the West’s rejection of sanctions against the obvious aggressor, Azerbaijan, unmasks the duplicity behind its sponsorship of talks between Yerevan and Baku.

Moreover, Washington’s flouting of Section 907’s restrictions on aid to Azerbaijan brings further dishonor upon America.

If Armenians are wise they won’t agree to anything with Baku unless Yerevan gets rock-solid Western security guarantees, hi-tech weapons, and a long-term, armed international peace-keeping force in Artsakh.

Otherwise, given Azerbaijan’s blood-soaked, deceitful record, its signature on a “peace” agreement is worthless.

The author’s main focus is the Caucasus.  His work is archived at

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  1. What we need is Armenian News Bureau which would disseminate such eye-opening articles to the non-Armenian media on a regular basis.

  2. Azerbaijan = (Corrupt + Terrorist + Evil)
    Thank you, Mr. Boyajian, for writing a compelling investigative report on the criminality of Azerbaijan.
    Allow me to make some comments on it.
    The formulary title of your investigative article captures the essence of Azerbaijan’s tendency to follow primeval, Stone-Age instinctive mentality.
    You wouldn’t have exaggerated had you placed each of the three elements (Corrupt, Terrorist, and Evil) of your descriptive formula (i.e., Azerbaijan = (Corrupt, Terrorist, and Evil) to the power of two. In other words, multiplied the summation of the three elements in the parenthesis by two –for sheer figurative emphasis.
    President ILham Aliyev’s. thinking is also warped by greed: he does not only want Artsakh, but virtually the whole of the Republic of Armenia by terrorizing the Armenian people in both republics. His mind is a victim of Stone Age instincts.
    A great article that documents and summarizes the uncivilized behavior of Azerbaijan. The officials in Armenia should take this article along when they file their complaints against the wanton cruelty of Azerbaijan at the International Court of Justice.
    Every “odar” who is who should read this article. The only regret is that I am not a co-author of the article; otherwise, it is a great contribution!
    Andrew Demirdjian

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