“The right to self-determination…must be ensured”

  1. You may skip the first four paragraphs of MP Bryan May’s statement. The gist of what he says is in the first sentence of the last paragraph.

    He talks about “safety of civilian population”. It’s not clear which population he refers to. Is it Armenia’s, Artsakh’s or Azerbaijan’s? May knows very well it was Artsakh’s citizens who were threatened and even with the present set-up they are fearful of the presence of next door Azeris. Why doesn’t he spell it out?

    He continues, “the right to self-determination for the Armenian people must be ensured.” Are we talking about Armenia or Artsakh? If it is about Artsakh why he doesn’t say so? All along Armenians were calling and continue to call for self-determination of Artsakh.

    “Armenian people” implies also Armenia. Does May refer to Armenia which already is a sovereign independent country? Should we understand that Armenia’s independence is threatened? By whom? At present the only effective force around is the Russian contingency, which is there ostensibly to protect and not intimidate or at worst threaten.

    All in all this is diplomatic gibberish which says nothing beyond banality.

    Put it in the garbage.

  2. …. “Self-determination” is a powerful word, it must be circulated over and over…
    We should remind the world that Artsakh people have had a referendum to separate from Azerbaijan and join Armenia in 1988. Democracy has been practiced on Artsakh land long before any ex-Soviet Republic. De facto Artsakh has been part of Armenia for last 30 years. Artsakh has an elected government, Artsakh citizens carry Armenian passports, Armenian kids serve in Artsakh army. We are so slow to make it official!

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