Buying Their Silence?

  1. Martin Luther King
    The great "Dreamer" was so true.

    Yes, accepting medals from a corrupt regime like that of RoA makes us all complicit.

    1. “Corrupt Regime”

      "Corrupt regime"? What "regime" are you talking about? The citizens of the RoA duly re-elected, in a free, democratic election, President Sargsian: 58% vs 37% for the challenger. A landslide win.

      Who is this "us" you are talking about? Who elected you to speak on my behalf? I am an Armenian-American. I did not elect you to besmirch the leadership of the Republic of Armenia on my behalf. A leadership that's keeping Armenia and Artsakh safe from Turks, while you call them names from the safety of your office far away from any danger. Speak for yourself: don't make pronouncements on behalf of Diaspora Armenians.

      1. “Free and democratic” elections?

        I am an Armenian-Armenian living in Armenia and I have not witnessed any free and democratic elections. What sources do you rely on calling it a "free and democratic" elections? Armenian Electoral Committee? US and EU observers? 

        By the way, Artsakh and Armenia are defended by ordinary young soldiers, and not the sons and daughters of the ruling corrupt regime who are busy driving their expensive cars and becoming richer every day by stealing the country. 

        You can eye witness it yourself if you decide to come and spend some time in Armenia. But if it is not feasible for you to stay for a while in Armenia, you can stay in your chair and still familiarize yourself with the issue of corruption in Armenia. There are many sources you can search on internet starting with wikipedia,,, "Armenia:Anti-Corruption panel grapples with credibility issues" and many others.

        1. Yes: Free and Democratic

          Yes, free and democratic elections.

          The fact that you are using Wikipedia,,,, etc. as your sources tells me everything I need to know. Wikipedia? Seriously?

 is no friend of Armenia.
          [Armenia elections are generally well-administered with fundamental freedoms respected, but some key concerns remain, international election observers say]

          Here's a news report re the presidential elections quoting PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council or Europe and OHCE (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights):

          “YEREVAN, 19 February 2013 – Armenia’s presidential election was generally well-administered and was characterized by a respect for fundamental freedoms, including those of assembly and expression, concluded the international election observation mission in a statement released today.”

          “There have been clear improvements in the electoral process since the previous presidential elections, and we have noted progress in many areas, including the media environment and the legal framework,” said Karin Woldseth, the Head of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) delegation. “At the same time, our joint findings note several important areas where marked improvement is needed to ensure full public trust in the electoral process.

          “The electoral framework is comprehensive and conducive overall to the conduct of democratic elections, and election commissions administered the process in a professional manner, the statement said. It also noted that, while several candidates alleged that voter lists were inflated and raised concerns about possible impersonation of out-of country voters, no evidence of this had been provided prior to election day. The mission assessed positively the efforts that had been made to improve the accuracy of voter lists, although further work in this area remains to be done.

          “Having been in the country for six weeks, we can say that candidates were able to campaign freely and fundamental freedoms were respected. Overall, the election was administered in a professional manner and real efforts were made by the authorities to improve the quality of the voter lists. The media covered all candidates in a rather balanced manner, but that coverage would have benefited from more critical analysis and debates between candidates,” said Ambassador Heidi Tagliavini, the head of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR) long-term election observation mission."

          By the way, your Bareva leader was about 30 during the Artsakh War. He avoided the frontline like the plague, while President Sargsian was serving his country in uniform .
          The Bareva loser showed up at the meeting with the president in jeans, deliberately insulting the duly- -elected President of the RoA.

          None of Bareva leader’s four draft-age sons, all healthy, strapping young men, have served in the armed forces of either the RoA or the NKR.

          Re “You can eye witness it yourself if you decide to come and spend some time in Armenia” How do you know I don’t live in Armenia part of every year? How many years cumulatively  have you lived in Armenia? I was born in Yerevan and grew up in Armenia. I know quite a bit about Armenia and the geopolitical situation it’s in. I have dozens of relatives who live there. I have close childhood friends who live there.
          I know quite a bit about what goes on there, even though I do not live there year-round (it may change in the future).

          How much do you know, being an Armenian-American born in US and having grown up as an American? Nothing wrong, of course, about being American. I have great admiration for America and the American people. But (native (small case) Americans view the world through a different lens. Let me know.

          Thank you very  much.

        2. Addendum to My Reply to Monica


          I do not know who you are and you do not know who I am. We are anonymous and we can claim all sorts of things and there is no way to verify what we say. Agree ?

          However, there is a gentleman who is a public figure, and whom I greatly respect.
          He sometimes comments in Keghart. I was not in Yerevan during the Feb. 2013 presidential election, nor during the Yerevan municipal elections in May 2013. But  Antoine S. Terjanian was.

          After the 2013 elections, there was, of course, a great deal of discussion about it on Armenian websites. By his leave, I reproduce here Terjanian’s comment in the "ArmenianWeekly".

          [Antoine S. Terjanian // May 15, 2013 at 2:12 pm // Reply
          I am sorry Mr. Adanalian:
          I went through the 428 “violations” recorded on the iDitord website and did not see any record of “ballot stuffing” as you report. Please disclose your source.
          I invested time and resources and monitored the municipal elections in district 7/11 and we watched over that ballot box like hawks. We stayed till the vote count ended after midnight and checked every ballot while it was counted. We then photographed the tally sheet before it was sent to the Central Electoral Commission. We then compared our tally sheet results for district 7/11 with what the CEC published, and I am convinced there was no shaninigan (shenanigans) there either.
          I am independent, I do not defend the present regime and take no sides in this election. As far as what I observed, the people of Yerevan got for Mayor the person they chose, for better or for worse.
          When will we stop crying foul every time we lose an election?]
          “As far as what I observed, the people of Yerevan got for Mayor the person they chose, for better or for worse.”

          The person THEY CHOSE.

          1. Just because someone claims

            Just because someone claims to be independent, does not necessarily mean he is. We can all claim to be different things in life for different reasons. There have been an overwhelming number of  "independent" observers, who documented irregularities, intimidation, etc. during elections in Armenia. The plain and simple truth is that for the last twenty years Armenia has been plundered by the ruling elite with the complicity of the church and the Diasporan organizations including ARF, Ramgavars, AGBU etc. There is no reason for Armenia to be poor. Very few nations have the capacity of our Diaspora.

            Unfortunately, the filth of our nation (some call them "those who eat the bread of the orphans") have been the rulers of Armenia for so long. Their only guiding principle in life is money and lots of it. Does not matter for them, if thousand of Armenian families cannot send their children today to school because they just can not afford shoes, or Armenian girls in desperation have to go to neighboring countries to become prostitutes. They are busy building palaces that even the presidents of the richest counties can not afford. How is it that we are not outraged? that we are not in the streets all over the world protesting this incredible cruelty towards the people of Armenia. One has to be too naive, ignorant or part of the system not to see the obvious. 

          2. “The plain and simple truth

            “The plain and simple truth is that for the last twenty years Armenia has been plundered….”

            No it is not:  neither plain nor truth.
            Just because you claim something does not make it so.

            “There is no reason for Armenia to be poor.

            “There are lots of reasons. Most are beyond the control of any RoA Government.
            People who make that sort of statement clearly do not know under what conditions RoA became independent, under what geopolitical conditions it found itself then, and finds itself now.

            “One has to be too naive, ignorant or part of the system not to see the obvious. “

            When people cannot substantiate  their absurd claims with facts, they resort to calling those who question them “naïve, ignorant,…etc, etc, etc”

            One last thing: Mr. Terjanian is a very public figure. His track record of his non-partisan love and support for Armenia is public.
            You Sir, on the other hand,  are anonymous.
            I can lodge the same accusation you  lodged against others who disagree with you, right ?
            I can say people who spread misinformation and disinformation about Armenia are part of some foreign funded NGO.
            Would my claim make it so ?

          3. Timely and True

            Monica, your statement could not have been more timely when you wrote: "Artsakh and Armenia are defended by ordinary young soldiers, and not the sons and daughters of the ruling corrupt regime who are busy driving their expensive cars and becoming richer every day by stealing the country."

            As  a reader who mourns  the four young Karabakh army servicemen who were killed serving our nation, I am equally reminded how painfully true your statement is.

  2. Do Diasporan Armenians falsely accuse?

    Do Diasporan Armenians falsely accusing the Government of Armenia of alleged “corruption” become complicit in demoralizing and in the ultimate demise of our Homeland?

  3. Corruption Everywhere

    Who said there is no corruption in Diaspora establishments and Diaspora leadership? However, what RoA leadership does is terrible: it "bribes" people by offering posts, positions (that come with salaries from RoA citizens' taxes), or medals and titles. SS and his cohort believe Diaspora traditional thinking is the same… titles, medals and some PR will do the magic.This method is working with many people in the Diaspora.

    As for one reader's angry reaction and defense of SS and his rule, I challenge his statement that this "leadership is keeping Armenia and Artsakh safe from Turks". First, it is not able to stop the daily attacks of Azerbaijan on Armenian villages (today alone we have three  civilians killed) and second, keeping Armenia and Artsakh safe means retaining their population and establishing a strong, viable country where people are satisfied and willing to fight and protect its orders. This is a task that the RoA leadership has failed in. Failing in this task means that the current leadership has to go…instead of sitting tight and planning to change the Constitution to its favor.  

  4. Everybody is Throwing

    Everybody is throwing accusations of alleged “corruption”, “bribes”, etc. without a shred of evidence. Why not simply declare "J'accuse …!", and off they go to the guillotines. No need to prove anything.

    As to the challenge from one reader who, while sitting in his safe, comfortable office somewhere in the West, besmirches the leadership of the RoA, most of whom fought in the Artsakh War, while keyboard-warriors were criticizing them far away from the battlefield.

    The civilian and military leadership of the RoA and Artakh have prevented an invasion by Azerbaijan and NATO member Turkey since 1994.

    That’s a fact.

    If certain people confuse terrorist attacks and border incidents with full war and invasion, and are already pre-disposed against the leadership of the RoA, nothing much can be done about it. For them nothing the RoA leaders do will be good enough.

    About "one reader's angry reaction”: I would be interested to know how the gentleman  was able to tell I was angry. I was actually foaming at the mouth while writing that angry post, but thought I had concealed my anger very well. Quite impressive that the gentleman was able to pick it up from the few sentences.

    1. Civilian and Military Leadership

      "The civilian and military leadership of the RoA and Artsakh have prevented an invasion by Azerbaijan and NATO member Turkey since 1994. That’s a fact." We are not discussing historic issues now. Perhaps that was a "fact" in 1994 (though Serjik was "fighting" from his safe bunker and his younger cohorts did not even serve in the army (Like Ashotian-Sharmazanov couple and his cheering and clapping female team-members) and many volunteers fought and kept borders safe and not today's "chinovniks". 

      Also note that opening fire at civilians and villages and towns of another sovereign country is an act of war and not a "border incident". Closing the border for over 20 years (by Turkey) is an act of war against which the RoA did nothing other than beg to open it without condition.

      Instead of writing long essays and defending your employers, ask yourself this question: does an RoA citizen feel safe and protected inside the RoA (beatings, killings, crimes and thefts, unrecovered individual rights) or from external parties (living near the borders)? A citizen was abducted and killed by Azeris without any recourse from the RoA. Three terrorist thugs infiltrated into Artsakh and killed two men and are not punished to date. What did the RoA do regarding the freeing of Safarov? Nothing. 

      Is this the leadership that will protect its people?

      1. “Instead of writing long

        “Instead of writing long essays and defending your employers”
        Which one of the Open Society funded NGOs is your employer ?

        “(though Serjik was "fighting" from his safe bunker..”

        You may have noticed that this is not the days of Alexander  the Great: most commanders during modern wars are behind the front lines.

        “Serjik” was in a bunker ? really ? so you did participate in the NKR war and witnessed this yourself ?

        Where were you during the war that you give yourself the right to insult a war veteran ?

        And yes, of course: if only “Serjik” let you, you and a dozen of your commando buddies would invade Azerbaijan, capture Aliyev and hang him.

        1. Well-documented

          It is well-documented that "Serjik" did not participate in the fighting and he was providing logistics help and in the last 1.5 years of war he was not even in Artsakh. There are books about that era's leadership. 

          I give myself the right to speak my mind. If you feel insulted its not my problem. The days of silencing free-speech by beatings and killings both in the RoA and in the Diaspora have long gone.

          You can joke and ridicule but Armenia's stance about border issues is disastrous and it eventually will lead to emptying of border villages. But perhaps that's not a priority for your beloved rulers sitting tight in Yerevan.

  5. Bottom Line

    Many comments here deflect from the main problem: corruption is killing Armenia and depopulating it. The regime is heaping awards upon people who could be in a position to speak up and make a difference but reconsider once they have been honored by the very same regime.

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