We condemn the Azerbaijani aggression!

Letter sent to members of the Parliament in Canada by Canada’s Move Network
Saturday, 27 September 2020, Toronto
Dear Mr./Ms.,
We write to you with deep concern over renewed aggression committed by Azerbaijan and backed by Turkey against the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabagh. Azerbaijan has once again broken the ceasefire agreement of the Minsk Group.
On Sunday, September 27th, Azerbaijani forces began a full-scale attack against Nagorno-Karabakh (aka Artsakh in Armenian). Additionally, Turkey has undertaken the air-lift of hundreds of battle-hardened Syrian jihadists to the Armenian border to strengthen Azerbaijan’s attack. Azerbaijan has launched air- and missile-attacks in all directions of Artsakh and has massed troops along Armenia’s eastern border. Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh, is being bombarded and shelled as families hide in basements and bunkers. Civilian casualties are reported each hour, most recently a mother and a child, as a result of Azerbaijani shelling of cities and settlements. The battle has expanded to Armenia proper as an Azerbaijani drone was shot down earlier in Armenia’s Tavush province. Sixteen Armenian soldiers have been killed by this morning.  The entire responsibility for the clashes lies with the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan. Armenian forces continue to resist the attacks.
We condemn Azerbaijan’s aggression and warmongering against the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh. The continuing attacks go against UN Secretary-General’s calls for world peace during the pandemic. Azerbaijani actions violate the human rights of civilians living in the region. Further escalation threatens to destabilize the Caucasus region. The continuation of this conflict can broaden and potentially lead to a full-scale war that involves foreign forces thus threatening world peace.
We ask the Canadian Government, the voice of reason on the international stage, to denounce and condemn the Azerbaijani aggression and through diplomatic means, help restore peace.
Armenian Expatriates and Canadian Friends
  1. Now we see more clearly than ever before that Turkey’s aim is genocide.
    Genocide is not just something that happened in 1915.
    Genocide is just around the corner unless Armenians worldwide remain vigilant.
    We must also be aware that Israel has armed Azerbaijan with billions in advanced weapons. Israel is not our friend.
    We can depend only on ourselves.
    “Armenian people, your only salvation lies in the power of your unity.” – Yeghishe Charents

  2. Since the fighting started, Armenia and Azerbaijan have been told by (too many to mention) parties to stop fighting. This is ignorant, if not biased, demand, or request. Armenians didn’t start the shooting. Four days after the fight started, Armenia is responding to aggression. Thus, the call for a ceasefire should go to Baku (perhaps Turkey) and not to Yerevan. Armenia is reacting to Turkbeijan aggression. Such calls for a ceasefire depict Armenia as a belligerent party .just like Azerbaijan and Turkey.

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