“Canada’s Move” – Statement of Principles

“Canada’s Move” [Գանատայի Քայլը / Կանադայի Քայլը] is a network of Canadian Armenians to promote awareness of the historic importance of the “Velvet Revolution”, its positive impact on Armenians throughout the world, its accomplishments and future expansion.

“Canada’s Move” operates independent of any political party.

The network upholds sovereignty of Armenia/Artsakh, promotes the expansion and the strengthening of Armenia-Diaspora relations, advocates repatriation, rallies around specific self-relying projects that empower Armenia youth and alleviate poverty. It also advocates application of environmentally recognized best practices in utilizing natural resources, act as a platform for discussions in meritocracy, gender equality, inclusive and fair economic policies, rights of marginalized segments of society, participatory democratic governance, anti-corruption, and rule of law.

The network is well aware of the divisions within the Canadian-Armenian community, but it also recognizes and appreciates the value of cooperation with individuals or entities irrespective of political, religious and fraternity affiliations. Working in isolation has limited impact, whereas working in unison by building consensus leads to healthier relations and lasting desirable results. ”Canada’s Move” is an inclusive network and welcomes Armenians of all backgrounds.

Integrity, accountability and transparency will be the guiding principles that characterize the modus operandi of the network.

To accomplish its goals the network will utilize social media, the press and public gatherings.

We call upon our compatriots in Canada to join “Canada’s Move” Network ([email protected]).

Adopted in November 2018

Reviewed and amended in July 2020

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