“Bombing for Peace” – Perplexed and tormented

By Hovel Chenorhokian, DiasporArm,  Le Raincy, France

We, humans, consider ourselves the most intelligent among the animal species. Yet, the question arises, are we intelligent at all?

We are killing our brothers and destroying our own world, endangered by climate change, with bombs, rockets and miles-long military vehicles…

“Bombing for Peace” was back in 1999, when NATO forces were shelling Serbia in protection of Kosovo people’s “right for self-determination”. NATO now is defending Ukraine’s “inviolability of borders”, where the villains shelling the civilians are the Russians.

But there comes the question: who is the villainy champion NATO or Russia?

To find out, compare the sum of casualties and destructions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Donbas versus Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine.

As for Syria and Yemen, where should we classify them? Who ignited the fire? Who profited from crime in these non-NATO territories?

What bothers me is that “our” side, NATO, is bare of any human, moral or ethical values.
Our NATO leaders lied to us, made up fake reasons to invade Iraq.
They boycott Iran and deal with the Saudi butchers of Khashoggi, who are still “chopping meat” in Yemen.
They have double standards, they recognized Kosovo but not Karabagh; they pretended not to see the ethnic cleansing during the 2020 Karabagh war and the phosphor bombs Azerbaijan dropped that were ironically supplied by Ukraine….
They betray their allies. They delivered to Erdogan the Kurds, who paid with their blood to defend NATO interests, not to say “values”, as it would be inappropriate for them.
BBC did not care much for the Kurdish and Armenian children, but was moved  by the view of refugee children with “blue eyes and blonde hair” in Ukraine.

NATO leaders applauded Ukraine to puff out its chest and now they let its population down.
Putin is fighting to recuperate Russia’s zone of influence.
What is NATO’s motivation? To sell more arms to create jobs so we live better?

In a world endangered by climate change we are destroying with our bombs, rockets and miles-long military vehicles…

Perplexed and tormented, I pray for temperance and wisdom to all in power, to lead our world to well-being and people to peace.


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  1. Let’s remember that Putin and the CSTO betrayed Armenia not just during the 2020 war but now as Azeri soldiers occupy parts of Armenia — and as the Russian “peacekeepers” (along with those “kindly Turkish peace monitors”) avoid doing their job.
    We Armenians are suddenly supposed to have sympathy for this traitorous Russian as he kills innocent Ukrainians?

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