“Eradicating Armenian heritage in Jerusalem through land sell-offs”

Civilnet, 14 December 2021

Ambassador Manuel Hassassian, a veteran Palestinian diplomat, is urging authorities in Armenia to intervene in the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem’s decision to lease its land in the old city to an Australian-Israeli businessman. The lease agreement is for 99 years and the land will be used to build a luxury hotel. Ambassador Hassassian discusses the importance of this land, the concerns of the Palestinian and Jordanian authorities, and why this could lead to the extinction of the Armenian community in Jerusalem.

  1. This piece of document has to be made public and legal repercussions followed through because this land is not private property and the forgerers brought to face charges in a legitimate court of law.

  2. I imagine that the Patriarchate of Jerusalem considered the leasing of the property adjacent to it because the Patriarchate needs money to meet its needs. Why would they consider leasing their property otherwise? A fairer solution would be to assure the Patriarchate of at least a portion of the income they expect from the lease in return for negating their contract. If the Armenian Patriarchate is not capable of covering its expenses, in the long term, its viability would become questionable let alone having leased an unused portion of its property.

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