CrossTalk on Genocide: Turkey’s Burden

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  1. The so-called genocide

    American politicians can hardly pin point  Italy on world map. Imagine these guys voting on a very much debated issue as the 1915 events!!!  If Armenians and their puppets want the truth they should grab the idea launched with insistance by the Turkish governement to let historians decide on the nature of these events.
  2. To CBJ
    To CBJ:

    Historians have spoken long before you were born. Including many many TURKISH Historians. It was GENOCIDE and the first among many in the 20th Century.

    Now if you are waiting for a "Historian" to say something contrary without having the pockets bribed, Good Luck.

    Turkey wants historians to decide, yet it violently bashes and persecutes any historian who says it was a Genocide.


  3. The World is Not So Cold to the So-Called Genocide

    Mr. (Or Mrs.) CBJ

    Firstly, you should do better reading of the recent news about Armenia and Turkey relations.  The Republic of Armenia ratified last year’s protocols signed between the two countries and it is Turkey that has NOT ratified it.  One of the elements of the protocols calls for independent international bodies of historians to study the historical disagreements between the two nations (which include the issue of genocide).  Therefore, for all intents and purposes, no matter how you look at it, Armenia has accepted to historians pronounce on the "nature of these events"; it is Turkey that is NOT willing to sign on the dotted line.  For someone who is from Switzerland, you should know better, as those protocols were signed in there.

    Secondly, the fact of the matter is that historians have overwhelmingly pronounced themselves to describe "those events" as genocide.  The most prominent document on this matter is the open letter issued by the International Association of Genocide Scholars, representing over 125 of the worlds greatest historians and scholars of this greatest of all crimes against humanity, and that is addressed to the Prime MInister of Turkey, urging him to accept the historical truth.

    That letter can be found here

    Perhaps you might not be happy with this letter and consider them all "puppets" of Armenians, I am confident that you have direct evidence of that and are willing to present proof of your position, please go ahead.  In fact, why don’t you complain directly to this association and confront them with your accusations? They have contact information on their website.

    You should also write to the Raphael Lemkin Center named after the great jurist who defined the legal term of Genocide, that carries on with his work; Lemkin is actually on record and on film saying that he wanted to represent the legal definition of what happened to Armenians and Jews to prevent future genocides.  You should write to them and tell them that in your view Lemkin was completely misguided, and perhaps he too was a "puppet" of Armenians.

    There is however another way, which would be my advice for you and all other Genocide deniers.  Accept the truth!  Because only the truth will finally liberate you.



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