Mendacious Professor’s Lies Exposed…Again

Karrar Iranian tank
The Armenian nation owes a big “thank you” to Prof. David Davidian of Armenia. Day in, day out, Davidian is on the ramparts demolishing mendacious articles written by the enemies of the Armenians. Since he deals strictly in facts (he must have an incredible filing system), Davidian rarely gets rebuttals.
Unfortunately, Davidian is a rare species in the Armenian media firmament: very few Armenians emulate Davidian. At a time when Armenia and the Armenian nation is facing existential threat, it’s the height of irresponsibility to ignore the falsehoods that our enemies are spreading 24/7. Please get behind your computer and follow Davidian’s example: challenge anti-Armenian articles with cold facts.

David Davidian, Yerevan, November 2022

Re: How Iran Threatens South Caucasus Peace and Security [Geopolitical Monitor, ]

Anti-Armenite Robert Cutler again wrote an article that is a classic propaganda piece by presenting one side of a conflict as the only side. One can successfully argue almost any case by a selected deletion of facts. Further, Cutler could have written this piece without denigrating Armenians and Armenia, but that was too much of a challenge for him. Cutler slowly began his anti-Armenian campaign in the late 1990s.

The best propaganda assumes readers will accept what is presented and not follow the author’s track record to understand motivations. In Cutler’s 2016 National Post article, “Rebooting Israeli-Turkish relations,” only a blind person could not see his apparent bias towards Israel.

That is his prerogative, but that bias manifests itself in this unnecessarily anti-Armenian Geopolitical Monitor article. Cutler writes in the Azerbaijani press that Armenian claims over Nagorno-Karabakh are “irredentist” yet remains silent as Azerbaijani soldiers currently occupy a swath of internationally recognized Armenian territory. Cutler has proven himself again as merely a well-educated propagandist.

Citizens of Azerbaijan have been caught infiltrating northwestern Iran throughout the fall of this year, either transporting weapons, inciting armed conflict, or heading operations such as the attack on the Shiraz Mosque. The question to be asked – who is destabilizing whom and why?”

Azerbaijan is the primary vehicle currently at the disposal of those who want to dismantle Iran, helped by Israeli bases across Azerbaijan, from the Sitalchay Airbase to land captured in the 2020 Karabakh War. Israel wants Iran’s leadership to disappear and will influence any factors toward that end. Thus, it is not surprising to find articles like this with a clear pro-Azerbaijani position – while adding a heavy dose of anti-Armenian sentiment. The latter is a gift to Baku.

If Baku thinks that Iran will allow BP’s oil pipelines to survive an Azerbaijani-Turkish attack on northwestern Iran — I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. If Baku thinks that Iran will stand by and watch its thousand-year border with Armenia captured in a pan-Turkic nationalistic frenzy, somebody should think twice.

Re: War a Possibility as Iran-Azerbaijan Tensions Flare[Geopolitical Monitor, ]

Kuzio claims  Armenia has received drones (UAVs) from Iran yet supplies zero proof. Armenia is one of over 22 countries that have inquired about Iranian UAVs (or their derivatives) after their success in Ukraine.

Pro-Bandera (Ukrainian fascist) Kuzio claims, “During the Second Karabakh War, Iranian troops briefly invaded Azerbaijani territory. The aim was to pull Azerbaijani military forces away from their pincer movement in the south against Armenian forces.” This claim is convenient but incomplete, thus inaccurate. After Azerbaijani spy UAVs flew into Iran and shells landed in Iran, Iran responded. One could argue that this is similar to the Ukrainian S300 missiles that found their way into Poland – but I won’t.

After the 2020 Karabakh War, Iran and Azerbaijan have engaged in bellicose statements against each other, with both sides arresting spies in each other’s countries. Yet, over the past two months, several groups of Azerbaijani citizens were caught red-handed infiltrating arms and ammunition into Iran. Kuzio conveniently forgets that a day before Russia’s special military operation began in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Russia signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Kuzio does not mention this since it would ruin the pro-Azerbaijani theme of his article.

I am encouraged Armenia is doing anything in its interest, and if that means trading with Iran, so be it. Kuzio foolishly assumes it is something evil to ignore sanctions against Russia. I refer readers to India and China acting in their national interests and vigorously trading with Russia. India’s import of Russian oil has increased by 50% since the start of this year. Kuzio could write anti-Indian articles but remains anti-Armenian.

Kuzio supports the reduction in Armenia’s sovereignty by a Turkic-controlled corridor across Armenia that will strangle the south of Armenia. Yet Kuzio doesn’t seem to understand Iran’s concern, instead coming up with anti-Iranian and anti-Armenian conspiracies.

Kuzio claims Armenia and Iran have a military alliance! Where is this alliance? Kuzio makes up things. Kuzio failed to note how “strategic relations” between Azerbaijan and Israel may destroy much of Azerbaijan if a war erupts with Iran. While Israeli bases in Azerbaijan will probably destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, it will come at the cost of destroying much of Azerbaijani, similar to what is happening with the self-destruction of Ukraine.

Kuzio refuses to accept that much of the world is opposed to the collective Western goal of a unipolar world – a scheme currently executing in Ukraine. One need only add up the populations of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) bloc plus those who want to join and compare it to the number of Ukrainians who have lost their lives fighting for the destruction of their own country.

A war between Iran and Azerbaijan may spell the elimination of Armenia – but Kuzio, as a member of the UK-based anti-Russia Henry Jackson Society, has more lofty goals, such as fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian. Interestingly, Kuzio has stopped bragging about his membership in this cabal. Kuzio’s being a Banderite might explain his anti-Armenian fetish.


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  1. Outstanding detailed article. All nothing but the whole truth. Thank you Professor Davidian.
    I wish that all Armenians and non-Armenians read and learn from this article. I found it faultless. Thank you David and may God Bless you.

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