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CBC: Thousands of children flee Nagorno-Karabakh as violence ramps up

By Vicken Darakdjian, Montreal, 1 November 2023

Nearly a year ago, on 13 December 2022, the National Legion (Ազգային Լէգէոն) along with many organizations declared, “Genocide can happen any day now.” Indeed, in September 2023 Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh without provocation and forced its 120,000 inhabitants to leave their three-thousand-year-old ancestral home.

Right after the news of the Azeri aggression broke out on 19 September 2023, our battle-trained volunteers readied themselves to proceed to the front. Unfortunately, within a matter of two days, facing an overwhelming military force, the capitulation of Artsakh became a reality. The volunteers could not perform their patriotic duty on the battlefield.

Nevertheless, the National Legion continues training for self-defense knowing well that Azerbaijan, backed by Turkey and Israel, will attempt to make new incursions into the Republic of Armenia and cause more calamities. As the Legion has said numerous times, it’s up to us to be ready for any eventuality, and not put faith in help from the international community. That would be like “Waiting for Godot.”

When the first Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) refugees arrived at Goris, the Legion adopted a new mission in addition to the primary aim of self-defense. To help our Artsakhtsi (Nagorno-Karabakh residents) brothers and sisters, the elderly, and the children in all ways possible, including providing shelter and necessities of daily life became a priority. Many other organizations in the homeland and the Diaspora, and the Republic of Armenia government are engaged in this process.

Dear compatriots and friends of Armenians,

We appeal to you to assist us in accomplishing this humanitarian mission. Patriotism, respect and love of humankind are expressed in a variety of ways, donation is one of them.

Any amount, as little as $5.00 or as large as $500.00 will be put to good use helping the Artsakhtsi refugees. The collected amount will go directly to them without intermediary expenses. The children are the most vulnerable. They need food, clothing, schooling, and assistance to alleviate their many psychiatric ailments caused by the trauma of relocation in a hellish way.

Regrettably, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents will receive tax receipts for $250.00 and over. For instructions, please call or text at 514-889-8100 or drop a line to the email; non-Canadians, including US residents, will get thank you letters from the National Legion. At present tax receipt facility is not set up for them. You may make a direct deposit to Azkain Legion account in the Republic of Armenia: “ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” CJSC Massis Branch. Below are the details.

For additional information, you may always connect through the above contact means.

Your highly valued cooperation and generosity is much appreciated.


Vicken Darakdjian
Co-founder Azkain Legion

Note: There are four different accounts relevant to the currency: Ruble, USD, Euro and AMD

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