Urgent Appeal

Vicken Darakdjian, Montreal, 13 December 2022

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My Dear Compatriots,

The project my friends and I initiated almost two years ago and continue with the tremendous work, we have improved our tactics, the quality of our work and the assistance of our volunteer army (Ashkharazor). I realize it’s a huge task to assist our dedicated group financially.

There is no doubt our enemy is preparing another genocide in Artzakh (pop. 120,000). In recent days, the Armenian region which has been blockaded, is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. Do not  ignore the perilous development. This is a wake-up call to every Armenian. Genocide can happen any day now: it will be too late to cry because no one will hear us or come to our help. We should prevent the calamity at all cost. Remember the Turkish invasion of Cyprus (1974) as a result of which 40% of the island is still  occupied by the Turks. Consider the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur. Only a few years ago there was genocide of the Yazidis in Sinjar to which the world remained silent. We should collectively prevent a similar calamity and not allow history repeat itself. To succeed, we need your devotion and commitment..

We believe today’s priority is to prepare our people, our regular army and our volunteer army (Ashkharazor) to be ready to defend ourselves and our fatherland. It is not the time to argue about what’s right or wrong. It will happen sooner or later. Let’s prepare ahead of time so that we may have a well-trained volunteer army with the latest training tactics, engineering knowledge, and the best military hardware. We have learned from our dismal experience that we have no allies. Our only allies are the united Armenian people girdling the globe. We are the only force that’s able to defend our ancestral lands at all cost. 

Christmas is a time of giving. We ask you to extend your help to our noble project so that we may continue the holy work we have undertaken for us and for all Armenians When you read this, remember our brave boys and girls, regular army and ashkharazors are in the icy-snowy trenches in the mountains in extreme cold sacrificing their lives while guarding our borders. What we are giving is a small contribution compared to what they are giving.

God be with our brave soldiers and protect each and every one.

PLEASE do not ignore this appeal. If you require further information, give me a call [514-889-8100] so that I may circle a time to give you additional information and news about our project.


Vicken Darakdjian, Montreal
Co-founder Azkain Legion
514 889-8100
[email protected]

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