Davutoglu Comes to Town

Keghart.com Editorial Board, 10 September 2012

In our August 22, 2012 issue (“Secret Operation Attila") we commented on the Turkish monument recently installed in an Ottawa park by the Turkish embassy and the Canadian government. We revisit the farce due to new developments.

Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s foreign minister, will attend the Sept. 20 unveiling of the Ottawa monument dedicated to Col. Attila Altikan, the Turkish military attaché slain in Canada’s capital by unknown assailant(s) in the eighties.  That’s when the mysterious text of the monument plaque will see the light of day. Despite queries and media speculation, a secretive Canadian foreign ministry will not reveal the text until the day of unveiling of the Turkish structure.

Keghart.com Editorial Board, 10 September 2012

In our August 22, 2012 issue (“Secret Operation Attila") we commented on the Turkish monument recently installed in an Ottawa park by the Turkish embassy and the Canadian government. We revisit the farce due to new developments.

Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s foreign minister, will attend the Sept. 20 unveiling of the Ottawa monument dedicated to Col. Attila Altikan, the Turkish military attaché slain in Canada’s capital by unknown assailant(s) in the eighties.  That’s when the mysterious text of the monument plaque will see the light of day. Despite queries and media speculation, a secretive Canadian foreign ministry will not reveal the text until the day of unveiling of the Turkish structure.

People following the Turkish and Canadian foreign ministry’s secret maneuverings to keep under wraps (literally) the genesis, construction and erection of the monument have wondered about the plaque text. Was it being revised to respond to the winds of change? Was it being feverishly edited due to pressure from politicians, federal bureaucrats, Armenians, the Turkish embassy? And did Canada send the text to editor Davutoglu for his seal of approval? 

As expected, the August 26 Attila commemoration, the prelude to the unveiling of the metal and wood monument, was attended by a mostly Turkish crowd.  The pseudo event was festooned with the blood-red Turkish flag and banners. Of course, there were the hypocritical harangues and crocodile tears.

Meanwhile Canadian-Armenians are wondering whether the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) would extend its interrogations of Armenians from Montreal to Toronto, Canada’s biggest city. Montreal Armenians interviewed by RCMP officials remain reluctant about discussing the nature of these “interviews.”

An important development to the Attila operation is the manner in which Turkish community leaders orchestrated their so-called commemoration of Attila’s death. Although the culprit(s) of the Attila killing were not arrested or identified, there was a billowing and objectionable banner at the Turkish gathering.  Emblazoned at its centre was the word TERROR in Turkish-red and in capital letters. Wink, wink; nudge, nudge… guess to whom were the Turks referring? Certainly not to Tala’at, Enver, Jemal, and Mustafa Kemal, the Four Horsemen of the Genocide of Armenians. That’s for sure.

This irresponsible Turkish photo-op might have made Canada’s foreign ministry more circumspect about the plaque text. Indeed, the banner is  a crystal-clear indication that the made-in-Turkey, Turkey financed, transported free of charge by the Turkish Airlines “monument” is intended to be a permanent  symbol of anti-Armenian propaganda devised by the globe-trotting Turkish foreign minister and his mignons at the Ottawa embassy.

The Turkish hate banner underlines Canada’s folly in bowing to Ankara’s will and in ceding part of our national park to the dissemination of hate propaganda by a foreign government. The main blame for the hate banners, of course, lies with the Turkish embassy in our country: it initiated the monument project and lobbied for it. The blame lies with the Turkish embassy in Ottawa because, for years, it has been ground- zero of anti-Armenian propaganda in Canada. There’s no point in listing Ankara’s anti-Armenian projects in this country: the Canadian government knows all too well about the Turkish ambassadors’ red hand in clandestine operations… in devising, funding, propagating Turkey’s racist rants.

A key question that Canada government should answer is this: knowing the mindset of Turkey’s diplomats in Canada and Turkey’s animosity toward Armenians, why did Ottawa take the unprecedented act of ceding part of our territory for the advancement of a foreign government’s falsehoods?

Canadian-Armenians should condemn the pretend-monument in a Canadian park. The Canadian- Armenian lobby, together with Greeks, Cypriots and Kurds, should protest Davutoglu’s presence in our capital.  Along with these victims of Turkish terror, Armenians should condemn the naiveté of Canada’s foreign ministry, and Canada’s Boy Scouts R Us handling of this diplomatic debacle. Armenians should expose how the monument promotes divisiveness—nay, hatred—among Canadian-Armenians and Turks, and how the monument can make Canadian-Armenians hate targets in this country. No government which espouses amity and cooperation among its diverse cultural, religious, ethnic groups should have been seduced by Turkey’s sweet-talking Ottawa man in black-striped pants. The collective protest would be a legitimate response to the hateful shenanigans of the Turkish embassy and major domo Davutoglu. Armenians and righteous people should eviscerate Turkey’s expensive conspiracy with the truth: Turkey, failing to eliminate the Armenian nation (1915 to 1923) is now harassing the Canadian descendants of the Armenian martyrs who fell under the Turkish sword, and it is out to erase Armenia from the map to revive its long dream of a contiguous Turkic land mass from Istanbul to the Chinese border.

Last week hundreds of Canadian-Armenian youth travelled to Ottawa to demonstrate against the Azeri and Hungarian embassies. They, other Armenians, in addition to Cypriots, Greeks and Kurds, should now head to Ottawa to demonstrate against Davutoglu, the sham monument, and Ankara’s foreign and domestic policies.


  1. Davutoglu Effendi

    Thank you for the head's up re the Ottawa "monument" and Davutoglu Effendi's visit. Now the whole mystery makes sense: because Davutoglu had planned to attend the unveiling of the phony monument, the plaque text was kept secret so as not to irritate, offend Armenians.

    As you said, Canadian-Armenians, Greeks, Cypriots, and Kurds from Ontario and Quebec should march in Ottawa when foxy Davutoglu pushes the Turkish propaganda button. They should protest Turkey's foreign policies and the raising of the Attila structure.

  2. Surprised at Canadian Government Secrecy

    I'm very much surprised at the Canadian government's secrecy. Was Canada a culprit in committing the Genocide of Armenians? Is Canada a democratic country? Did the Turkish embassy apply for planning permission for the monument? Was this planning permission made public?

    I condemn the government of Canada for this very ugly act. It is utterly disgusting. We've just seen and tasted the trickery, blackmailing tactics of Azerbaijan vis-a-vis murderer Safarov. Hungary was tricked. Turkey has followed the same Turkish trickery route which should not be allowed. Canada has been tricked and backstabbed.

  3. If the monument is supposed to represent

    If the monument is supposed to represent the slaying of Turkish military attaché, Col. Attila Altikan by supposedly the "ASALA", how come no one is questioning why was he slained?

    As a government who has recognized the Armenian Genocide, Canada should add on the monument, "As a revenge for the slaying of 1,5 million Armenians in 1915 by the Turkish government".

  4. Russia´s Silence re Axe Murderer

    It happened as expected: Russia hesitated to side with Armenia or Azerbaijan on the Safarov scandal. Oil and Gazprom trading partners, of course.

    About a week or so ago the president of Armenia convened a timely meeting with foreign diplomats in Yerevan, and explained to them what had transpired re the Azeri "axe-murderer" release.

    A week later more than a dozen diplomats are still withholding their views, in tandem with the governments they represent.

    Shouldn´t the president of Armenia convene a second meeting with the said ladies and gentlemen and ask them for a reaction or response to his statements? If they hesitate or do not respond, the president should bid them goodbye. If within 48 hours no response is received from them or their governments, Armenia should declare that it recognizes the independence of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karapagh). This would be the proper response.  

    1. Of Things Armenia Should Do

      The political leadership in Armenia has astutely navigated through treacherous waters in that part of the world despite  scant population, limited resources and landlocked circumstances.

      I have and will continue to defer the political course of Armenia to their elected leadership and, as a Diaspora Armenian, will accept their political conduct as the best course. My spouse, my children and I do not make our living there and have not served in the Armenian army. Our welfare is not tied to the economic well-being of Armenia and we will not be called to risk our lives in defense of Armenia. Consequently, I believe I have no moral prerogative other than to accept and support the course the Armenian citizens set for Armenia. 

      A well-connected native Armenian told me over a decade ago that the best solution to the problem of Artsakh is in its having no solution. I would not dispute that either.

      1. Armenia-Diaspora Cooperation

        While I understand that a sovereign  state has to conduct its own affairs, I don't think a state, which has a Diaspora with more than twice the number of its nationals outside its borders, has the exclusive right to Armenity (Armenidad/Comunidad), especially when more than half of its population descend from Western Armenians.

        Not too long ago international diplomacy had–erroneously–drawn up the infamous protocols for us, all Armenians.

        Had it not been for the adamant opposition of French-Armenians (during RoA president's visit to Paris) and California/New York Armenians, we would have kissed and made up with an adversary which has not asked for pardon and made no reparations for the genocide  of 1.5-million Armenians.

        It is high time that the government. of RoA began to cooperate more closely with its Diaspora. Yerevan should admit/invite, from the five important Diasporas (North and.South America, the EU, Russian Federation and the Middle East) permanent delegates (one from each) to the Diaspora ministry. These delegates would cooperate on the spot and have the opportunity to get to know one another and with Armenians of Armenia much better.

        We have a lot to accomplish  together…a tiny republic, surrounded by adversaries, needs its Diaspora´s  cooperation in all aspects immensely.

        Best Hasgtsoghin,

        Gaydzag Palandjian

        1. Of Things Armenia Should Do 2

          I am not sure why the Protocol is referred to in the plural. It is a single document, signed by RoA and Turkey for ratification by their respective countries.

          Diaspora Armenians objected vehemently against the Protocol and they have every reason to do so. The text of the Protocol makes but a vague reference to "scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations"

          Its ratification implicitly, if not explicitly, will put the final nails onto the coffin of the historical Western Armenia and bury it six feet under in Turkey, without a tombstone.

          The Armenian government agreed to text of the Protocol and signed it in spite of the document's vague wording and the implicit ramification of its ratification. The Armenian Constitutional Court attested to its constitutionality. The RoA has not ratified the Protocol, but has not killed it either. It has shelved it, instead.

          In spite of these concessions, Turkey took one step further, making clear that it would not vote for the ratification of the Protocol unless Armenia came to terms with Azerbaijan regarding Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh).

          Had the RoA not ratified the Protocol because of the objection of the Diaspora; had Turkey assured Armenia of ratifying the Protocol as signed without pre-condition?  I leave it to readers to speculate.


    2. Safarov and Artsakh Independence  

      I would like to expand on my previous posting. Since Armenians are famous for being slow in reacting and act when it's too late, it is high time that our brethren in RA/Artsakh act on the very embarrassing situation created by AXERbaijan (I have borrowed the word from a poster on another forum). Both foreign ministers of RA/Artsakh should jointly issue a statement, especially when RA Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian delivers his speech at the U.N. annual general assembly in NY in a few days.

      After the hero status AXERbaijan bestowed on axe murder Safarov, Artsakh  has all the right to refuse to come "under the protection" of AXERbaijan. Nalbandian can add that Armenia/Artsakh´s Diaspora recognize Artsakh as an independent country. As such, it does not need to negotiate any further through the OSCE or any other entity. Incidentally, the Madrid principles and others were totally unfavorable to Armenians and were used to blow dust into our eyes.

      But we need to act quickly, especially the Diaspora. Otherwise, the adversary(s) will jump ahead and trumpet their lies so as to smear Armenia/Artsakh and their Diaspora. And we would be the losers again.

  5. Turkish Monument in Ottawa Park

    The logical thing to do, of course, would be to apply pressure in Ottawa and get permission to erect our own monument, commemorating the Genocide of between 1.5- and 2-million Armenians by these people who call themselves human. That is what we should do as soon as possible. Our statue should be in the same park, facing the Turkish embassy, not far from theirs. If they received permission, so should we. If Ottawa says 'no' to us, we can cry out loud 'favoritism'.

    Let's do it now; not tomorrow. Let's get the ball rolling. For every action, there is reaction.

  6. Monument and the Plaque

    I am going to question the integrity of our [Canadian] minister of foreign affairs the same way as I do the allegations of Hungary and Azerbeijan. Some countries think they can cover the truth with money, by cheating and through 'creative' facts the same way the Turkish government lies to its people about their history.              



  7. Lies and More Turkish Lies

    Further to your comment about the false allegations at the Turkish phony commemorations, please note the outrageous lies ("Remembering Colonel Altikan  Armenian Terrorists") on the Turkish tent banner. As you can see there were more than two tents at this propaganda photo-op. I wonder what Turkish lies those tents carried.

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