Dr. Paul Manook (Dishchekenian), Ireland, 23 March 2020

Dear Friends,

Today some of you will have seen and heard the Passionate plea of the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in his Facebook.

Armenia like all other countries is going through the Covid-19 Pandemic and today (23rd of March) it was reported that there were 170 confirmed cases….a relatively big number but thankfully no deaths so far.

Due to the Armenia’s economic situation, the health system is not the same as in the west, although there are areas of very good expertise. 

The local authorities have been excellent in informing people through social media, regular press conferences and TV announcements. All schools, Universities and youth group activities as well as any public events (including churches) are shutdown as an attempt to stop coronavirus sweeping through the country. A new TV channel for distance learning has been set up.

Most people are working from home as much as possible and keeping themselves isolated. Unfortunately there are some who cannot afford to do that or not work at all so the government has announced economic stimulus packages and the Central Bank is working with the local banks at temporarily freezing loan repayments to at least try to alleviate some of the financial burden on poorer families. 

The Ministry of Health has also set up an account for local donations and in just a few days managed to collect a large amount reflecting the generosity of ordinary people in Armenia and America in time of such national crisis.

The collected money will g to buy more urgently needed supplies and alleviate the huge strain that is currently being put on an already understaffed and under-financed healthcare sector.

If you feel you would like to support …here are the three options : 

Methods/Options for Making Donation

Through Armenia Fund (Anna Aghajanian) website (half way down the page you’ll see the Covid-19 fundraising campaign). Please feel free to contact Anna directly either by email [email protected] or on her mobile +374 93792915 (WhatsApp) to provide more information. Anna comes from Ireland.

Directly through the Ministry of Health of Armenia (supplied by the Embassy in London) for donations by individuals and private organizations to the state for prevention and control of COVID-19. The following link can be used for donations –

Through My Ulster Bank – as a last resort. (will be recorded and acknowledged)

Account Name :  B A Manook

€ Euro Account (in Dublin)

Account Number: 15289121 Sort Code : 98-50-40 IBAN : IE14ULSB 9850 4015 2891 21 BIC: ULSB IE 2D2

£ Sterling Account (in Belfast)

Account Number: 38971091 Sort Code: 98-05-30 IBAN: GB09 ULSB 9805 3038 9710 91 BIC: ULSBGB2B

My Email : [email protected]         Mob. : +44 7798686796 (WhatsApp & Viber) All transfers and commission costs will be undertaken by myself.

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