How to Bring the Zionist Entity (aka Israel) to its Senses Editorial, 25 February 2024

The International Court of Justice is housed in The Hague’s impressive Peace Palace.  The courtroom where the hearings are held projects grandeur while the 15 judges are imposing. The submissions are eloquent, erudite, and convincing. Sometime down the road (a couple of years?), the court will announce its verdict. Judging by the submissions, the court will very likely condemn Benjamin Netanyahu and his fellow war criminals.

But it will be all for naught. Because when the court’s decision is submitted to the United Nations (UN), Israel’s Uncle Sam will predictably veto it. And by then an unimaginable number of Palestinians would have been killed and the fascist Israeli settlers would have illegally acquired an unknown number of houses in the West Bank and killed a horrendous number of West Bank Palestinians.

While we believe in Jews having a homeland, we oppose Israel’s racist and expansionist policies as lucidly illustrated by the genocide in Gaza. Consider that in 1947 it was granted (unfairly and despite the opposition of the indigenous Palestinians) 54 percent of Palestine, although Jews were a minority. Through several wars, it now “possesses” 100 percent of Palestine. Some far-right Israeli politicians would like to see further expansion by absorbing Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula. The Jewish Bible says the borders of Israel should extend from the Nile to the Euphrates River. Accordingly, the two blue bands on Israel’s flag symbolize that assertion.

In light of UN’s futility to halt Israeli barbarity and expansionism, there’s only one effective policy the people of the world can adopt to bring the racist-Zionist entity to its senses.

Ban El Al from landing in airports around the world.

Ban commercial airlines from flying to Israel.

Refuse Israeli ships mooring facilities.

Not allow ships (cargo or cruise) to sail to Israel.

Not travel to Israel.

Not buy Israeli products.

Not sell anything to Israel…from bombs to bananas.

Ban United Jewish Appeal (an Israeli front to pump money from abroad.)

Dismiss Israeli sports, cultural, scholastic, technical, medical, and political organizations from international organizations, including the United Nations.

Refuse visa to Israelis who want to travel on business or for leisure.

Refuse visa to anyone who publicly supports the Zionist colony.

Not mention Israeli personalities in the media except when the Zionist Murder Gang goes on the rampage again.

Withdraw shares invested in Israeli companies.

Publish in multiple languages textbooks about the vile myths of the Israeli colonists, with chapters covering everything from the vast propaganda-PR campaigns of the Zionist entity to the murderous acts of Shin Bet (domestic spy agency) and the Mossad (international spy agency.)

At every opportunity identify a public personality (from entertainment figures to journalists and politicians) when they make pro-Israel or anti-Palestinian pronouncements.

Some of the above measures will also hurt Palestinians who live under Zionist occupation. But we are certain Palestinians would recognize the above steps are effective measures the non-U.S dominated world can take.

No matter how much money and other aid America pumps into  Israel, the pariah status of the Zionist colonists will force even Uzi-flashing Zionoids to bring down their fascist government and to withdraw to the 1948 borders sanctioned by the UN.

Even after Israel is forced to pull back to its 1948 borders, the world should demand that Israel pay billions of dollars as compensation for the misery (killings, destruction, land and other asset grabs) Israel has caused Palestinians for nearly a century.



  1. Israel supplies Azerbaijan with the majority of its weapons.
    That makes Israel responsible for their use against Armenians.
    And the Jewish American lobby gives Azerbaijan cover.

  2. I understand Israeli and Palestinian representatives are negotiating in Paris regarding a Palestinian prisoner release from Israeli jails with Hamas release of Israeli hostages. Am I the only person who thinks the negotiations are a farce, inane, and bizarre? Have the Palestinian representatives parked their brains at some Parisian bistro? How can they overlook the fact that Israel rules over millions of Palestinians? How can they overlook the fact that Israel needs no reason to imprison Palestinians, including children? After the Palestinians and Israelis complete the prisoner/hostage swap, what’s to stop Israel from arbitrarily imprisoning, say, 5,000 innocent Palestinians?

  3. There should be universal condemnation of this genocide happening before our very eyes, but simple condemnation is insufficient. There should be mass international action along most of the lines suggested in this article. If Palestine had oil or some other resources of value to the major powers, something drastic would certainly be done to stop the genocide immediately, but no world leader currently seems to have any moral clarity or commitment to justice and compassion. Every nation seems to be dedicated to Mammon in all its forms, led by the ‘super-powers,’ power being one of the manifestations of Mammon, as I understand it.

  4. Israel showed true colors. Victims of genocide / Holocaust helping a Genocide perpetrator like Azerbaijan in 2020 War and Artsakh siege. Selling weapons to the criminal and terrorist Azerbaijan makes them accountable for their crimes and just extend their corrupt israeli politics to Armenians. Not fan of Israel, Armenians have to get it together and unify, regarding ban of Turkish and Israeli products is a must that I always did in my life. #Armeniastrong

  5. The world is unfair whatever you think or write. This is the history of the world. You need to be strong in order to protect your nation and the country! Blaming others doesn’t work!

  6. I agree with all above comments, but mainly with Vahe : “Yeghounk ounis, Kloukh’d kereh”
    A very well written essay, but none of the recommendations you made will be applied because Uncle Sam will deafly and blindly Veto them and Western leaders will always support Him. The UN/International community is an impotent body. Since its formation in 1945 it hasn’t been able to execute any of it’s Security Council resolutions, which are in the 100’s. Turkey swallowed half of Cyprus and Makarios came out of the Security Council with tears in his eyes begging the International Community to get Turkey out of Cyprus and preserve Cyprus’s sovereignty over its land and today, 50 years on Turkey still occupies Famagusta and declares a Cypriot Turkish Republic which only Turkey recognizes !!! Israel provokes and manipulates the Arabs into war in 1967 knowing exactly what it wants and achieving it, the takeover of Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. How many Resolutions did the UNSC issue since then to order Israel’s withdrawal ??? …. and now, almost 60 years later Irael is still there and expanding to take over all of Palestine ….. PATHETC !!
    Israel, so far, has not and does not have any intention of recognizing the Armenian Genocide !!
    Israel does not only provide Azerbaijan with deadly sophisticated weaponry, it also trains and teaches them warfare and draws their warfare strategy, which was clearly evident in the 2020 war. Lessons are there for those who want to learn, but we haven’t learned anything through our 5000 years history. And now we are all anxious about what Azerbaijan, with the help of Turkey and Israel, is preparing for us. Are we ready for that ??

  7. In fact there is no power on earth that can bring Israel to its senses, of course there are many reasons for that, let me mention just some of them,
    1. ‘The Jews control the money’.
    2. ‘The Jews control the press’.
    3. ‘The Jews control the world’.
    4. To use force or declare war against Israel, by the Arab countries will be ridiculous, because not a single super power will deliver jet fighters to the Arab countries to attack Israel.
    5. With the military support of the super powers and with its own nuclear weapons Israel is able to crush any country in the world with exception of the super powers.
    6. All the above mentioned measures will be vetoed.
    7. All the world leaders and the governments who act hostile towards Israel will be severely punished.
    The big brother never sleeps and the chain is too long.

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