Evicted Palestinians sleep on the streets outside their homes in East Jerusalem


  1. If this happened in USA

    If this happened in USA or Canada, what would the human rights activists do?  Why aren’t they doing more for Palestinians and other nations worldwide?  I am sure there are a lot of nations ‘sufferring’ from the same misfortune and unfair treatment.

    I wonder if Israel would have been so free to commit those crimes if it didn’t have USA’s backing.

    The true definition of terrorism can be found in Israel’s actions against other nations…

  2. Eviction of Palestinians in East jerusalem
    If this happened in the USA I would hope that it would be investigated BEFORE publicising. The eviction in East Jerusalem was investigated AFTER it was publicised as deplorable propaganda. It was found that the families were evicted for refusal to pay their rent.

    Why is Human Rights Watch focusing on demonising Israel? Why is it not reporting in a balanced way and encouraging the many excellent projects that bring Palestinians and Israelis together to work together? Anyone who supports one side against the other is guilty of the crime of encouraging the conflict. There can only be one side – the side of peace!

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