Expectations of the Diaspora Following the Protocols

ARCA Dikran
ARCA Dikran

ARCA Dikran

The presentation will include a variety of subjects. Below is a selection of articles and essays that deal with most of the concerns that will be raised during the interactive talk.
  1. Too audacious!

    Based on hearsay and his writings on this website Dr. Abrahamian is not a member of any of the Armenian organizations involved in community activities, particularly politics. How come then he has the audacity to talk about a subject which is highly political and relates to the Diaspora?
    1. no prejudice please!

      Norair, are you implying that someone has to belong to any political organization or party to be able to express his/her opinion about politics, Armenia, our nation and human beings?

      Do you think those ‘members’ know more than others or perhaps you think they are ‘above’ human beings?  We are all educated people and have our own opinions that need to be expressed via all available means.

      In fact, in my opinion, I think people who belong to such organizations, specially political parties don’t have their own opinions, cannot be leaders and are just followers of old ideologies that do not even apply in current times.

      We, as Armenians should stop this backward mentality and move forward in saving our nation together without any prejudices.

    2. Since this organization

      Since this organization invited Dr. Abrahamian for the presentation, then I am sure he is qualified to talk about the subject in public.  I have been to a couple of his presentations and I can vouch that he is more than capable of expressing an opinion, perhaps better than your so-called members…

      Norair, don’t be so audacious…;)

      You should look-up his presentations on this website, there are some videos of them.

    3. What a (backward) mentality!

      It is exactly because of this kind of mentality and attitude that I swore to never join an Armenian political party.

  2. Exclusive Totalitarianism

    Armenians have suffered more due to the narrow minded bongs in the party system than anything else.  The main sad result is that imperialist vultures of this world take full advantage of this quasi-ottoman mentality.  We have as a result more incompetents in high places and more competents in no place than we can afford.  Political parties are not trustworthy.  They promote morons at the expense of the intelligent due to the very nature of their hierarchical and non-representative structures. 

    I have written a response about Ethiopian Armenians who fared better than comparable communities elsewhere, and the reason was the absence of the political party.  I realize that absence of political thought is a detriment to progress in national issues, but ironically in comparison to a corrupt system, nothing but apolitical community structure is in fact better.   The remainder of national spirit is enough to sustain an identity, although I do agree with the need for political institutions, such as the very institution of Keghart.com that is growing hopefully into something meaningful. 

    I am quite tired of the losers who call themselves leaders.  The latest rabble-rousing by the ARF led impetus was pathetic yet again.  The psychological message sent was a net negative as always, immature as always, superficial and hypocritical at best.  I too opposed the protocols, but I must confess that after conversing with knowledgeable people on this issue, again the blame goes to incompetent "leadership" for not alerting us and mobilizing us in the proper manner at the proper time: i.e. don’t scream and yell when the 150 km/h train is 50 meters from impact! 

    Indeed, where were our "luminary analysts" and "brilliant partisans" during all these stages that led to the protocols?  This question has been asked on this site.  I urge all to read the articles carefully.

    Dr. Abrahamian is someone we have needed badly and have been waiting for a long time now.  I thank you publicly, Dr. Abrahamian, for this site, for your dedication to our cause, for your honesty, for your integrity.  I respect you because you can take disagreement with grace and honor.  You have proven yourself beyond reproach for me personally.  I hope more out there see you for what you truly represent.  They will not leave your site. 

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