Final Proof of the Final Solution

By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian, London UK, 1 June 2011


Ara Sarafian, Talaat Pasha’s Report on the Armenian Genocide, 1917, Gomidas Institute Studies Series, Published by Taderon Press by arrangement with the Gomidas Institute, London, 2011, pp.70, contains a colored map on two sides, price £12/$15 : ISBN 978-1-903656-61-7        
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It’s a funny old world – very old indeed, and not funny at all – that we are living in. And yet it is getting funnier – though not really – if you remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah – a whole ancient city where sexual practice is exclusively homosexual and that in a period before Noah’s Flood … Mankind’s history has always been mad, bad and full of genocidal stories – Cain and Abel, blood-brothers, worshipping the same God, as much ours today, and yet Cain killed Abel, for God, guessing little that HE will not approve of it! How more stupid, and funny, can anyone get – stupidity is a prized element in comedic technique!

By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian, London UK, 1 June 2011


Ara Sarafian, Talaat Pasha’s Report on the Armenian Genocide, 1917, Gomidas Institute Studies Series, Published by Taderon Press by arrangement with the Gomidas Institute, London, 2011, pp.70, contains a colored map on two sides, price £12/$15 : ISBN 978-1-903656-61-7        
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It’s a funny old world – very old indeed, and not funny at all – that we are living in. And yet it is getting funnier – though not really – if you remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah – a whole ancient city where sexual practice is exclusively homosexual and that in a period before Noah’s Flood … Mankind’s history has always been mad, bad and full of genocidal stories – Cain and Abel, blood-brothers, worshipping the same God, as much ours today, and yet Cain killed Abel, for God, guessing little that HE will not approve of it! How more stupid, and funny, can anyone get – stupidity is a prized element in comedic technique!

The genocides began at the turn of the 20th c. by the Belgian King Leopold II, a bad-ass arch capitalist, as if out to prove V. I. Lenin’s much later theory that Imperialism [was] the highest Stage of Capitalism (1917), was interested solely in making vast amounts of money, just like a Russian Oligarch we have all heard about, robbed Congo of its ivory, copper, and mostly Rubber by massacring 10 million Africans (some put the figure at a staggering 35 million),  brought to world-attention among others by the American funny-man Mark Twain publishing a biting satire King Leopold’s Soliloquy in 1905, accusing the King of enslaving the heartland of Congo, of plundering, raping and mutilating its people, those who could not bring enough rubber quotas for the King’s robbers, were merely shot dead on the spot – copied by even the more ruthless German Kaiser Wilhelm II genociding in 1906 the Herero in South West Africa known today as Namibia – and not even brought to world attention by any funny men yet – the German Kaiser had dispatched a megalomaniac serial killer to (South) Africa with a heavily armed battalion, a proto-Hitler who loved signing himself as The Great General of the Mighty Kaiser, von Trotha  his cursed name under a genocidal document literally incredibly shamelessly titled Vernichtungsbefehl = Order of total Annihilation – more than 60,000 (out of eighty) Herero’s were driven into the desert to die of thirst … The German army had poisoned the wells … To save on bullets, von Trotha’s lunatics were ordered to bayonet the unarmed, or club them to death with rifle stocks!

Fellow Armenians, does it ring a bell with you, of your relatives driven into the Syrian desert of Der-el-Zor, to die of thirst, speared by bayonets? I know my relatives suffered from similar treatment!  

Queen Victoria, ridiculously called the Empress of … India she never even visited, was King Leopold’s auntie, and Kaiser Wilhelm’s granny.   Leopold had brought his first wife to auntie in London for some sex-lessons, and thanked Prince Albert, auntie’s German husband, when the wife fell pregnant for the wise and practical advice you gave me …. [It] has now borne fruit. And when the wife died, King Leopold in 1902 went straight into the lap of a Parisian … prostitute – yes, literally, not metaphorically – called Blanche Josephine Delacroix, produced two children, and finally married her in 1909, five days before he died on the 17th December. Before dying, one of History’s greatest (rather lowest of the low) sadists even managed to sign a Law instituting compulsory military service, a Prussian ideal delighting the sinews of his German cousin the mad genocidal Kaiser.   

Adam Hochschild, the great expert on King Leopold’s massacres in Congo, continues thus in his definitive book King Leopold’s Ghost (Macmillan Publishers, 1999);

Around the time the Germans were slaughtering the Hereros, the world was largely ignoring America’s brutal counter-guerilla war in the Philippines, in which US troops tortured prisoners, burned villages, killed 20,000 rebels and saw 200,000 more Filipinos die of war-related hunger or disease. … Britain …. killing Aborigines in Australia, in accordance with extermination orders as ruthless as von Trotha’s. And of course, in neither Europe nor United States was there major protest against the decimation of the American Indians.  

Any wonder that the German Kaiser, without any concern for international public opinion, taught the same genocidal tricks to his beloved Ottomans to do the Big One … Texan style – the 1915 genocide of this time the Armenians, in the Kaiser’s head the Africans of Anatolia sitting tight at the heart (the Congo) of the Ottoman Empire … somebody had to Vernichten die jenige = annihilate them, who better than the Young Turk Freemasons under his thumb, who against all the Noble ideals of their British craft to protect and honor their Armenian Bro(ther)s, killed them.

My mother, a Confucian wise woman, who as a child had survived the massacre of the Armenians, would say, the Young Turks had read the books and learnt their lessons backwards! Those genocides are continuing for a century now … as recently as May 2009, the Sri Lankan Sinhalese President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in full daylight and mind-boggling Satanism went for the Final Solution on his Tamil population – in a protected area – no-fire zone – they ambushed  a 100,000 Tamil men, women and children, sheltering on their paradisiacal beaches and simply bombarded them by Anglo-American-Israeli military craft and know-how … the world could not even catch its breath, while the innocent Tamils of Sri Lanka disappeared for good and worse.

The Soviets used to define the world’s global enemy as Anglo-American imperialism – Oh they were so right – even though they passed away, their profound political truth is everyday being proven the more evidential – with a tiny addition, that the Israeli fascist state, soaked in Palestinian Arab genocidal blood has become part of the deal, the bond, the Nazi Bund cementing the Anglo-American imperialist attempt at world domination, and its hydro-mineral resources. 

In olden times, they used to do it by Gunboat-Diplomacy, nowadays they do it through the IMF (the International Monetary Fund) and the subtle techniques of American sensual massage developed by the hip New-Age Hollywood Drug-dealers, what is known in London’s porno area, the Soho as Hand-relief and some extras … the IMF is no more than a well-exercised relief arm of the US Administration, robbing the nations of the world of their wealth and dignity, adept at creating massive bank debts and prostitution, not as a metaphor, but literally, through policies that is intended to rape the nations of the world into total submission, on their knees, foot-licking the American way of life, gobbling Hamburgers and guzzling Coca Cola … Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, has just been serving President Obama on his first official visit to Great Britain with hamburgers “at a barbecue in the Downing Street garden” (Daily Mail, May 28, 2011, p.16).   I bet the US Hamburger and Cola multi-nationals already paid several million dollars into the Obama electoral fund for the nice prime ministerial publicity.

The Frenchy Chief of the burger-smeared IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was granted $1million bail from New York’s notorious Rikers Island jail as he fights charges that he tried to rape a hotel maid (London Evening Standard, 20 May 2011, p. 9) – what a mentally retarded idiot enslaving nations, when he had enough money and power to rent the best prostitutes of New York, London, Moscow, Paris … instead, he strips naked and tries to force himself on a … poor hotel maid-with-a-Hoover!

What fools these men-in-power can be, precisely like King Leopold, who after making a billion dollars, skinning 10 million Congolese alive, goes straight to a French prostitute and marries her, in the nick of time, a few days before his death.   

Mr. Strauss-Kahn was actually the best President the IMF could ever have – the man reflected in all honesty the organization he led by doing to women what they were doing to the world – rape, rape, rape round the clock …

The imperialist Anglo-American-Israeli Triumvirate hovering over the world they are polluting beyond repair, are the 3 Satanic Curses (not Apollonian Graces) on mankind – O Soviets, poor Soviets, where art thee now? How right you were! And we, the little Armenians were one of you! Now, without you, the British fox, the American hyenas, and the Israeli monsters have become the greatest threat to the security of the world sleep-walking globally into drugs and prostitution, choking on the Carbon Dioxide they themselves are farting non-stop like the aerial machineguns they use for daily genocide, merely to reduce the global population for the gay pleasures of the mafia-oligarchs networked like a spider’s web throughout the world …

Funny old world getting funnier – Amnesty International has abundantly shaken the world’s conscience about people being killed fighting for the freedoms we enjoy in the West, simultaneously the news media of our own free world is entirely corrupted into misinformation, disinformation, and any other un-informed lies possible, just to hide the ugly truth from our free-thinking citizens, who thus never know whether they are coming or going, or whether they should be going or coming …

In Africa, and South America the poor live off garbage dumps and desert sand-soups made with raw-sewage liquid, while in civilized Britain, one of the best countries in the world, where East European migrants die to live, at least 64 children are sexually abused every day in England and Wales … the 2011 NSPCC (National Society for the Protection of Children from Cruelty) Report does not cover Scotland, the third member of the Brit Triumvirate – I do not know why – but it confirms that 23,000 cases of child-rape were reported in 2009-10, and over 1000 of the victims were aged 4 or under … I have just seen (26th May, 2011) the British Channel 4 Television documentary in the Cutting Edge series titled Breaking a Female Pedophile Ring, and I have not recovered from it yet, and I doubt whether I shall ever – mad women now competing with mad men in civilized Britain, and surpassing them in child-abuse, giving the lie to the Lesbian Feminist-junk that women are nurturers, and multi-tasking carers and self-sacrificing mothers coping with aggressive violent male rapists … 4 out of the 5 members of the Ring arrested are women and disgraceful mothers not worthy of the name, one of them, an affluent seeming one, has performed oral sex on her own … 2 years old child, self-videoed it for free distribution to the others … a sad, mad mental whore, she surpasses even the IMF President. See the unbearable program for yourself on your computer –

With a dozen times face-lifted prime minister like Silvio Berlusconi in Italy – a glorified Mafia pimp – people in the free West are getting madder by the day … mad at their rulers, mad with drugs, mad with their women, mad with impotence … mad, mad, mad! 

The great denier of the Holocaust is not the Iranian President Ahmedinejad – O how the imperialist Triumvirate would love to hand-relieve him without any extras … No, the world’s greatest deniers of a holocaust, are the Anglo-American-Israeli governments, that categorically deny the genocide of the Armenians – from my youth, I remember the Hollywood film, Irma La Douce the sexy whore going around with the requisite mini dog, a Chinese chihwawa!    The Brothel-Madams that they are, the imperialist Triumvirate uses the Turkish government as their chihwawa to fuss over the paper-proof of genocide!

Sadly, the scholars of the Jewish holocaust are still looking for theirs – a document, any piece of paper, a Vernightungsbefehl similar to the one signed by the megalomaniac German trotter von Trotha, ordering the genocide of the Herero. Although the evidence is written not in one but a million documents and all over the recorded ravings of Hitler screaming like a double and treble mad-man that he wants to rid the world of the Jews, repeated by his stiff-legged chihwawa Joseph Goebbels, and the sinister fox Himmler, and the fat swine Gőring – all ardent anglophiles and proto-Young Turks.

And finally, after almost a century, the paper-proof of the genocide of the Armenians attempted by the Young Turk triumvirateTalaat (the alpha butch male), Enver (the handsome effeminate bitch) and Jemal (the monster in-between) – has surfaced, where else but among the private papers of Talaat

All honors to Ara Sarafian, Publisher and Genocide Historian, for digging it up like an archeologist, belatedly – better late than never – and all nicely cleaned up and neatly polished. In the cool words of a scholar, Ara Sarafian confirms clearly the following;  

Throughout 1915-16, Talaat Pasha, the Ottoman Minister of Interior, supervised the destruction of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. … he ordered the general deportation of Armenians and oversaw the break-up of communities, the systematic confiscation of property … the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of people …. Talaat received progress reports from different provinces and, at the end of 1916, ordered a general assessment of his work ….

In 2008 the Turkish journalist and historian Murat Bardakçi published a report from Talaat’s private papers … obviously commissioned by Talaat Pasha and was obtained from his widow shortly before her death in 1982… the document started with summary calculations of the number of Ottoman Armenians in 1914 and 1917 … A note pointed out that the raw figures were undercounts and estimated the prewar Ottoman Armenian population (excluding Protestant Armenians) at approximately 1,500,000 people …. According to Talaat’s adjusted figures, around 1,150,000 Ottoman Armenians (or 77 percent) had disappeared between 1914 and 1917.              

That’s it really – as cold and state-organized murderous as anything genocidal can ever be. The rest of this slim (70 pages) pamphlet contains the details of the raw criminal data province by province. Be warned that if you are like me 2nd generation, born of the survivors as children, and brought up on the diseased names of the Masonic Young Turk triumvirate, you need to take some tablets for nausea not to puke all over the pages of poor Ara Sarafian’s svelte publication …

The book is overpriced at £12 a copy, the price of a Hardback, but I appreciate the daily struggles for survival of a small publisher. I am not happy with the title either – Talaat Pasha’s Report on the Armenian Genocide, 1917, although precise, it takes away the focus from the date of 1915 by now fixed globally – 1917 sounds conspiratorial and perverse, intending to deliberately confuse the world public opinion about the globally accepted date of the attempted genocide of the Armenians. The original mile-long source-title in Turkish is even worse; Murat Bardakçı, Talat Paşa’nın Evrak-t Metrukesi : Sadrazam Talat Paşa’nın bzel arşivinde bulunan Ermeni tehciri konosundaki belgeler ve hususi yazışmalar = The Remaining Documents of Talaat Pasha: Documents and Important Correspondence Found in the Private Archives of Sadrazam Talaat Pasha About the Armenian Deportations, published in 2008 by Everest Yayınları=publisher, Istanbul.  

Nazi murderers had the mysterious compulsion of meticulously keeping records of their crimes. I know of no psychological theory that can explain this fact adequately. Perhaps my psychologist wife, Clare Pilikian is correct that such scum is self-righteous, and convinced (self-hypnotized?) that their crimes are good for their nation – they are in fact proud of their deeds, and like Hitler think of themselves as Saviors

It seems that is what the Young Turk Triumvirate thought, Talaat in particular, who obviously considered the ruin of Ottoman Armenians a personal triumph and took his report into exile when he fled the Ottoman Empire in 1918 (p. 10). Mr. Sarafian concludes the paragraph by referring to Talaat’s untimely death in 1921

I cannot understand why Mr. Sarafian does not wish to mention that Talaat’s untimely death was in fact due to a vengeful bullet fired by a survivor of the genocide, Soghomon Tehlirian, who had seen his whole family butchered, and caught up with Talaat in a wealthy district of Berlin (Charlottenburg), and shot him at point blank range in full daylight on 15th March, 1921.  

Tehlirian’s German Trial-transcript – a Primary source for New Light on the Genocide of the Armenians

The State-prosecution by the new German government after the First World War entirely exonerated Tehlirian; the jury found him not-guilty and freed him immediately. In fact it was not only to see justice done, but also a tricky move by the post-war German government to scupper all charges of conspiracy against the German Kaiser (who had fled to Holland after the war) and his nation for actively participating in the genocide of the Armenians. 

In a perverse way, during Tehlirian’s trial, the official denials by the German judiciary only re-affirmed unwittingly the German Government responsibility for the genocide of the Armenians. The American Ambassador in Istanbul, Henry Morgenthau (Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story, 1918) had already made it amply clear to his fellow ambassador of Germany, Hans Freiherr von Wangenheim, that the Germans as allies of the Ottomans, and commanding their armies, cannot escape responsibility for not stopping the genocide when they undoubtedly and obviously could. This view dominated the world press and public opinion of the day. The ‘new’ post-First World War Germans wanted to abuse the Tehlirian case to disabuse their Kaiser’s imperialist genocidal criminal entanglements explicitly with the defeated Ottomans, and implicitly in Africa and China!

The transcript of the 2-day trial of Tehlirian in Berlin is not properly researched hitherto and/or mined for primary historical facts, in this case apposite to Mr. Sarafian’s booklet; 

(On a well-translated but badly edited and presented website – an unfortunately named Adolf von Gordon, seemingly leading the Defense team of Attorneys is quite blatant about out-of-court pre-trial conspiratorial arrangements – he keeps reminding Judge and Jury that

On the one hand, we are obligated to protect the rights of the Defendant, and on the other hand, we also feel obligated to protect the interests of the German Government. … We request the names of Dr. Lepsius and His Excellency General Liman von Sanders be added to the list of Expert Witnesses … be heard as experts on the whole Armenian Question. … We shall try, as much as possible, to limit our evidence to the issues. But I beg of you that nothing be left out. Believe me, Gentlemen, it is in the interests of the German Government that nothing be left out.

He then bizarrely, and very brazenly, towards the end of the trial, in his summing up, attacks the Judge for misleading the Jury in the most explicit confession of out-of-court back-room arrangements couched behind his words;

The District Attorney mentioned that if you [the Jury] declare the Defendant Tehlirian Guilty of pre-meditated murder and then lay the foundation for the implementation of the Death Penalty, it would not be a serious matter, since the President of our Republic will undoubtedly grant him a Pardon

What is extremely interesting about this statement is that nowhere in the preceding summing-up of the District Attorney such a claim is made … either

(1) It is not recorded in the transcript of the trial, or

(2) The translator has missed it, or that

(3) von Gordon tongue-in-cheek is putting words in the Judge’s mouth, on privileged information from the highest sources imaginable!!     

As a result of his testimony in this trial, the venerable Dr. Lepsius, who had already edited an impressive volume of Government documents from the German State-Archives concerning the Armenian Question, acquired almost a saintly status for his meticulous scholarship and historical knowledge, when in fact in this trial, he plays a patriotic dishonest high-politics jinx any … dumb American red-neck southern deep-fried spare-ribs gobbling fool would be proud of! 

Dr. Lepsius hilariously tries to lumber solely the … British and the Russian imperialists with the genocidal atrocities against the Armenians – he is not entirely wrong but he is partial to the facts he would have known very well of his own Kaiser’s attempted genocide of the Herero in Namibia. Kaiser Wilhelm’s imperialist appetite and compulsion for murdering whole nations was well publicized internationally – at one point, he had tried to stretch his withered arm (from childhood disease) into China … to massacre even the Chinese of the Boxer Rebellion, in anticipation of the yellow peril – a racist fright of the times that the Chinese will flood the world and eat up the Europeans! 

A German postcard celebrating the savage beating of a group of Chinese peasants, which precipitated the Boxer Rebellion.

The Boxers were labeled so by the Western news media – they were actually a society of Chinese peasants from Shan-dong Province of Eastern China, practicing martial arts calling themselves Yi Ho tuan = (a society of) Righteous Harmony Fists, fed up to the back teeth with the imperialist attempts to opiate them, to split up and occupy their country, especially after the German occupation of Jiao Zhou region and the British grab of Weihai

Already Shang-dong was the German Kaiser’s milking cow ‘owning’ the rail lines, the factories and the coal mines, while the local Chinese were paid starvation wages. They finally rebelled in a big way beginning in March 1898 – by June 1900 cornering all the foreigners in the Consular Quarter of the Forbidden City area in Beijing.

A contingent of Muslim Chinese given the name Kansu Braves joined the Boxers. The German Kaiser was so concerned by their bravery that he asked Sultan Abdul Hamit for help, who dispatched Talaat’s mate, later the second grand genocider of the Armenians, Enver Pasha to China in 1901 to persuade the Chinese Muslims to backstab the Boxers, by which time the Boxer Rebellion was crushed by an army constituted from 8 imperialist nations – Austria-Hungary, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Britain, the United States of America and Germany of course – they simply ransacked and pillaged, raped and murdered their way through the Forbidden City, beheading in public the Boxers, as they do in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today, regularly, weekly – America’s great petrol-buddies.

Enver Pasha and the Japanese troops may have learnt their genocidal lessons watching the allied troops operate – the Japanese notorious for their samurai violence were shocked witnessing their Allies rape the Chinese women, thousands of whom committed suicide directly as a result … The Japanese officers had brought along their own Japanese prostitutes to stop their troops from raping the Chinese – How noble of them! 

Russian Orthodox pedophile beasts decide to rape Chinese Catholic schoolgirls – they are discovered by the British who … sensitively decided not to investigate the matter any further, even though they were not sure if the rape had already occurred. The filthy French commander dismissed their own rapes as the gallantry of the French soldier

Yet again Mark Twain is incensed by imperialist abomination and writes yet another pamphlet titled To the Person Sitting in Darkness – that person was the famous American … missionary called Ament who had led the American troops through Chinese villages to Ku Klux Clan-hunt Boxers and steal their property! 

The world-famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was deeply moved by the plight of the opium-infested Chinese poor and strongly supported the Boxers and bravely held his own Tsar Nicholas II with the latter’s cousin the German Kaiser Wilhelm entirely responsible for the massacres.  

Enver must have titillated the porno-fantasy of Talaat and his mates in the Committee of Young Turks with his Chinese eye-witnessed stories … Tehlirian’s German Attorneys would be totally conscious of all those events – hot news of the day, reported by the media – taking place in their own lifetime.              

…. When more groups of Armenians were brought to the stations and there was no room to keep them, they were taken in groups into the desert and slaughtered. The Turks indicated that they learned this system from the British, who proceeded in a similar way with the Boers of South Africa, states Dr. Lepsius under oath, proving that he does know of the British imperialist atrocities in South Africa, but keeps shtum, mum, not a word about his Emperor Wilhelm’s genocide of the Herero next door in Namibia, actually in South Africa, let alone of the Boxers in China.   

And that the Turks themselves had told Dr. Lepsius so is of course un-provable … he then goes on to an astonishing analysis – The Armenian people are the victims of the conflicting political interest of the Russians and the British. … In the political chess-game played by London and Petersburg, the Armenians were the pawns who were sometimes moved forward and sometimes sacrificed. “Humanitarian redress” or protests of the Christian Minority were only pretexts employed to achieve political gains. To this fate, the Armenians have been nothing more than a means to an end for the political aspirations of Great Britain, Russia and France …   Wow! Kaiser’s pure German imperialism, the purest of the pure, not included?  

No, Dr. Lepsius is much too clever for that, like an English Fox, he knows when to strike and pervert facts, especially that at the time the whole Western world was condemning Germany as the fuck-buddies of the Young Turks, here is Dr. Lepsius’ moving virginal holier-than-thou Christian porno-words, with a subtle TV-plug for his book – Germany, as the publication of our official Government Documents will verify, since the Treaty of Berlin, has pursued a benevolent and prudent policy with reference to the Armenian Question. And, in return, we have been castigated all over the world as the nation which has instigated all the atrocities of the Sultan and the Young Turk government. You bet you are!

The deportations were decided upon by the Young Turk Committee, and Talaat was the most influential member. In fact, he was its very soul. He ordered the annihilation and did nothing to prevent it, confirms Dr. Lepsius with great avuncular authority, turning the global charge against the German government on its head, that it was the moral (classical German Philosopher) Kantian categorical imperative and Duty of the German Government to have prevented the Genocide, and IT did nothing, let alone in some cases, it participated actively helping the murderers – something the next venerable military idiot General Liman von Sanders, the Commander of the German Forces in Turkey is keen on ‘proving’ when he occupies the Expert Witness box next;

I wish to stress the fact that all the captains and officers up to the rank of General in Eastern Provinces were Turks! Nothing to do with me, Mate! – Later the usual excuse of the Nazi hierarchy in the Nuremberg Trials, Just following Orders …. The captains and the generals may have been Turks, but they were taking orders from Liman von Sanders taking his from the Kaiser thinking of himself as a world-conquering second Napoleon, imitated in turn by Hitler next! 

Some of you are aware of the fallacious rumors, harps on the General Pinochet of the Germans, playing the same broken record, that have been circulated [because True! –HIP] concerning the presence of German Officers in these provinces …. As far as I know [obviously not! – HIP] the German government did whatever it could at the time, [mark you – HIP] conditions permitting, to help the Armenians [The General lies, but catches himself lying, hence – HIP] However, we should also recognize that it was a difficult task for the German Government. [And now comes the Big Whopper – HIP] I know personally that our Ambassador, Count Metternich continuously protested against the policies and measures taken against the Armenians

Absolutely true, but the Liman von Sanders General bastard does not mention under oath, and none of the Attorneys correct him, that the evil German Ambassador in Istanbul during the genocidal atrocities was not Metternich, but a von Wangenheim, who got his just deserts (as reported by Ambassador Morgenthau) suffering a massive stroke and died from it a week or two before his happy retirement arse-licking his beloved Kaiser. 

Count Metternich was the next Ambassador that followed, and he irritated Talaat and Enver so much that they officially requested their Kaiser to eliminate him from Istanbul.

The bastard General von Sanders speaks one truth and many lies and finally ties himself in contradictory knots which the Court doesn’t even bother to untie; Some of most libelous reports of the world press have stated that German officers, and I think the same applies to all German officials, took part in the planned deportation of the Armenians …. As far as I know, the principal order pertaining to the deportation of the Armenians was given on May 20, 1915

And here comes the stupendous (and very stupid!) contradiction in the same foul breath none of the trial judges wants to catch – in the five years I was in Turkey, I never saw an order signed by Talaat against the Armenians, and neither can I testify whether or not such an order was ever issued.

The filthy General von Sanders had already heard in court previously – unless of course he was dozing off – the holy Dr. Lepsius confirming the following; Just before the war, the Armenians in Turkey numbered 1,850,000. There is no such thing as an absolutely accurate demographic census in a country like Turkey.   He could have added from Mr. Sarafian’s book the hilarious fact that a 1906/7 census recorded only the number of men (p. 60, Footnote) – it seems women simply did not exist for the elite male chauvinist Ottoman swine!               

However, continued pure and precise and wissenschaftlich=scientific Dr. Lepsius, this figure corresponds to the statistics of the Armenian Patriarchate in Constantinople.   Approximately 1,400,000 Armenians were deported. What is the significance of these deportations?   In a document signed by Talaat Pasha, [vindicated completely by Mr. Sarafian’s booklet – HIP] we find the following statement; “The destination of the deportation is annihilation”. These orders were carried out to the letter.

And I am almost certain (being fluent in German) that the word translated into English as annihilation, must be in its original German Vernichtung, exactly the word used in the written Order of the other German Imperial genocider of the Herero, General von Trotha. 

One could think that with the Genocide of the Armenians on their conscience, the Germans would think twice before doing the same to the Jews … Still, better than the Americans, who learn nothing of history and endlessly repeat it – Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan – the Germans at least seem to have finally grown wise after the Jewish Holocaust.

Then there is the strange and odd case of a Juror speaking on the 2nd day – I thought Jurors were not permitted to speak in Court, let alone call a witness – addressing the Judge as … Mr. President (unless it is an erroneous translation) seeking permission to call … a witness … an Indian!

Mr. President, we have present, here in the audience, an Indian who has said that all these fights and killings were caused not by economic factors but rather religious ones – obviously a religious nutter who wants to pervert the legal argument into a religious feud!

But who was he, that Indian?

Some minor flaws in Mr. Sarafian’s book can be corrected on further impressions – I think for example it is vitally important to have a glossary for technical terms like mutasarriflik, vilayet, kaza (administrative territorial divisions), okes (a weight measure), donum (land measure), archival abbreviations like EUM, DH

For consistency’s sake, all (non English) book titles must be translated into the language of the publication in question (English, in this case), why translate some like the very long title of Talat Paşa’nın Evrak-t etc. but not Arşiv Belgeleriyle Ermeni Faalilyetleri? Why assume that a reader in … China may know Turkish? And why assume that there will be no readers of the book in … China? One publishes for the world, not for a tribe. I wasted a lot of time hunting for Elazig(p. 9), on the excellent map included loose in the book (why loose? Surely, it would be better if it was glued in it), only to discover on p. 52 that Elazig is actually another name for the Vilayet Mamuret-ul-aziz which is indeed found on the said map.

On 11 February 1917, Talaat had sent a cipher telegram to 23 provinces, calling for a headcount of Armenians (p. 5) to check out the actual results of the attempted genocide. The only province that did not respond to this circular was Jerusalem (p. 8) – why, and how? How dare the provincial governor defy the central government and a military Junta at that? I searched for an explanation from Mr. Sarafian in vain. I could not resist the thought that it may have been sheer bureaucratic inexperience in the craft of perpetrating genocide; the Young Turks were novices compared to their later Nazi imitators whose bureaucratic efficiency was world-class.

However, what particularly delighted me was the confirmation of my innovative grasp that the people of Turkey then, in 1915, were not at all responsible for the criminal state-elite operating in their name – the actual killings were done by small gangs of criminals released from the prisons, given Ottoman army clothing and let loose on the defenseless victims. The rest was accomplished by the clever use of environment and climate, the act of deportation into the unknown, starved and thirsted into the Syrian desert of Der-Zor, practiced first in Africa and China. I read with joy the evidential heart-warming information that there were no deportations in Kutahya because of local (Muslim) opposition to the central government’s plans (p. 67, Appendix 2, Footnote). This is the kind of historical fact on basic decent humanity one wishes would surface more frequently.

It seems already between 2005 and 2007, the Turkish press had been publishing trickles of Talaat’s document – The newspaper Hůrriyet=Freedom had even the cheeky-chappy cynicism of publishing it on the 24th  of April 2005, and then on 23rd April 2006, celebrating with us the day of our National Mourning for the genocide victims – while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Armenia had been in deep slumber and snoring – or rather too busy with the rest of the government Mafiosi robbing our nation, impoverishing our people, whoring to the IMF rapists. 

Having sucked their people anorexic dry, the Armenian government’s Mafiosi have turned on the wealthy of the Diaspora Armenians to pick-pocket their Dollars. They have conceived this grotesque idea of creating an Armenian Senate on the US model, but as a replica of the British House of Lords puffed up with non-elected members (the Brits are trying to get rid of theirs!) Predictably, the Armenian version will be stuffed with the Diaspora billionaires – the hope is that they shall bring their bank accounts with them … The Armenian government Mafiosi cannot understand that they are wasting their time fantasizing about Diaspora dollars – the wealthy Diaspora Armenian Businessman is a shark – gobbles up the Jew and the Chinese, and the Chinese Jew for breakfast!

Wake up Armenian government gangs, and for a change do something useful – buy a million copies of this book and distribute it free to all parliamentarians and people-in-power globally for the foreseeable future – put in their hands the ultimate proof of the genocide of the Armenians forced into denial by the imperialist Anglo-American-Israeli Triumvirate.

Talaat’s ambition expressed to the shocked American Ambassador Morgenthau was that there shall remain a … single Armenian to be stuffed for a Museum exhibit of the race. 

The people of Turkey saved around 200,000 Armenians from the genocidal massacres, who parented (it is thought) around 3 million Armenian Turks – apart from a few million Hamshen-i Turks from the coasts of the Black Sea, convinced that they are all, without exception, of Armenian origin.   These facts are the continuous whipping of the dead of the Young Turks rotting in Hell.   

If a book has the power of turning any reasonable man instantly into a fool, it is this – any fool that shall still deny the genocide of the Armenians, will become a laughing stock and whistled out of a conference room at the sight of this book – a slim little pamphlet of a book, more important than the doctored volumes of state-archive publications – more important than hitherto the most important primary source book by Lord Bryce (The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-16).

For, Talaat Pasha’s Report on the Armenian Genocide by Ara Sarafian is the full confession of one of History’s great, nay, lowest and scummiest genociders, no less than the most perverted sadist of all time, whose stinky remains in Berlin were exhumed by no less than Hitler himslef, his brother-in-sadism, who returned it with honors in 1943 to Turkey, where Talaat was shamefully re-buried in a National Mausoleum in Istanbul.  

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  1. Book Review

    This is a superb piece of writing–highly informative and well written. Too bad only five people have read it. Those who are discouraged by its length, should consider that the longer the piece, the more pleasure they will obtain from reading it.

  2. Final Proof

     I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece putting in context of what is straight from the horse’s mouth.

  3. The Boxer Rebellion in China and the Turkish Connection

    I enjoyed much reading this piece of more than a book-review. I must confess, I learned a thing or two specially about the Boxer Rebellion in China and the Turkish connection.

    Hopefully readers will appreciate the immense energy that I feel emanating from this creation. The juxtaposition of ideas, names and events are sometimes breathtaking.

    Thank you Prof. H. Pilikian



    Dear Dikran, Vahe and Vahakn

    It is now 5.30 after midnight in London, or rather early morning – soon my young family will be up before I have even gone to bed … working on another piece for Keghart … when I received Dikran’s e-mail telling me to chek out the Keghart link – I am so … computer illiterate that I would not have known about your kind comments, if not warned by Dikran, who has enough on his plate without having to teach me computers too – I didn’t know for example that the two A’s on the top right hand corner of the ‘page’ enlarged the type-face … I was worried nobody would read the piece because of the tiny letters! 

    Anyway, as an Armenian author one is used to not being read … and three of you is already a best-seller crowd for me … 

    I am deeply moved and grateful for your attention.  Any one of you reaching London, can count on me showing them around the … Freemason Hall!! 


  5. Great Read

    A great read –  powerful, punchy and grippingly honest….. sort of "history of the world".  A truly mad bad world.  Well done darling!!!

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