Thirty-three and Counting: The Blunders of Pashinyan

By Friends of Keghart, Canada & USA, 30 January 2024

In recent months, the world has become familiar with the Arabic word Naqba which means catastrophe, and it is deployed by Palestinians to describe Israel’s pushing out 750,000 Palestinians from Palestine in 1948. Armenians also have a Naqba. It’s the middle name of Nikol Pashinyan, prime minister of the Republic of Armenia (RoA). Here is a partial list of Pashinyan’s 33 blunders.


  • April 2018: When the revolution was in full swing, he declared on the microphones at Yerevan’s Hrabarag (Square): “If Nigol does not become Prime Minister of Armenia, there will be no Prime Minister of Armenia.”
  • 2019-2020: At public rallies, he stated over and over “I will never ever sign anything without bringing it up with you, the people.”
  • Offended Russia EXCESSIVELY from the very start, not that in many ways Russia has not deserved severe criticism. It led the country into an uncharted territory and ultimately to the ethnic-cleansing of Artsakh. Some see it as punishment to Pashinyan, but led to catastrophe for the nation.
  • 2019: He went live on the Internet and asked citizens to block the entrances and exits of the courts in Armenia. A totally undemocratic call.
  • 2019: He closed the Ministry of Diaspora.
  • 2019: Armenia lost its critical position for good at the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).
  • He replaced all the key top positions, including the National Security Agency, with very young and inexperienced people (and often changed them). In doing so, he burned bridges and reduced confidence levels with the corresponding agency heads of friendly countries.
  • In a public speech in Artsakh, he declared Artsakh was part of Armenia. The statement sabotaged years of negotiations with the enemy and suggested Armenia had not been frank during negotiations with Azerbaijan. The statement was also a serious blow to Armenia’s international reputation and offered Azerbaijan the excuse to attack us in 2020 with disastrous results for Artsakh and Armenia.
  • Like previous leaders of the Republic of Armenia, he did not emphasize that Azerbaijan was invented in 1918 and that no country was ever named that before then.

DURING THE WAR (Sept 27 – Nov 9, 2020)

  • Sept 27, 2020: On the first day of the war he told the Parliament “If we lose this war, we will lose it with honour.”
  • On the third day of the war, Chief of Staff General Onig Kasbaryan told him: “Armenia cannot win this war.” Pashinyan ignored the general’s words although he knew very well that we were not only dealing with Azerbaijan.
  • On Oct. 10 Russia offered to stop the war provided that Russian peace-keepers took over Artsakh’s borders. Pashinyan refused.
  • On Oct 19, Putin had brokered a deal whereby Artsakh would keep Karvajar and Berdzor (Lachin) and return the other surrounding regions. He refused. (Shushi was still in Artsakh’s control).
  • His wife, without any official authority, was in the command headquarters’ bunker all the while interfering with the decisions of the top generals. When General Movses Hagopyan asked her to leave, she ensured he was fired. Additionally, she unfairly justified Azerbaijan detention of Armenian POWs after the war when she proclaimed that they were cowards. Moreover, she goes on extravagant shopping trips. This is unseemly in a country at war.
  • Pashinyan was calling the front lines on live Internet, supposedly to motivate the soldiers and was sheepishly asking: “How many of you are there?”
  • He continuously called President Emmanuel Macron instead of solving the issue with Moscow.
  • On Nov. 9, when he signed the capitulation agreement (without reviewing the text with Foreign Minister Mnatsaganyan or President Armen Sarkissyan), he did not resign.
  • The text had a lot of basic flaws. For example, there was no deadline for returning all the POWs. The deadline to vacate the surrounding regions was unrealistic and short, which did not give enough time for the villagers to take care of their fields, herds, and their other belongings.

AFTER THE War (Nov 9, 2020)

  • During POW’s exchange he returned all the Azeri prisoners without receiving all the Armenian prisoners.
  • 2021: When Azeri forces cut into Armenia proper, he incredibly said: “We are not going to start a war just because their forces moved to our side of the lake.” Pointing to a mountainside, he said: “That mountain is covered with snow half the year. Are we supposed to defend that mountain, too?”
  • 2021: In Prague, he agreed Artsakh was part of Azerbaijan, without receiving guarantees about the security of the people living there.
  • 2022: During a press conference in Germany with Chancellor Sholz, he talked about Azerbaijan’s borders when the Chancellor was talking about Artsakh’s self-determination.
  • 2023: Armenia signed the Rome Statute, without getting anything in return. He caused additional anger in Moscow.
  • Throughout his tenure, instead of working behind the scenes, he criticized other countries during interviews with foreign and local reporters.
  • He appointed his English tutor as ambassador to the United States…the highest diplomatic title. She had no experience in diplomacy.
  • To negotiate a “normalization” process with Turkey, he appointed an inexperienced 30-year-old as a negotiator. The appointee had no diplomatic credentials or experience in international negotiations.
  • Throughout his tenure there has been an obvious push to detach from Armenian national values and history. He has an agenda that eerily coincides with that of our hostile neighbors’ agenda. During his unfortunate tenure, the Ministry of Education issued books and textbooks that changed Western Armenia to “Anatolia.” By not correcting he gave his tacit approval to texts and pronouncements which asserted that Armenia’s coat of arms should change, that Ararat is not in Armenia, and Armenia’s highest mountain is Arakads (Thank you Mr. Geographer-Historian). He is all for changing the title of our history books from “Hayots Badmutyun” to “Hayasdani Badmutyun,” etc.
  • He did not hit back at absurd Azeri claims, such as that Armenia is “Western Azerbaijan.”
  • Instead of modifying some of the items of the constitution, he wants to re-write it so that Armenia would have no demands from any of its neighbors, burying Artsakh’s self-determination for good, as well as the Cause of Armenian lands occupied by Turkey.
  • He is trying to cut off the nation and the country from its history.
  • He imprisons many and prevents entrance of compatriots from Diaspora — people who simply disagree with him
  • Did not hit back sufficiently at Israel’s continual support of Azerbaijan’s genocide of Armenians in Artsakh and Israel’s hypocrisy in refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide.
  • While the Azeris make nonstop new demands, Pashinyan continuously talks about a “Peace Document,” without getting anything in return. He just offered another map of the buried mines without getting anything in return.

When or after how many nation-destroying blunders will error-prone and incompetent Pashinyan be considered a criminal or a traitor?

  1. Anything positive or in Nikol Pachinyan’s favor?
    The thirty three nation-destroying blunders that were painstakingly collected reminded me of Jesus’ age when he was crucified for no offenses.
    But NP endures, so does Armenia after having hit with 33 nation-destroying blunders. A lesser country should have succumbed by now.
    The blunders continue and burden the friends of keghart to keep up with the count.

  2. I expected a lot more from Keghart (or its “friends” – give me a break) than repeating Russia-dictated Dashnak narratives. Pashinyan did make many blunders, but “stupid” people of Armenia keep electing him. Maybe it’s not Pashinyan but these “confused” people of Armenia to blame? Or maybe, just maybe, these “lost” people of Armenia know something your Russian bosses and their “Armenian” servants cannot comprehend?

  3. The listing of 33 “nation-destroying blunders” negates Dikran’s assertion that – not the former – is “an independent non-partisan online periodical”, simply because logic dictates that along with the 33 “nation-destroying blunders”, there got to be “nation-building accuracies.” Merriam-Webster dictionary lists accuracy as an antonym of blunder.

    Surely, is biased against the PM Nikol Pachinyan who continues to shoulder enormous responsibility post the 2020 disastrous war Armenia lost under his watch and, for all indications, continues to enjoy popular support even after signing the November 9, 2020 dictates. Yes, that is what wars do. One wins and the other loses and “vae victis” – “woe to the vanquished.”.

    I am surprised to read that does not state that those who, on November 10, 2020, unleashed their hoodlums against the PM, gave the speaker Ararat Merzoyan a beating, sacked the National Assembly Hall and the PM’s office and retained these hoodlum in their ranks. The same organizations a year later started accusing Azerbaijan for not abiding by the November 9, 2020 dictates Azerbaijan signed when they themselves violently opposed ! Go and figure.

    Unlike PM Pachinyan, President Nasser initiated the 1967 Six-Day war, it and the rest of the Arab countries lost. He offered to resign but the people of Egypt refused Nasser’s offer. Nikol Pachinyan resigned six months or so late. The citizens of Armenia re-elected him in June 20 or 21, 2021. A fact that Diaspora based Keghart. Org ignores and declines to honor the democratic will of the citizens of Armenia.

    I remember the inordinate ridicule Diaspora lavished on Hranoush Hagopian, the former Minister of the now non-existent Diaspora Ministry. I maintain the Diaspora relations should not be, and cannot be handled as a Ministry and have the Minister of Diaspora Affairs attend every government meeting and report on Diaspora. Which Diaspora? is falsely implying that there is single Diaspora whose representative/s deals with Armenia.

    Something is amiss with this painstakingly collected personal opinions presented as “nation-destroying blunders” and as “globalist” agenda, whatever that means.

  4. Everything Nikol Pashinyan did or facilitated, as listed above, was done intentionally, with the goal of eliminating any pursuit of Hai Tahd (aka The Armenian Cause). Nikol Pashinyan is a creation of the West and Turkey, funded and put in power in order to pacify Armenians world-wide and isolate Russia. Like the fools in Ukraine and Georgia, Armenia will continue to pay a heavy price for their fatal miscalculation about the anti-Armenian agenda of the Velvet Revolution. Armenia will never recover as long as Nikol Pashinyan and his entourage of simpletons and foreign agents wield power in Armenia

  5. Put aside the thirty-two blunders and consider just one. I am talking about Pashinyan’s insane declaration in public, in Artsakh, that Artsakh is Armenia. That was the “permission” Aliyev needed to attack in 2020. Since then, it has been disaster after disaster.

  6. The cartoon at the top of your list indicates the trajectory…
    Indeed I had expected much much much more from Keghart…
    After all, there are as many DIASPORAS as there are Armenians outside of Armenia…
    After all, Diadpora is a pretentious designation to a nonexistent entity… invented by “leaders” of diaspora…
    Keghart can do… must do better…

  7. Armenia is on the verge of being wiped out.
    Keghart has compiled a list of reasons why “the buck stops with pashinyan,” as he has presided over the worst calamities, and yet, Armenians continue supporting a homeless looking cuckold.
    My only problem with the aricle is it stopped at 33, as that number is way too low

    Here are a few more items pointing to paşinoglus treasonous mindset, where he has always desired to break up Armenia

    a) pashinyan’s 2008 memoirs gave Artsakh away.(“Երկրի հակառակ կողմը”):

    «… սրտի և ուղեղի հակամարտություն: Սիրտը ուզում է, որ Արցախի դաշտավայրն իրենը լինի… ուղեղն ասում է` մասի համար չի կարելի ամբողջը վտանգել, և առնվազն պետք է հայտարարել, բարձր հայտարարել, որ այդ դաշտերը մեզ պետք չեն, որ մենք պատրաստ ենք էդ հողերը վերադարձնել` հանուն խաղաղության»

    b) In 2001, Pashinoglu desired to cede control of Syunik

    c) paşinoglus wife, anna hakobyan, cavorting with known turkish grey wolves in her “Erato (erotic)” division

  8. Pity that Keghart has sunk to such level to portray Pashinian with a fes.
    All the blunders mentioned weigh little compared to the pragmatic reality that Pashinian inherited a situation that needed a drastic change . What kind of Armenian will hesitate to say that Artsakh is Armenia, and to blame him for giving Aliyev an excuse to attack by such saying, is ridiculous , as it justifies the false Azeri propaganda. War was inevitable in the light of Azerbaijan arming itself to the teeth while the former regimes were enriching themselves with yachts and palaces.

  9. The problem with the Armenian leaders is that the moment they get their title they become “KNOW IT ALL”.
    They don’t need advisors/experts.The only advisors they value and appreciate are “the yes men”.
    From the date that we became independent all our leaders have suffered from this disease. Therefore as long as our leaders continue to have this disease, we loose.
    Bedros Kojian

  10. In response to Vahakn’s “Pachinyan’s insane declaration about Nagorno-Karabakh Oblast”, I would like to point to the following: Yes, Nikol Pachinyan’s utterance that Karabakh is Armenia and that is all to it, was not a statement that an astute politician or statesman would have made. He has come a long way since. However, it is infantile to think that Azerbaijan was not planning to annex Nagorno-Karabakh Oblast, whatever Armenia said or was willing to negotiate, into Azerbaijan when it was never part of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan simply had to assure military superiority to achieve and it did. The Nagorno-Karabagh Oblast, as the name indicates was an oblast within the Soviet Union. However, we should bear in mind that Armenia, unification with Nagorno-Karabagh oblast is stated in Armenia’s Declaration of Indolence. That is where the talk of 4th republic will be about. If interested you may read my blog «Beyond the Constitution»

  11. In Greek “kakos” means “bad.”, Thus, “kakistocracy” is a system of government in which the rulers (Pashinyan and his circle, including his eminent wife), are the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

    1. Russia and Iran are the only true friends Armenia has. Pashinyan will take Armenia down the road of Sachavilli in Georgia and Poroskenko/Zelensky in Ukraine. Note those are all Ashkenazim Jews installed by US State Department who all too readily betray these countries for cash. Judas was real.

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