Biased Media Lies in 1,000 Ways


By Garcia Wilde, Miami, 16 December 2023

Calling traditional media “mainstream” or “legacy” has become passé adjectives as millions, if not billions, of readers and viewers are switching to the Internet for news, opinion, and entertainment while newspaper and TV audiences are shrinking. However, despite its probable terminal anorexia, the traditional media has been resolute in its biases and apparently has no interest in introspection. The glaring recent example of this is its one-sided coverage of Israel’s campaign of genocide in Gaza.

Even before it was established in 1948, the Zionist entity enjoyed good press in the West. That same bias persisted in the past 75 years despite countless Israeli trespasses. And that same bias persists as the Israeli army commits genocide of Palestinian civilians. According to Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, as of Dec. 14 the Israeli army (hypocritically called Israeli Defense Force) has killed 23,012 Palestinians, injured 45,920, displaced 1,840,000, destroyed 62,300 houses, flattened 271 schools, destroyed 1,235 industrial facilities, and has razed 104 mosques and three churches. It has also targeted 462 health staff and 131 health facilities. Finally, the IDF has killed more than 7,000 children.

Israel knows the West’s media will abjectly respect its home country’s policies. In acting as Israel’s mouthpiece, the West’s media has committed every journalistic sin imaginable. In the service of Israel, here are some of the gimmicks the West’s media indulges in.

  1. To discourage readers and viewers from investigating the origins of the conflict and the litany of Israel’s crimes, the western journalists often say/write: “It’s a long and complicated conflict. They have been fighting for centuries.” The facts are these: the conflict started in the 1920s when indigenous Arabs opposed the British Mandate’s illegal admission of Eastern European Jews into Palestine. These illegal immigrants–mostly from Ukraine, Austria, and Poland made no secret that their aim was to snatch away–with the connivance of the British rulers of Palestine—the country from native Palestinian Arabs.
  2. The narrative the “journalist” from the west spouts is often based on the Israeli perspective while the Palestinian narrative is deep sixed. For example, while for days the West’s media beat the Israeli drums alleging the Al-Shifa hospital was a Hamas command center that same media became stone silent when Israeli propaganda failed to prove its allegation. After milking the story for a week, suddenly the western journalists dropped the story although Israel proceeded to destroy the hospital causing an unknown number of deaths.
  3. While Palestinian human losses are twelve times that of the Israelis, it’s the Israeli pain (Oct. 7) that is highlighted repeatedly. If the Palestinian losses are mentioned, they are done so briefly while Israeli losses are highlighted with teary verve. Thus, yet again Palestinian losses are marginalized or ignored.
  4. A reader/viewer of the west’s coverage of the daily massacres would assume the Palestinians suddenly went berserk on Oct. 7 and with no cause killed 1,200 Israelis. By the way, an unknown number of these “Israelis” were foreign workers while some Israelis were killed by the IDF to prevent hostage taking by the Palestinians. If you didn’t know the truth about Israel’s conquest of Palestine and the murderous occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, you’d think “barbarian” Arabs one day suddenly decided to kill Israelis for no reason. The western “journalists” do verbal somersaults not to mention Palestinians have lived under vicious Israeli occupation for 75 years.
  5. The West’s media depicts the genocide of Palestinians as “War on the Jews.”
  6. Such leading U.S. newspapers as The New York Times and the Washington Post have published articles which falsely claimed Palestinians had beheaded Israeli women and babies.
  7. The West media justifies the illegal existence of the Zionist entity by blaring that the United Nations had approved the creation of Israel. The West media doesn’t mention that at the time (1947) the UN was dominated by the U.S. and that Washington blackmailed/twisted the arms of a number of states to vote for partition against the will of the overwhelming majority of Palestine’s population. A number of states which were in economic turmoil in the lean post-war years were told by Washington to vote for partition or else they would be denied such U.S. economic aid as the Marshall Plan. Even if the votes for partition were not compromised, what right did the UN have to give away part of the Palestinians’ homeland to foreigners?
  8. The West’s media also echoes the Zionist party line that when the vote results were made public, the obdurate Palestinians refused to recognize UN’s will. Why would Palestinians obey the West’s diktats when the Jewish minority was given more land than the indigenous majority?
  9. Ignoring the genocide of Palestinians and the destruction of the Gaza Strip, the West’s media mourns the economic losses of Israel.
  10. While West Bank’s cowed Palestinians stayed out of the Gaza invasion, Israel unleashed its fascist settlers to attack the West Bank’s peaceful Palestinians and grab their houses and lands. These vermin have so far killed 200-plus Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. They also cut the olive trees of the Palestinian farmers to deprive them of their livelihood. The West’s media was silent—except for social media—about Israel’s illegal settlement conspiracy.

The above ten remarks are in no way comprehensive. Western journalists’ coverage of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict requires a dozen tomes to do justice to the Palestinians who have been described by the west’s media as violent, extremist, and anti-Semitic barbarians just because Palestinians want to be masters of their homeland.

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