Genocide Documentary and Charents on Mountain Lake, PBS




  1. Much appreciated endeavour

    Much appreciated endeavour. Why aren't such initiatives not planned on an ongoing basis? Should they be aired only on commemorative days? Shouldn't our various cultural, educational, compatriotic associations have teams to pursue such projects on a day to day schedule?
  2. Obama’s Encouragement

    A collateral damage of Obama's/US refusal to recognize the Armenian Genocide is that it gives permission to media hustlers like the "Wall Street Journal" to justify their publishing of Turkish-ads which repeat Turkey's tired falsehoods about the Genocide. Basically, the Obama denial allows any ignorant or malicious American to claim there was no Armenian Genocide because "historian" Obama says so. The same historian who a few months before he became president said, more than once, that America should recognize the Genocide. But then again we don't know whether he was born in Hawaii, Africa, Indonesia or whether his first name is Barry or what.

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