Global Media Ignore Genocide of Karabakh Armenians

Some 120,000 Armenians, who live in the Armenian enclave of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), have been under siege by Azerbaijan for the past four days. The Baku government has blocked their only road connection to Armenia. Yesterday their gas was cut by Azerbaijan to starve them and to freeze them to death in Artsakh’s typically extreme weather conditions. There is a massive humanitarian crisis developing which the world and its media are ignoring. There are sick people who can’t go to Armenia for treatment. Medical operations have been halted. Newborn babies are freezing. Armenians are trapped, unable to get their message out.

While the International Court of Justice has ordered urgent measures to protect Armenians, the West is ignoring the potential genocide of Armenians because it buys gas/oil from Azerbaijan while Russia is ignoring the calamity because of the pact Vladimir Putin and Azeri dictator Ilham Aliev signed on the eve of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Genocide Watch, the International Association of Genocide Scholars, and the Lemkin Istitute for Genocide Prevention have condemned the barbaric Azerrbaijani action. Unfortunately, these well-meaning organiations have no influence on the Azeri dictatorship. Please let the world know of the Azeri-hatched immient genocide of Armenians.

December 15, 2022

This note is sent to 5000 professors across Canada in addition to regular readers 

  1. I was able to send similar letters to CTV news and CTV W5, Canadian investigative program, which is of high caliber, hoping that they will provide an in-depth historical review of the problem. Such valuable reporting that we are used to hearing in Canada. I hope they will get my messages and take the matter seriously.
    I Also sent one to Aljazeera English, which I am sure will not ignore, and will report this developing story as it always does.
    My message to the world is: DO NOT EQUATE THE VICTIM with the BUTCHER, in your statements please!
    There is more to send, I will let you know.

  2. While corporate mainstream media are focused on Ukraine, Artsakh’s Armenians are freezing and starving.
    These crimes by Azerbaijan are being permitted by Russia and the West.

  3. Davit,
    Azeri oil is thicker than Armenian blood, according to the mainstream presstitutes and the gangs at the White House and the Kremlin. Long ago we wrongly assumed their Christianity would have some bearing on their decisions. Nowadays, we can’t even appeal to their “humanity”, a droll concept, I am sure, for them.

  4. We realize that we have a true catastrophic emergency and a genocide in progress in Artsakh.
    Short of ANCA and the Assembly, we see only articles in Armenian newspapers reporting the facts. Where are the Op-Ed’s in major World newspapers?
    The world is silent about the planned Genocide by Azeri government.
    Where are the massive street demonstrations in LA, Beirut, Paris, London Washington, Toronto?
    Why are the Armenian parties passive?
    The time to prevent Genocide is now.

  5. Nagorno-Karabakh, which is not a disputed territory, exists rather than Artsakh. Even Armenia has acknowledged this region as belonging to Azerbaijan on a global scale.
    Nagorno Karabakh and 7 (seven) surrounding districts were occupied by Armenia, and the UN adopted four resolutions (822, 853, 874, and 884)calling for the withdrawal of Armenian forces from the Azerbaijani territory they had occupied. Armenia violated these regulations for almost 30 years.
    Read the UN resolution to educate yourself! UN resolution links are provided below.

    Less than 30,000 Armenians reside in Nagorno Karabakh, but you did nothing to protest when Armenia invaded Azerbaijan’s territory, torturing and killing Azerbaijanis there. And how did 70,000 ethnic Armenians end up being the majority as compared to a million exiled Azerbaijanis who have been refugees since 1990 and are still awaiting the restoration of justice in their homelands? According to UN records, one million. The one million refugees caused by the Armenian takeover of Azerbaijani land make this the worst humanitarian disaster to hit Europe since the Second World War.
    20% of Azerbaijan’s land was occupied by Armenia in 1990. one million citizens from Azerbaijan were killed, tortured, and expelled. As a member of the UN, Canada voted in favor of the four resolutions calling on Armenia to withdraw its troops from Azerbaijani land and identify Armenia as an aggressor and terrorist. We waited for justice for thirty years!
    Do you now challenge the UN and Canadian government’s decision? Do you support terrorists?

  6. Konul,
    More than two-thousand years ago, the great Roman military commander and writer Pliny the Elder wrote in his ten-volume history that Arsakh is part of Armenia. Although in recent centuries, Turks (Azeris are Turks) penetrated the area with the sword, Armenians continued to be the overwhelming majority of Artsakh. In the early Twenties, the Communist Party of the Caucasus voted that Artsakh is part of Armenia (more than 80 percent of the population was Armenian). However, Stalin reversed the decision and gifted Artsakh to Azerbaijan so as to please Azeris’ older brother Turkey. Thus Azerbaijan misruled Artsakh and oppressed Armenians for the next 70 years and settled Turks in Artsakh to gain demographic superiority. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Armenians of Artsakh declared independence (they were still the majority). Azerbaijan attacked the Armenians and lost the war. Thanks to petrodollars, military assistance by Turkey, Israel, and Jihadist terrorists, Azerbaijan conquered most of Artsakh.
    Bottom line: when the world says Artskah belongs to Azerbaijan, it is acceding to the illegal decision of Stalin, one of the bloodiest dictators of the 20th century. While the world condemns the career of Stalin, it somehow considers legal his illegal granting of Artsakh to the Azeri Turks of Central Asia who raided southern Caucasus. ,

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