The Architects of the Unfolding Tragedy of Armenian Jerusalem

By Hagop Hagopian, Toronto, 23 July 2022
The two treacherous and criminal moles are at it again…to erode the 1,600-year Armenian presence in Jerusalem. We are referring to the so-called Patriarch Nourhan Manougian and his equally execrable sidekick-adviser-enforcer Rev. Baret Yeretsian.
The revolting duo is about to sign yet another illegal real estate transaction which will see the handing of five Armenian-owned buildings in West Jerusalem for 100 years to Jewish-Australian developer Danny Rubinstein who these days is a frequent visitor (often at night) to Baret’s luxurious apartment where cognac and cigars are consumed as if there’s no tomorrow.
The market value of the real estate is estimated at $1.5 billion to $2 billion. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Incredible as it may sound, the anti-Armenian Nourhan/Baret combo has refused to divulge the financial compensation the Patriarchate or they would receive. If signed, the Patriarchate will be deprived of rental income and key money for the next 100 years. It’s a mystery as to how the Patriarchate will survive without the rental income.
The duo intend to proceed with their criminality although in doing so they will violate every clause of the Sts. James Brotherhood’s constitution. In doing so, they will also give away real estate diligently accumulated over the centuries by the Armenian Nation–from princes to pilgrims.
The cunning Nourhan/Baret duo is adept at circumventing the Sts. James Brotherhood constitution because they are old hands at the game. Consider their similar sleight-of-hand re Goveroun Bardez (Cows’ Garden) last year. For example, to give the illegal transaction a sheen of legality, they presented the real estate deal to the Synod. Although the Synod twice rejected the proposal, Nourhan/Baret will now try to justify their criminality by citing that they had apprised the Synod of the contract.
The two clerical moles who have been eroding the power and prestige—not to mention presence—of Armenians in Jerusalem are acting as if they are accountable to no one. Catholicos Karekin II’s tepid reaction to the illegal Goveroun Bardez transaction of last year might have encouraged the despicable twins to proceed with their treachery. The Catholicos should send an inquiry committee post haste to Jerusalem to stop further Judas acts by the revolting pair.
While Catholicos Karekin II has been less than helpful, the Palestinian Authority and Jordanian authorities are deeply concerned in the criminal real estate deals of the so-called Patriarch and Baret Vartabed. Both governments closely follow these transactions because they believe the underhanded deals compromise the topography of the Holy City. The Palestinians and Jordanians are also concerned about the fate of other Armenian real estate in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Looking at the recent illegal real estate activities of the Nourhan/Baret pair one is forced to arrive to a single and obvious conclusion: the two traitors are out to erase the Armenian presence in the Holy City. Turkish agents couldn’t have been more effective in damaging Armenian Jerusalem. It’s a well-known fact that the venomous pair is disliked and distrusted by the majority of the clergy. It’s also a well-known fact that they are disliked and distrusted by the community. The brazen criminal activities of the pair have encouraged rumors that they plan to abscond with their criminal gains and fly for sanctuary to the United States [they are citizens of the United States].
“After us, the deluge,” seems to be the motto of the poisonous pair.
  1. Էէէէ կը բաւէ այլեւս զզուեցանք այս երկու դաւաճաններէն։ Ու՞ր է ազգը այս երկու աղտոտներուն վտարէ այլեւս:

  2. The King of Jordan Abdullah the Second said during his state visit to Armenia in 2018 the following: “But In Jerusalem, the Armenian Quarter has been part of the city for centuries. And the Armenian Patriarchate was among the Churches protected under the Pact of Omar, a tradition of Christian and Muslim coexistence that dates back over 13-hundred years, to the days of Caliph Omar bin Al Khattab. This heritage continues today in the Hashemite Custodianship of Jerusalem’s Islamic and Christian holy sites, a duty I am proud to carry. And I am especially proud to be entrusted with the responsibility for the holy sites of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem”. If the Armenian Quarter is important to the Hashemite Kingdom and especially King Abdullah he should withdraw the Firman (Official recognition of the Kingdom given to Patriarch Nourhan and all other Patriarchs). King Abdullah should withdraw his recognition of Patriarch Nourhan if not doing so we will continue to witness such dangerous transactions. Nourhan is putting in danger the entire Armenian Quarter and Christian presence in Jerusalem!

  3. Armenag,
    You have a point. The Armenian nation (Catholicos Karekin II and Catholicos Aram I, the three political parties, the AGBU, and the Armenian media–with rare exceptions) is indifferent to the criminal activities of “Patriarch” Nourhan and “real estate guru” Baret Vartabed and the impending demise of Armenian Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the corrupt, ignorant, stupid, and arrogant ROA government is entangled in its largely self-induced calamities. Thus, the two Jerusalem Vasags merrily keep on putting excess avoirdupois: Nourhan lobes Ferrero and Lindt chocolate balls all day long while his grey eminence and real estate salesman Baret (more than fifty years after becoming a clergyman still a vartabed) indulges in expensive brandy and cigars. The Armenian community of Jerusalem, backed by its clergy and local Palestinians, should rise up and bring down these two thieving charlatans. The Sahagian demonstrations a few months ago were unfortunately feeble affairs: far greater number of participants are required to make an impact. I realize Nourhan & Co. can retaliate since they are the self-appointed Lords of the Armenian Quarter. But as they say, “to make omelet, you have to break two eggs.”

  4. Did you say: “as if they are accountable to no one”???
    But they are accountable to no one except to blackmails to give in.

    We should not blame D Rubenstrin (tool to Zionism) or blame Zionism. They do what’s best for them.
    Armenians, on the other hand, do not have an Armenian Zionism to buy, repurchase, land from the occupying government(s).

    The government is aware of loyalty “cracks” among Armenians, and the fact that no one yet has taken charge since last year, or four years ago, or 100 years ago, to bring these two or others in other places to “justice”.
    Exposing the criminality of baret noir Han, is at best good, but not helpful.
    Yes these two thieves are accountable only to the occupying government. No one else. That in the absence of cowardly local community, cowardly group of “clergy”, self centered Catholicos in yerevan, unclear government authority in yerevan, and disunited Armenian national force, these two next will sell the community members.

  5. Ինչ էինք ինչ եղանք այս երկու դաւաճաններուն պատճառով։
    ՎԱՅ ՔԵԶ ՔԱՂԱՔ ՈՐ ԹԱԳԱՒՈՐԴ ՄԱՆՈՒԿ Է – Մանուկ էիր Նուրհան մանուկ ալ մնացիր, դաւաճան էիր դաւաճան ալ մնացիր։

  6. Ms. Juice Sulahian, the one who writes Nourhan’s speeches in English and communiques stop defending the two thieves and traitors unless you prefer defending traitors and thieves instead of defending the continuation of the Armenian presence in Jerusalem and our heritage here.
    I suggest you instead of sitting in New York and writing nonsense call Nourhan or Baret (both of them are your good friends no?) and ask for explanations, unless you prefer to continue and be in silence as most of the Armenians.

  7. Ms. Sulahian,
    Everyone in Jerusalem knows who you are. They also know of your busy social life there. They know you were close to Nourhan. So, please don’t pretend to be an objective source.
    You say “enough of lies” in the above article. Please tell us the truth. You worked for Nourhan both in Jerusalem and at long distance from the United States. You are his English locutor although he and Baret spent many years in the U.S. Please tell us–categorically–of the “lies” in the Hagopian article. To help you out:
    1. Tell us why the financial aspect of the criminal deal is known only to Nourhan and Baret. That is, what financial compensation will be received–if any–from the Jewish-Australian developer?
    2. Tell us how the patriarchate will function without the rent from the said West Jerusalem properties?
    3. Tell us why Nourhan and Baret have kept secret their real estate deals?
    4. Now that Goveroun Bardez has been absorbed by Zionist Danny Rubinstein and the West Jerusalem properties are about to be lost too to him, what’s next on the treacherous agenda of the dubious real estate brokers Nourhan/Baret?
    5. Tell us why it’s okay for Nourhan/Baret to usurp the Sts. James Brotherhood’s constitution and go against the will of the Synod.

    The comment by “H” is on the money. The treacherous twins are able to get away with murder because they have the backing of the Israeli illegal occupational government. Since these criminal deals will benefit the occupational government which makes no secret that it’s busy “Judaizing” Jerusalem, the two Vasags are free to dismantle the Armenian presence in Jerusalem. They have Uzzis which will come to their rescue if their position is threatened.

    I am not surprised by your pointless defense of Nourhan and understudy Baret who continues to misspell his last name Yeretzian. You were/are Nourhan’s go-to-person for speeches and his PR release writer. By the way, I doubt your contribution to the Nourhan propaganda boondoggle was pro bono.

  8. This article must be the work of a disgruntled miapan angry that Nourhan is on top of everything as a no-nonsense leader who takes care to ensure there is always enough lemon in the taboulleh! Nourhan deserves the ample time he spends in the hot tub to clear his mind from the stress of preserving and protecting the Armenian presence in the Holy Land!

  9. The Great Criminal Fish is ROTTEN from the HEAD, namely KAREKIN B NERSISYAN, the Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church should and must be deposed and expelled from Holy Etchmiadzin. During the reign of Criminal and Corrupt Karekin B Nersisyan we have witnessed steady decline of the Mother Seat Etchmiadzin. Karekin B’s management of our church has been and continued to be CATASTROPHIC. The sick minded Karekin B Nersisyan is incompetent to manage our religious affairs. Etchmiadzin needs immediate reforms. Karekin B Nersisyan must be replaced by a CONCERNED SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP, IMMEDIATELY.

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