Harout Chitilian as Councillor!

Harout Chitilian has won his seat by a majority of 462 votes – the highest lead in the borough.

Harout Chitilian has won his seat by a majority of 462 votes – the highest lead in the borough.

From Courier Ahuntsic, 28 July 2009

Barely a month after the announcement of the candidacy of Mr. François Purcell for mayor of the borough Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montreal Union presented its candidate for City Council the district of Bordeaux-Cartierville: Harout Chitilian. The new team leader of Union of Montreal and Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay, in Ahuntsic-Cartierville welcomes the arrival of Mr. Chitilian.

"Harout Chitilian has all the qualities that our team is looking for to make him an outstanding advisor: integrity, competence, leadership, creativity and above all motivation and desire to want to defend the interests of its citizens", said François Purcell. Harout Chitilian is ready to devote all his energy to meet its citizens. "I am privileged to represent the team of Mayor Tremblay in Bordeaux-Cartierville, a district rich in culture and history, where many families from different backgrounds have taken up residence. By the election of November 1st, I will have the chance to meet my constituents regularly. We will work together, constructively and positively, to find ways to improve our quality of life. Residents of Bordeaux-Cartierville can be assured of my listening, my availability and my dedication," said Harout Chitilian.
Aged 28, Harout Chitilian is fluent in French, English, Armenian, in addition to having a good command of Arabic and Spanish. In 2004 he received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, specializing in networking and telecommunications. During the past three years, Harout Chitilian worked as an engineer for the Swedish multinational company – Ericsson Telecommunications. In his experience he was required to travel to South America, Scandinavia, Western Europe and in the Southwest United States. Since 2007, he acted as professional consultant for several major companies specializing in information technology.

Beyond his professional duties, Harout Chitilian prioritizes community involvement. He is, since August 2007, the secretary of the executive board of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), Montreal. He also chairs the committee of Young Professionals, where he set in motion initiatives to facilitate the recruitment and integration of young people from different community organizations. For several years he was also involved in local sports programs, among others practicing basketball and aquatics.

François Purcell & Harout Chitilian

French Version:
À peine un mois après l’annonce de la candidature de M. François Purcell à la mairie de l’arrondissement Ahuntsic-Cartierville, voilà qu’Union Montréal présente son candidat au poste de conseiller municipal dans le district de Bordeaux-Cartierville : Harout Chitilian.  La nouvelle équipe du chef d’Union Montréal et maire de Montréal, Gérald Tremblay, dans Ahuntsic-Cartierville accueille avec enthousiasme l’arrivée de M. Chitilian.

«Harout Chitilian possède toutes les qualités que notre équipe recherchait et qui feront de lui un conseiller hors pair : l’intégrité, la compétence, le leadership, la créativité et, surtout, la motivation et le désir de vouloir défendre les intérêts de ses concitoyens », de mentionner François Purcell. Harout Chitilian est prêt à consacrer toutes ses énergies à rencontrer ses concitoyens.  « Je suis privilégié de représenter l’équipe du maire Tremblay dans Bordeaux-Cartierville, un district riche en histoire et en culture, où de nombreuses familles d’origines diverses ont élu domicile.  D’ici à l’élection du 1er novembre, j’aurai la chance de rencontrer mes concitoyens régulièrement.  Nous travaillerons ensemble, de façon constructive et positive, à trouver des solutions pour améliorer notre qualité de vie.  Les résidants de Bordeaux-Cartierville peuvent être assurés de mon écoute, de ma disponibilité et de mon dévouement », a déclaré Harout Chitilian.

Âgé de 28 ans, Harout Chitilian parle couramment le français, l’anglais, l’arménien, en plus d’avoir une bonne maîtrise de l’arabe et de l’espagnol.  En 2004, il obtient son baccalauréat en ingénierie de l’École Polytechnique de Montréal, se spécialisant en réseautique et télécommunication.  Au cours des trois années qui suivent, Harout Chitilian travaille comme ingénieur pour la compagnie de télécommunication multinationale suédoise Ericsson.  Son expertise est convoitée et il est appelé à voyager en Amérique du Sud, en Scandinavie, en Europe occidentale et dans le Sud-Ouest des États-Unis.  Depuis 2007, il agit à titre de consultant professionnel pour le compte de plusieurs grandes firmes spécialisées en technologie de l’information.

Au-delà de ses fonctions professionnelles, Harout Chitilian priorise l’engagement social.  Il occupe, depuis août 2007, le poste de secrétaire du conseil exécutif de l’Union générale arménienne de bienfaisance (UGAB).  Il préside également le comité des Jeunes professionnels, où il a mis en branle des initiatives facilitant le rassemblement et l’intégration des jeunes provenant de différentes organisatio ns de la communauté.  Pendant plusieurs années, il s’est aussi impliqué dans les programmes de sports locaux, pratiquant entre autres le basketball et les sports aquatiques.

  1. Bravo Harout!
    Կը շնորհաւորեմ եւ յաջողութիւն կը մաղթեմ՝


  2. People encourage our youth!

    Mr. Chitilian should be commended for taking the courageous step of jumping into politics. It is simply thrilling to see a young Armenian individual campaign for any cause for as long as that person believes in humanistic principles and adheres to them. In time experience will provide more opportunities to take bolder steps.

    Congratulation Harout for making a first move and wish you success. Be a model for our young people in Canada, and see you as a councillor on November 1.

  3. Shnorhagalem

    I want to sincerely thank the whole Armenian community for their unwavering support throughout the process. I am eager to represent and serve the residents of my electoral district and Armenians in Montreal as the youngest elected official in City Hall.

    Harout Houys, Havadk, Hakhtanag

  4. Is anybody supporting?
    Are our organizations ANCC, CCA, and the other Armenian cultural, social, compatriotic, student etc organizations supporting this young candidate?

    If yes, bravo! Finally and hopefully, they’ll put aside their petty internal differences and start thinking in a positive way.

    If not, then shame on them, all of them!

    Go forward Harout!

    1. I am not sure what they might
      I am not sure what they might have done in Montreal,  so far I have not seen any announcement or support on the web or via email.  But again it might be a conflict of interest for an Armenian organization be supporting a Canadian candidate…

    2. Yes we did…

      Hello Mr Norair,

      I can talk in the name of ARF Armen Karo Student Association and not other organizations.

      We supported Harout Chitilian from the day he put his candidacy till the day of the elections.

      Harout is an inspiration to all the Youth and all the students in Canada…

      I want to congratulate Harout for his new position.

      In the name of Armen Karo Student Association I want to wish you all the best.

      Thank you!!

  5. Harout is one of the new

    Harout is one of the new generation Armenians who is articulate, educated, fluently multilingual, committed and is strongly rooted in his Armenian identity.

    Unfortunately, his opposition is running a candidate who has an Armenian sounding name but is NOT an Armenian with the name of Zaki Ghavityan (Iranian origin). The latter’s name and posters are plastered all over the territory Harout is running in and can have a very misleading effect on voters.

    While people should vote for the candidate they think best represents their interests, and this is by no means a statement against the qualities of Mr. Ghavityan, this deliberately misleading tactic can be detrimental.

    Armenians should know that their voice would be best heard in Montreal City Hall if they vote for Harout.



  6. Harout is a winner !!!

    This just in.

    Harout Chitilian has won his seat by a majority of 462 votes over the runner up and 37.71% of votes cast. The highest lead in the borough.

    Congrats to all who helped made it happen.  Harout will be an inspiration to Armenian youth across this country.

    It is now up to many to follow his lead.



  7. Congrats Harout

    Dear Harout we are very proud of you May God help you in all you do. Again I say congratulations.

    Your dad’s cousin Gladys

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