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27 July 2021

Founded in 1937, Hoyetchmen Club (Armenian Youngmen’s Society) is one of the three major Armenian clubs in Jerusalem. The others are Homenetmen Club and JABU (Jerusalem Armenian Benevolent Union). Despite political and economic challenges, the three clubs continue to function in a community that has shrunk considerably due to immigration. Slightly more than 1,000 Armenians live in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the oldest Armenian diasporan community going back to the 4th century. It’s no exaggeration to say that for a millennium it has been–outside Armenia–the most important Armenian presence in the world.  However, the 77-year Arab-Israeli conflict has hurt the community, its numbers, and its standard of living. Far too many young Armenians can’t afford higher education and have difficulty finding well-paying jobs in the West Bank and in Israel. To alleviate the problem, the Hoyetchmen Club has launched a scholarship project to subsidize the education of young Armenians who want to pursue higher education. Below is the text of the pamphlet the club has sent to potential donors.

Scholarship Project

Since the establishment of the Hoyetchmen Club in Jerusalem in 1937, we have worked hard to bring benefit to our community and, in particular to our younger generation to become leaders in a wide variety of fields around the world.

Through participation in scouting, sports, cultural and recreational activities, we continue to equip our youth at Hoyetchmen with unique leadership and interpersonal skills to act as future leaders of the club and ensure strength within our community.

Unfortunately, given current regional and global political and economic circumstances, the Armenian community in Jerusalem faces enormous challenges. We have witnessed a significant decline in the number of members in our community forcing some of our most talented and gifted students to seek opportunities abroad. Moreover, the global COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the existing hardship particularly the challenges faced by our younger generation, severely limiting access to higher education.

We strongly believe that our youth should have a right to higher education as without higher education our community members, especially the youth will suffer from ever-increasing difficulties in the future.

Hoyetchmen’s Executive Committee encourages ambitious students to obtain higher education in Israel and the West Bank. We have the intention to offer educational scholarships to provide essential support in the form of financial aid. We hope that these scholarships enable applicants to lead successful and bright futures and give back to our Armenian community in Jerusalem and most importantly remain steadfast in the Holy Land.

We are fortunate to have Hoyetchmen members around the world who continue to provide financial aid to the club. Hoytchmen has been a second home and school to many successful individuals around the world and within our community in Jerusalem who are still active today. It is here that many youngsters discovered and continue to discover their capabilities and future potential.

After collecting the donations Hoyetchmen’s Executive Committee will offer a one-time scholarship to candidates according to their eligibility criteria mentioned below.

Eligibility criteria:

–An average high school grade of 85.

–Applying for a university anywhere in Israel or the West Bank.

–A minimum of 40 hours of voluntary work at Hoyetchmen Club or in the community in Jerusalem for one year.

–Agreeing to make use of obtained degree and learned skills to the benefit of Hoyetchmen and the community.

–Minimum of two recommendation letters from graduating school administration and teachers.

–Cover letter to the scholarship committee exhibiting the applicant’s skills, potential, and why he deserves to be awarded a scholarship.

Financial aid

Collected sums of donations will be equally divided among successful applicants.

An executive committee member will coach the candidate throughout the process and the receipt will be introduced to the donor.

All donors will be respectfully appreciated and shown heartfelt gratitude from the executive committee and scholarship applicant.

We believe your contribution to this project will highly contribute to motivating Armenian youth and will allow them to fulfill their future goals. Let’s work hand in hand in order to make a difference in the lives of our youth.

Hoyetchmen’s Executive committee is ready to answer all your questions regarding the project. Any questions can be sent to our email address ([email protected]) or by arranging a zoom meeting with the committee.

Hoyetchmen’s Executive Committee


To contribute to the project, donations can be sent to our representative in the USA Mrs. Shoushan Kevranian Baghboudarian

Checks should be written out to “Shoushan Baghboudarian”, otherwise we will not be able to redeem them.

Please send the check to the address mentioned below:

1234 Stonewood Dr

Duarte  Ca 91010

Transferring money via PayPal: [email protected] or via Venmo: @Shoushan.Baghboudarian


The money will be transferred directly to the Executive Committee by Mrs. Kevranian Baghboudarian.

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  1. As the article indicates, the importance of Jerusalem to the Armenian nation can’t be overstated. Since 1967’s Six-Day War and the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and the West Bank, the Armenian community has shrunk to 1,000 for the above-mentioned reasons and for reasons not mentioned so as not to provoke the authorities. There can’t be an Armenian Church presence (the Armenian Quarter is one-sixth of Jerusalem and is the third-largest after the Muslim and Greek quarters but larger than the Jewish and Roman Catholic Church quarters) if there are no Armenian civilians, especially when the authorities have made no secret that they want to Judaize the city. The community is also isolated from the Armenians of the Arab Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt) because of the Arab/Israeli conflict. Armenia can’t help Armenian Jerusalem. It’s up to the diaspora to support Armenian Jerusalem. One way to do this is subsidize the higher education of Armenians so that they may have a chance for better jobs and thus incomes that would allow them to marry, have children… and reverse the decline of the community’s numbers.

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