A Man Born to be a Hawk

Keghart.org report 27 April 2021

It was not wanderlust that took photographer Hrair Hawk Khatcherian on a thirty-year journey from Cilicia and Eastern Armenia to Western Armenia. Nor was it fernweh, a German word meaning an ache for distant places. It was rather the longing to discover his homeland from which his ancestors had been expelled more than a century ago.

It was the longing to see, to explore its history, to discover the place his ancestors had come from, to understand the calling of his heart, to connect to his roots, to photograph and share with the world the awe-inspiring beauty that was waiting to be found.

With Lilit Khachatryan’s videography, the story of Hawk’s travels is told through panoramic views of spectacular highlands, fortresses, dramatic landscapes, ancient churches, structures and monuments, rocky precipices, forest-covered mountains, gorgeous lakes, rivers, and seashores.

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