Karabakh/Genocide – The Final Countdown


By Bruce Tasker, Yerevan, Armenia


Armenia’s President Sargsyan has committed to a “Final Treaty” on Karabakh, declaring there will be” Public Discussions” within Armenian society, which he would go into with ‘Great Pleasure’. He assured Jose Manuel Barroso, his European Commission President counterpart in Brussels, that there would be no delays.


By Bruce Tasker, Yerevan, Armenia


Armenia’s President Sargsyan has committed to a “Final Treaty” on Karabakh, declaring there will be” Public Discussions” within Armenian society, which he would go into with ‘Great Pleasure’. He assured Jose Manuel Barroso, his European Commission President counterpart in Brussels, that there would be no delays.

 The Armenian public now has the chance to enter into a public debate on the Karabakh issue, based on the infamous ‘Madrid Principles’. The first stage in this process; the Armenian public must presumably have a copy of the ‘Madrid Principles’ and other documentation associated with the agreement President Sargsyan is preparing to sign – including the agreement itself.


The ‘Public Discussion’ statement by Armenia’s President might be plausible fodder for the European Commission and the international media, but the Armenian public knows all too well they will not have a part in this process. Sargsyan will instruct his recently installed Speaker of Parliament to organize a debate, which will be voted on by his personally selected members of Parliament, and they will decide on behalf of the Armenian ‘Public’ how he will proceed with the ‘sell-out’ of Karabakh. Sargsyan will explain that this was the only way in which he could facilitate a speedy approval process, to satisfy his newfound friends in the European Union; the very people who not long ago had rebuked him for his abuses of civil rights; for holding political prisoners in jail without charge; for scorning European demands for an international commission on the 1st March state killings of Armenians, and for ridiculing their 1609 / 1620 threats to remove Armenia’s voting rights in the Parliament. Sargsyan is playing his ‘flying Karabakh ace’ to legitimize his forcefully imposed and illegitimate presidency, and to make a long-awaited and not inconsiderable fortune on the side – and the “Sell-Out of Genocide” is back on the agenda.


Dick Cheney is chaffing at the bit in Washington, pen in hand, awaiting the pre-festive season arrival of Armenia’s highly esteemed President, for him to add a modicum of Karabakh resolution prestige to an otherwise similarly reprehensible and impeachment-worthy outgoing American President.


Turkey has delayed its decision on Nabucco, ready to welcome Armenia on board the multi-billion dollar Azerbaijan Gas Pipeline Project. That has re-introduced the need to open the Turkish border. So Eduard Nalbandian continues his efforts to establish Turkey’s Long-Awaited Independent Commission and Derides those Countries which have already recognized Genocide, with complete contempt to the Armenian cause, to reach the more profitable conclusion for the Sargsyan / Kocharian Money-Grabbing Regime, that the Turkish Genocide of one and a half million Armenians never actually happened. More amazingly, this is happening at a time when America’s President elect Barack Obama has in no uncertain terms acknowledged Armenian Genocide, and has promised that, as president, the US will do so also.


At the same time, Russia is teasing the Karabakh clan with a new atomic power station for Armenia, and together with Iran, and now the European Union, it is fighting for the privilege of financing and building the ‘On-today-Off-tomorrow’ railway link between Armenia and Iran, which only a week ago it said was a non-starter.


These are just three examples of the compensation Armenia’s regime will be receiving for capitulating on Karabakh, in accordance to the ‘Madrid Principles’, whatever they may be. Add to that the goods and materials Turkey has promised as humanitarian assistance through the soon to be opened Turkish border, in appreciation for the ‘Sell-Out’ of Armenian Genocide, then an impressive multi-billion Dollar compensation package begins to take shape; a handsome payment to the regime for their ‘Betrayal’ of the Armenian and Karabakhi peoples.


The regime will of course argue that the Armenian economy will benefit substantially, as the foreign investments (FDI) will be considerable. And it should be noted that Georgia receives up to one hundred million Dollars each year in oil transit tariffs from Azerbaijan.


But Armenia is a far cry from Georgia; there has never been a time when a state-backed organization in Armenia has been a financial benefit to the Republic; they ALL lose money; they do not pay taxes of any kind; and they are often subsidized by multi-million dollar state budget bailouts. They are however very profitable for their owners –Kocharian / Sargsyan International Inc.


The regime will make their fortunes from construction of the Nabucco pipeline and the Iranian railway, and as all gas installations in Armenia are owned by HaiRusGasArt, and as the railway system is a Russian monopoly, they will both become Russian property. The owners of those ‘Russian Companies’ are predominantly Armenian state cronies, notably Robert Kocharian and a hand-picked selection his cronies, who are major shareholders in subsidiaries of the Russian parent companies.


These major investments in Armenia will come on stream after a number of months, so Serzh is looking for additional and substantial cash remuneration, to re-vitalize his already ‘bankrupt’ construction sector; to finish off the dozens of apartment buildings which have been under construction through the past ten years, in preparation for the tens of thousands who will soon be driven from Karabakh and the surrounding territories. The European Union is overly bureaucratic and cumbersome to facilitate an appropriate sum, and Russia has already dished out too much in response to Kocharian’s unfulfilled promises to resolve the Karabakh issue. But a few hundred million dollars will not be a problem for America, already writing off trillions of Wall Street losses, and dishing out as many billions as it can write checks for in the fading weeks of the Bush presidency.


The public debate is now in full swing; but Armenia don’t blink, before you know it, the Karabakh Deal will soon be well and truly signed, sealed and delivered and the Genocide Commission will be Selling-Out Armenia’s Genocide.

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian’s answer to the question of “Novosti-Armenia” News Agency

11 November 2008

Question: Mr. Minister, recently several Turkish media published reports Armenia’s policy for international recognition of Armenian Genocide? What would be your reaction?

Answer: Turkish media reports on Armenian officials’ would be declarations are distorted and presented upside down. I have already said and I’d like to repeat that Armenian officials have not spoken and would never speak against the process of International recognition of Armenian Genocide. Moreover, Armenia can not tolerate any expression of Armenian Genocide denial.


RA President: commission of historians on Armenian Genocide needless

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Formation of a commission of historians to study the fact of the Armenian Genocide is absolutely needless, the Armenian President said.   “We want to establish diplomatic relations with Turkey and have open borders,” Serzh Sargsyan said in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.   “Turkey’s acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide should not be a precondition for establishment of relations. European countries did not need commissions of historians to develop normal relations,” he underscored.   “We want to restore our relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan. We want to build a link connecting Armenia and Iran. The stronger infrastructure we have the more attractive and secure Armenia will be,” President Sargsyan said.

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