Greece Must Support Armenia

During the Genocide’s death marches, an Armenian woman kneeling beside dead child in a field near Aleppo, Syria, as witnessed by the American Committee for Relief in the Near East. (Photo: Public domain)

By Theodore Karakostas, The National Harold, 13 July 2023

Greece and Cyprus have very few friends in the world. The Hellenic world’s closest friends are unquestionably the Armenians. Greeks and Armenians died together in the Turkish orchestrated genocide of 1914 to 1923. Greek and Armenian Christians were hunted down by the soldiers of Mustafa Kemal in Smyrna to be murdered. Greece, Cyprus, and Armenia are out of favor with the powerful of the world.

Armenia faces an existential threat. For thirty years, Armenia ruled the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. In 2020, the government in Baku backed by Ankara launched a bloody war of aggression and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against Armenian civilians. The so called ‘free’ world stood aside and did nothing, just as the Russians did nothing. America and Europe espouse democracy and Russia espouses Christianity but here is an Islamic dictatorship attempting to eradicate a Christian democracy and no one lifts a finger.

The horrors of 9/11 have been forgotten. Azerbaijan and Turkey have assisted and been assisted by Syrian elements that were part of Al Qaida. Does anyone remember those bloodthirsty terrorists? One hundred years after the culmination of the mass exterminations of Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks by the Turks, the prospect of renewed genocide remains a horrific reality.
The threat that Armenia faces is shared by Greece and Cyprus. The Turkish elections brought to the forefront two evil and deranged psychopaths who were competing for the Turkish Presidency. President Erdogan’s extreme threats to shoot missiles into Athens and to seize the Greek islands are well known. His challenger Kemal Kilicdaroglu accused Erdogan of tolerating Greek ‘occupation’ of the islands. Turkish leaders vary in their ideology but not on eternal hatred of Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, and Kurds.

Greece is a member of the European Union and NATO. For the most part, this has not done Greece any good as the west supports Turkey uncritically. The Greek government has attempted to follow the western line on Ukraine in a failed attempt to curry favor with the west. Greece should be paying more attention to the Armenians. What happens to Greece and Cyprus will depend heavily on what happens to Armenia. If Armenia falls to the combined evil of Azerbaijan and Turkey, Greece and Cyprus will be next.

Athens must champion the Armenian cause in Europe and NATO and must use any leverage it can muster to back all Armenian rights. The Armenian cause is the Greek cause. It is a morally righteous cause in a fight for survival. Greece has placed way too much confidence in the western world. At this late date, not much can be done about that, but Greece must work to support the Armenians who need as much diplomatic support as possible.

International pressure is being imposed on Armenia to make concessions to the regime in Baku. This is similar to the pressure that was exerted on Greece in 1922 to give up its rights on Constantinople and Asia Minor. It is similar to the pressure the west tries time and again to pressure Greece to make concessions on Cyprus.

Greece’s relationship with Armenia is not artificial like those with its ‘allies’ in NATO. This is a real friendship that was solidified in blood.

Greece must stand firmly with the Armenians.

Theodore G. Karakostas is the author of the books ‘In the Shadow of Hagia Sophia’, and ‘With This Sign Conquer’.

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  1. One would think that the western world would have more respect for Greece. Armenians seem to be something alien to them.
    I’m in Canada, Quebec. When people asked me what is my origin, I would say armenian but pretty much no french person knew what that is or what it means. After 2000, that seems to have changed.

    I still don’t understand how it is possible that the Germans were such close allies with the Turks. How did that happen?
    How is it possible that italians, the british and others attacked Turkey, I think this was in late 18xx but they never really gave back all the lands to Greece? How is it possible that the world accepted calling Constantinople -> Istanbul?

    I think that christianity doesn’t mean much. It is not in their nature to help anyone.
    I understand that certain countries have accepted the armenian genocide as fact but their primary concern has always been economics/trade. It is only because it was getting embarrassing.
    When is England going to accept? in After 2100?
    What about Sweden? It barely passed the vote. One of their leaders said it is difficult to prove genocide took place.

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