Forging Ahead

Arus Karapetyan, Toronto, 10 June 2021

Six months have passed since we informed – Turning the Page – that Keghart “will welcome new voices and encourage the discussion of the challenges facing Armenians.” Our efforts to recruit young staff members and columnists have paid off.

We consider one of our primary missions to afford space for the free exchange of ideas so as to initiate thought-provoking discourse. Looking forward, we are happy to welcome Mariam Mughdusyan, Khajag Aghazarian and Vazgen Gharibyan as members of the new editorial team. They will be instrumental in enriching the content that will serve our current and new readers, provide ideas for opportunities to enhance Armenia-Diaspora relations, and embolden the engagement of the young generation in Armenian affairs.

Mariam  Mughdusyan graduated from the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts with a Master’s degree in 2016. Prior to that, she had received a Master’s degree in journalism from the Yerevan State University. She is the founder of the Mughdusyan Center for the Arts in Armenia’s capital and is a member of Armenia’s Artists’ Union. Since 2006, she has worked for various news agencies in Yerevan such as, and from 2012 – 2016 she was the publisher of anti-corruption compendiums.

Khajag Aghazarian is from Lebanon and works for Hay Doun in Montreal. In 2007 Khajag completed his Master’s studies in politics at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. Along with extensive writing, and research experience, he was also the founder and managing editor of “Umuma” magazines that were published in both Arabic and English.

Vazgen Gharibyan has a Master’s degree in political science and has completed a post-graduate Business Management program in Canada. He has also worked on marketing solutions for major international companies in Armenia. He works with Մարզերի երեխաները մարզերում organization in Armenia.

(L-R) Khajag Aghazarian, Mariam Mughdusyan, Vazgen Gharibyan

Minas Kojayan will continue to serve as a member of the editorial team. He is no stranger to “Keghart” readers. Kojayan is a philologist with a doctorate from the Yerevan State University. He is an educator of several decades, a public speaker, former editor of AIM (Armenian International Magazine), “Nor Or” and the “Sion” monthly of the St. James Brotherhood of Jerusalem (Armenian Patriarchate). Kojayan is the author and editor of several books. His many skills will enhance the collective task of the team.

Along with human rights, democracy, self determination for Artsakh, sovereignty of RoA, anti-corruption, and unbiased reporting in mind, we will continue to furnish articles that cover Armenian art, culture, literature, history that educate, remind, and invite readers, from around the world to the Armenian Cause.

The new editorial team will maintain “Keghart”’s principles while taking an innovative approach to its growth. Safeguarding traditions and upholding values of independence will guide the team. The wealth of knowledge and expertise that “Keghart’s” advisory board has provided for 14 years, has been vital for the on-line magazine’s existence. Together, we will tell the story of our people accurately, honestly and through the voices of today’s thinkers.

After all is said and done, it is you, the reader who forms the backbone of “Keghart”. We acknowledge with gratitude the vital role you play to make possible this project forging ahead through your comments, direct contacts, and donations.

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