Silent Protest, Raise Awareness

By Arus Karapetyan

TORONTO, Oct. 14– The Armenian community led by the United Armenian Council of Ontario, continued its protests against the escalating Turkish and Azeri attacks on Artsakh and Armenia. The latest demonstration was held at Dundas Square, one of the city’s main public places. Rather than raise their voices to draw public attention, the demonstrators stood in silence, two meters apart holding black and white posters.

The posters highlighted the enormous imbalance of power between the antagonists and the injustice being imposed upon 3-million Armenia by 80-million Turkey, 10-million Azerbaijan, and thousands of mercenary terrorists. The posters read “Canada Speak Up”, “We Want You to Care”, “Stop Turkish Aggression”, and “Sanction Turkey.”  Other posters read “People of Artsakh Have the Right to Self- determination According to International Law”, “Cluster Bombs are Being Used Against Civilian Populations,” and “Turkey Wants to Finish the Armenian Genocide it Started in 1915.”

The protest started at 11am and lasted eight hours. As the day progressed, the crowds around the demonstrators became larger. The demonstrators were frequently questioned by passersby who wanted to learn about the conflict and the one-sided war.

Organizers and other community leaders agreed formats similar to the silent protest will be considered for future events. One of the event organizers said that in addition to familiarizing the public with the horror imposed on Armenians, demonstrations send a message to “our Armenian sisters and brothers that they are not alone and that we are all with them every minute of the day.”

Toronto, Ontario.
A coalition of 20+ Armenian churches, organizations, associations, political parties, and independent community leaders announce the formation of the United Armenian Council of Ontario (UACO), established on Sunday, October 11, 2020. UACO builds upon cross-community collaboration that has taken shape across the province over the past several years, especially since the centennial commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.
Now, at a time when our Armenian nation faces its biggest existential threat since the Genocide, Armenians around the world have come together to stand up for the survival of our people and our two Republics – Armenia and Artsakh. It is with this spirit that we announce the formation of UACO.
On September 27, after Azerbaijan launched the war against Artsakh, the Armenian community of Ontario immediately mobilized across all fronts: securing humanitarian aid, fundraising, and raising awareness on social, political, and academic stages. UACO will enable the coordination of all activities in Ontario related to the war in Artsakh – coming together as one to ensure the survival of our people through peaceful means.
Broadly, the UACO’s mission will be to:
• implement and realize projects of a pan-community nature,
• encourage and assist projects which advance the collective interests and the rights of Armenian communities across Ontario, and
• gather and apply the Armenian community’s resources for the benefit of the community’s interests as well as the welfare of the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh.
As we all know, unity is strength. The more we speak in one voice, the more powerful we become as a global nation. Together, we will ensure that what is just – human rights and the rights of the people of Artsakh – will prevail. Together, we will be victorious.
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