Turning the Page

Ontario, 7 December 2020

Keghart.com (renamed Keghart.org) was launched by Dr. D. Abrahamian of Ontario, Canada in September 2007. The website based magazine opened a new page in contemporary Armenian journalism in the Diaspora. Its non-partisan nature, the guiding principles to uphold human rights and freedom of speech, and inclusion of diverse viewpoints from across the Diaspora and Armenia made “Keghart” distinctive.

Keghart’s success was due to the collective volunteer work of many dedicated individuals, the board of advisers and its editors. It also owes its success to a team of independent contributors, writers, cartoonists, readers, subscribers, and commentators. I thank each and everyone and look forward to working with them.

The bilingual website served as a discussion platform for ideas, a place to cast challenging questions, and editorials that offered solutions. Keghart also engaged thousands of non-Armenians across Canada with its coverage of human rights issues and First Nations’ rights.

Today, in the final months of the year, while Armenians throughout the globe are dealing with the shock of the Artsakh War, its aftermath and an uncertain future ahead, our duty to tell the story of our people accurately and honestly is more urgent and relevant. The delivery of information to the non-Armenian partners is an important role. Collaboration with non-Armenians will be cultivated to widen the network within which the content of Keghart is shared.

Keghart will continue to serve as an independent voice. It will offer space for the exchange of ideas, hold figures in power accountable through relevant questions, and provide editorials which will explore through insightful and in-depth analysis the root cause of the issues we face. It will welcome new voices and encourage the discussion of the challenges facing Armenians.

The format of a journal and the current publishing schedule will be maintained. We will also continue Keghart’s tradition to uphold the principles of human rights, democracy, and balanced reporting. We will also advocate for the right to self-determination of the people of Artsakh.

We will encourage articles and journals that cover Armenian art, culture, literature, and history that educate, remind, and invite readers, from around the world, to the Armenian cause. We will investigate contemporary methods of how to reach new readers who are hungry for a platform such as Keghart. Effort will also be made for the inclusion of the young and develop accessibility for those looking for valuable, thought-provoking writing.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s vital for Keghart to adapt to changing times. It is also important to uphold the values that have served its readers. While safeguarding the traditions that have made the site a precious space for discourse, I look forward to opportunities for growth and excellence. The values of Keghart will guide me to embrace evolving technologies and re-define our editorial direction when necessary due to political, social, and territorial reforms in Armenia. The same values and principles pioneered by the founder Dr. D. Abrahamian shall also guide me in steering Keghart in the right direction.

With Best Wishes,
Arusyak Karapetyan
[email protected]

  1. Indeed, not only at Keghart.com, but the nation as a whole has turned a new page and Arusyak Karapetyan promises to continue to uphold the decade long tradition of Keghart.com as a forum for independent voices. I wish her well in her new endeavor.as the publisher of Keghart.org.

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