Strategic Planning

  1. What a wonderful surprise to discover yesterday that there is an Armenian Backgammon Association in Los Angeles and that in November 2020, they organized a tournament by which the players donated upwards of $5k to the Artsakh rehabilitation effort. Chapeau.

  2. Since perception is reality, Lucine Kasbarian’s cartoon speaks volumes about Armenia’s lack of serious preparedness to meet impending aggression. The cartoon could be viewed from many angles, depending on the viewer’s imagination.
    The two young millennial men represent the Armenians of Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora. Half are concerned with strategizing for the next bout with Armenia’s nemesis or of current political situation in the world while the rest are distracted with pleasant activities such as a tavloo tournament.
    Our generals rested on their laurels of the 1988-1994 victory. As a result, we lost the 2020 war to President Ilham Aliyev who had telegraphed his planned attacks on several occasions (summer of 1914, July of 1916, July of 2020, with the final warning and telling blow in September of 2020.) However, nothing could disturb the slumber of our generals.
    The reality in Armenia is preoccupation with tangential matters, not national security. It is my belief that war will come soon. Azerbaijan will catch the country again unprepared.
    Kasbarian’s cartoon about the situation resonates with many Armenians– those who are anxious to get ready for war to win and those (like our former generals) for whom it’s business as usual (pursuing fun and personal gain.) The first person who represents strategy is a patriot while the other represents the self-centered majority of Armenians who may have forgotten the devastating defeat of 2020
    Kasbarian has an oracular advice. Let us not be distracted by personal matters in the face of imminent national danger and concentrate on national security of Armenia and Artsakh.
    My “thanks” to Kasbarian for her rare talents in alerting us of important national matters in a nutshell–often sugarcoated with her patented humor and keen observations.
    Z. S. Andrew Demirdjian

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