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Dear Reader,

Since January 2020 the cost of distribution has almost doubled for several reasons. Lion’s share of it is due to increased volume of readers. Payment of Harmonized Sales Tax (HST – Canada) was an additional cost coupled with expense associated with upgrades within the system.

To cut cost, readers who over the past couple of years have accessed less than 20% of the time will receive updates via regular email and not through Mailchimp; and readers who have scored less than 5% will not receive any updates. Those Readers who wish to continue Mailchimp subscription instead of getting updates via regular email, please notify [email protected]

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Dikran Abrahamian MD

  1. As an Armenian I have always followed closely Keghart. I would appreciate if my email address is kept in the circulation list.
    Many thanks
    K. B.

  2. Thanks in advance and all my encouragements to Keghart for a wonderful and professional service of diffusion that serves our nation.

  3. I would like to see Keghart continue and thrive. Please accept $100.00 (in the mail) as a token of a modest donation.

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